Only 15 strokes are needed to select the cupboard

Kitchen decoration is the difficulty of the entire home improvement. Not only should it be practical, safe, beautiful, and must be taken into account, many consumers leave regrets in the decoration, but if the regret is related to the kitchen, then it is difficult to remedy. Here are 15 strokes to teach you to decorate the kitchen. Step by step to create a perfect kitchen is not a dream.

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The first trick is to see if the panel thickness of the cabinet will be deformed and the table will crack.

The second measure is to strengthen the ABS footing of the footing brand, and the support is very strong, which can effectively extend the service life of the cabinet.

The third measure is to see how cabinet assembly and assembly directly affect the firmness and environmental performance of the cabinet.

The fourth measure is to see the independent way of assembling the cabinet and the entire group of cabinets. The difference in service life and stability between them is 2-3 times.

The fifth measure is to see the color of the cabinet board.

The sixth measure is to see the back board adopt double-sided sealing and back board, which avoids the disadvantages of the back board after single-sided sealing: wet, mildew, and easy to release formaldehyde, causing pollution.

The seventh move is to see the damper's cabinet with the damper installed. When the door is closed, the impact is relieved and the noise is effectively eliminated.

The eighth move is to see the sealing performance of sink cabinet aluminum foil installation, water and moisture penetration.

The ninth move to see the edge of the glue contains no formaldehyde, will not produce processing pollution.

The tenth move to see the composition of artificial stone artificial stone countertops is very different between good and bad. The inexpensive tabletop calcium carbonate has a high composition and is easily cracked. The acrylic composition of composite acrylic is generally about 20% for the best ratio.

The eleventh move to see the installation In the past, many manufacturers will be artificial stone polishing at the installation site, resulting in room environmental pollution.

The twelfth trick to see the provenance of the origin of the material is an important guarantee for creating a quality kitchen.

The thirteenth move to see the finished product test report can only be qualified to prove its products qualified. Consumers can ask for detailed inspection reports at the time of purchase. They can also record the quality inspection report number and call the quality inspection department to verify the authenticity.

The fourteenth move to see the warranty period to provide quality after-sales service is the performance of the strength of the manufacturers, when ordering the cabinet must be asked about the product warranty and other issues.

The fifteenth move to see the manufacturer's factory machinery and equipment has a great impact on productivity and workpiece quality.

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