The kitchen should not be set on the balcony to explain the feng shui of the kitchen

The kitchen is a place where we can't leave three meals a day. In terms of feng shui, the kitchen has some inherent flaws. Most modern kitchens use custom-made kitchen cabinets to constrain and store space, and feature optimization is highlighted. Even customized cabinets should be careful not to violate the feng shui taboos, otherwise it will bring bad fortune to you and your family. So what exactly does the kitchen need to pay attention to?

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First, cabinet settings should pay attention to avoid excessive smoke

There are fumes in the kitchen, into the bedroom, fumes smoked, easily lead to family dizziness, irritability, will affect the health of the body, so when setting up the cabinet to consider how to maximize the fumes discharge problem. The kitchen is noisy and will impede the family's sleep, so the doors and windows of the kitchen should be designed to be effectively soundproofed

Second, the kitchen bogey on the ground above the bedroom and the living room

The kitchen floor cannot be higher than the living room, bedroom, etc. The kitchen is higher than the bedroom and the living room. It is called guilty in feng shui, the bedroom is mainly called Jun, and the kitchen is the minister. If the kitchen is higher than the bedroom, then the following will be punished. The main difference is that the kitchen must not be above the living room or bedroom.

Third, the kitchen bogey relative to the door

Open the door to see the stove, money and more consumption. The first thing is to open the door to see the stove. One is that the mental health is unsanitary and uncomfortable; the other is that the gate is the mouth of the gas, and the stove is opposite to the fire. The fire owner is grumpy. If you open the door and see the stove, you will be opposite, which will lead to Popularity, house gas is not prosperous - home is difficult to get rich, luck is fickle. As a result, it is not good for family transportation.

Fourth, kitchen bogey and bathroom become one or the door

On feng shui, the kitchen is a fire, the bathroom is water, and water and fire are in conflict with each other. This can lead to loss of husband and wife and family unrest. The bathroom is an unclean place with sewage bacteria that can easily spread to the kitchen.

Fifth, the kitchen bogey to see the knife, sharp sharp knife

The knife used should be inserted into the knife holder, preferably in the knife holder of the kitchen cabinet, and should not be exposed. Otherwise, it is easy to incur radon.

Six, kitchen bogey set on the balcony

Where the balcony is inhaled yang, it should be hygienically clean. If the kitchen is set on the balcony, it will affect the fresh air inhaled, and it is easy to blow the kitchen dry air into the room.

Seven, the color of the kitchen is very dark, blue

Black and blue are the colors of water and gas, which severely extinguishes the fire of stoves, and can easily lead to poor house transport. In general, light and bright colors, such as white and green, are the main colors. The kitchen floor should be deep and heavy. s color.

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