The advantages of Ca/Zn Stabilizer for Pipe

This product is a non-toxic, no harmful metals and other harmful chemicals, a new type of environmental friendly stabilizer

-- with excellent thermal stability , no sulfide pollution;

-- It can directly replace complex Lead Stabilizer , applied to the pvc processing

-- High efficient lubricity, good flowing, reduce mechanical wear and improve the extrusion speed, high gloss surface;

-- Good compatible adn dispersion with pvc resin, less plating out, improve mechanical properties.

Welcome to choose our Novista Ca/Zn Stabilizer for Pipe.

CRA is our unique PVC Impact Modifier developed by our R&D Center, which is an interpenetrating network copolymer (IPN),Its main function is to enhance the impact strength of PVC finished products under low temperature and to promote the fusion property of PVC blend. It can endow the best impact-resistance and toughness to PVC final products than other PVC impact modifiers. In addition CRA series have better weatherability owing to it has not any chemical double bond. CRA series are insoluble in water and ethanol, but soluble in acetone and chloroform


(1)CRA-01M:replace opaque MBS

(2)CRA-02A:replace AIM(Acrylic Impact Modifier)

(3)CRA-03CA:replace CPE+PA +AIM(acrylic Impact Modifier ) with less dosage

(4)CRA-04CP:replace CPE+PA( Processing Aid ) with less dosage

(5)CRA-05C:repalce 100% CPE with less dosage

PVC Impact Modifier

Graft Copolymer Impact Modifier

Impact Modifier, ACR Graft Copolymer, CPE 135A Impact Modifier, Toughness Modifier

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