Environmental protection can not only look at the hidden material of the main floor accessories

When people choose wood flooring, they often pay attention to the floor wear resistance, formaldehyde emission, color patterns and other floor quality issues, but for the skirting board, floor rubber, floor mats and other accessories, environmental issues are often less emphasis . However, the selection of wood flooring accessories and accessories is not good, it may also be hidden.

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Environmental killer: floor glue

Most people believe that only the wooden floor itself will release formaldehyde, but in the actual installation process, a large amount of floor glue will be used. The function of the floor glue is to form a film at the connection of the floor blocks and effectively lock the free formaldehyde in the floor. . The floor glue itself is environmentally friendly and has become a major measure of the choice of floor glue. High-quality floor adhesives are expensive, and many small workshop-style businesses often choose cheaper ordinary glues, or even lower-priced inferior ones. They enter the consumer's home under the guise of “brand-specific” and “all-inclusive”. Environmental hazards.

Environmental killer 2: skirting board

In addition, the skirting board is also one of the hidden environmental “killers”. Because most wooden skirting boards also use formaldehyde adhesives for glueing, veneering or painting in the production process. Moreover, the surface of the skirting board cannot be as dense as the surface of the floor. In normal use, the free formaldehyde in the substrate can be easily released without fear, causing pollution to the indoor air environment.

Environmental killer three: floor mat

During the installation of laminate flooring, floor mats are laid between the floor and the floor. In this small, forgotten space, it is easy to breed all kinds of bacteria and it is often a corner of family environmental protection. Therefore, the use of floor mats with antiseptic functions is an important part of ensuring the overall environmental protection of the floor.

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