Ceramic market gradually saturated bathroom industry will usher in rising prices frenzy

With the recovery of real estate, the building ceramics industry has been developing rapidly. The major cities in the country have mushroomed. For example, there are more than 50 building materials stores in the main city of Chongqing, and there are nearly 1,000 ceramic dealers. The rapid development of first-tier cities, ceramic businesses in the third and fourth-tier cities are not far behind. When we walked into Sichuan's county-level cities, what was surprising was the towering modern high-rise buildings. What attracted more attention was the entire building's facade of building materials. These building materials merchants injected vitality into the county.

The ceramic industry that has been prompted by the real estate industry has been starred in the district and county markets, making the competition in this industry extremely fierce. In the southern counties of Nanchong City, Sichuan Province, according to incomplete statistics, there are as many as 200 merchants selling ceramics and sanitary wares, and famous brands such as Marco Polo, Oushenuo, Nobel and Mona Lisa have already settled in. There are also about 150 large and small ceramics merchants in Shehong County in Suining. It is understood that Southern County and Shehong County are large counties with a population of over one million. In recent years, the unprecedented scale of new real estate construction in the above areas has led to the strong demand for building ceramics, which has enabled businesses to gather. However, the ceramic agents in these two counties are not concentrated and scattered. It is understood that there are nearly a hundred ceramics merchants in Linshui County of Guang'an, and a special building materials market has been formed, and the occupancy rate of building materials market merchants has reached 98%. Even the hometown of Zhu De's hometown, the ceramic sanitary ware business in Jincheng Town, Laoyi County, has reached 30.

According to analysis, with the rapid development of real estate in recent years, the building materials decoration industry has also made rapid progress. The ceramic industry not only has excess capacity, but also has a surplus of ceramic dealers around the country. Its internal competition is also increasing. A ceramics dealer who has been in business for 10 years introduced: Before ceramics business in Daining County, Suining, Sichuan Province, there were only a few dozen before the 5.12 earthquake. Now there are nearly 50, which may be the strong demand for the reconstruction of the earthquake-stricken area. The most important thing is that the construction of the new real estate in the county of Great Britain has now led to the development of the building materials industry in the county of Great Britain.

In addition, due to the current state's strict control policies on real estate, resulting in heavy losses in the first and second-tier cities of the real estate industry, the ceramic market demand has shrunk dramatically. As a result, under the huge ceramic production capacity, many merchants submerged their channels in order to maintain their sales, and marched aggressively into the 3rd and 4th markets. As a result, the number of agents in the three or four-tier market has soared, and there has been a surplus of market businesses, making businesses feel pressured. Peng'an County, a new real estate on the gathering of more than 10 ceramic businesses, businesses complained that "there are too many ceramics, business is not good to do!" In fact, now sinking ceramic sales channels, is not necessarily able to save the weak ceramic market . The cakes in the 3rd and 4th grade cities are difficult to feed so many ceramics merchants. Many three or four market players have reached saturation or even surplus, and it seems that channel sinking needs to be cautious. However, most of the businesses in the three or four-tier market are relatively primitive, with far-reaching roads for branded sales and space for sinking channels.

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