Bed feng shui 11 bogey is not to retain the man's heart

Yangzhai Feng Shui believes that the position of the bed affects human health, fortune, childbirth, and couples. If the bed position violates the taboo of feng shui, it may cause you to be incessant and physically damaged.

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1, bedside bogey west

The ancients used the West as a "bliss of the world," and they were longing for a place after death. That is to say, in a modern scientific opinion, it is also wrong. Covering the west of the sunset, the Earth rotates east and west, and heads to the west and sleeps. For a long time, it is prone to cause blood to shed ears.

2, the bottom of the bed tightly connected to the ground

The bed should be ventilated and clean so as to prevent the infection of dampness and humidity and impede health. Do not put debris under the bed, especially avoid iron, glass.

3, bed avoid red door

Beds are objects, only for sleeping, the most appropriate is quiet and safe, and the door is a long-moving thing. There is a time to open it. If you make a straightforward (or horizontal) doorway, natural abuses are unreasonable, so it is not appropriate.

4, bed close to the window

The bed should not be too close to the window.

5, bed bogey back door

People lying in bed at the door must be clear at a glance, otherwise they are vulnerable to interference, fright, and affect emotional health.

6, bed avoid strong light exposure

Medical Yuan: The five organs represent the five internal organs, and the eyes are representatives of the liver. Therefore, it stimulates the eyes and hurts the liver for a long time.

7, on the bed side avoid hanging chandelier

On the bedside, no suspended chandelier can be installed.

8, bed bogey Liang

Yangzhai feng shui from the concept of view, where the room has beams exposed, are not good, it is appropriate to install the ceiling to cover it, not only the first bed is also natural. Hiding the head against the beam, the subconscious mind has a constant sense of repression, and it is bound to affect the mind. Therefore, it is advisable to be cautious.

9, the height of the bed, not more than 22 inches

Yangzhai feng shui thought that the couch was too easy to provoke disasters. That is to say, from the viewpoint of Shiyue Hands, the height of the bed is also inconvenient and it is easy to fall. This is particularly not a measure of security.

10, bed bogey mirror

Covering with a mirror to reflect outside personnel, when seen in a mirror while lying in bed, it is easy to cause restless minds; or to look at oneself in the mirror, and it is easy to be frightened, so it is better to avoid it.

11, bedside jealousy toilet

The back of the bed must not be a toilet.

To sum up, the position of the bed is appropriate in a quiet corner of the new wall. It is important to know that sleep is a matter of physical and mental health and the relationship is of the utmost importance. If the long-term sleep is unhealthy, it will affect people's emotions and further damage the development of the business.

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