Solenoid valve selection knowledge and structure principle

First, the selection of the common sense of the solenoid valve Applicability ● The fluid in the pipeline must be selected and the same type of solenoid valve medium calibration medium. ● The temperature of the fluid must be less than the calibration temperature of the selected solenoid valve. ● Solenoid valve to allow liquid viscosity is generally below 20CST, greater than 20CST should be noted. ● working pressure, the maximum pressure pipe when less than 0.04MPa should be used, such as ZS, 2W, ZQDF, ZCM series direct acting; minimum working pressure greater than 0.04MPa can choose pilot (differential pressure) solenoid valve ; The maximum working pressure should be less than the maximum calibration pressure solenoid valve; general solenoid valve are one-way work, so pay attention to whether there is anti-pressure difference, if installed check valve. ● Low fluid cleanliness should be installed in front of the solenoid valve filter, the general requirements of the solenoid valve cleanliness is better. ● pay attention to the flow aperture and take over the caliber; the solenoid valve is generally only two switches control; conditions permit the installation of bypass pipe, easy maintenance; water hammer phenomenon to be customized when the solenoid valve opening and closing time adjustment. ● Note the effect of ambient temperature on the solenoid valve. ● The power supply current and power consumption should be selected according to the output capacity. The power supply voltage is generally allowed to be about ± 10%. It must be noted that the VA value during AC start is higher. Reliability ● solenoid valve is divided into two types of normally closed and normally open; normally closed normally used type, power open, power off; but when the open time is long to choose normally open type. ● Life test, the factory generally belongs to the type test items, to be precise, there is no professional standards for solenoid valves in the People's Republic of China. Therefore, it is prudent to choose the solenoid valve manufacturers. ● Action time is very short When the frequency is higher, select the direct-acting type, large-diameter selection of fast series. Safety ● General solenoid valve is not waterproof, please do not allow the waterproof conditions, the factory can be customized. ● The highest rated nominal pressure solenoid valve must exceed the maximum pressure within the pipeline, otherwise the service life will be shortened or Other unexpected situations. ● corrosive liquid should be used in all stainless steel, corrosive fluid should use plastic king (SLF) solenoid valve. ● explosive environment must choose the appropriate explosion-proof products. Economic ● There are many solenoid valves can be used, but to meet the above three points should be based on the choice of the most economical products. Second, the structure of the principle of electromagnetic valve Direct-acting solenoid valve normally open and normally open type two. Normally closed when the power is turned off, when the coil is energized to produce electromagnetic force, so that the moving core overcomes the spring force with the static iron core pull directly open the valve, the medium was access; electromagnetic force disappeared when the coil power off, moving iron Under the action of the spring force, the core is reset and the valve port is closed directly. The medium can not be connected. Simple structure, reliable operation, zero pressure and micro-vacuum work normally open normally the opposite, such as less than φ6 flow path solenoid valve. Step-by-step direct-acting solenoid valve The valve with a valve and the second valve open in one, the main valve and pilot step-by-step electromagnetic force and pressure directly open the main valve port. When the coil is energized, the electromagnetic force is generated so that the moving iron core and the static iron core are closed, the pilot valve port is opened and the pilot valve port is arranged on the main valve port, and the moving iron core is connected with the main valve spool. At this time, Cavity pressure unloading through the pilot valve port, the pressure difference and the electromagnetic force at the same time under the action of the main spool upward movement, open the main valve medium circulation. When the coil power when the electromagnetic force disappears, the power of the core in the dead weight and spring reset and pressure off the main valve, the media cut off. Reasonable structure, reliable action, work at zero pressure differential is also reliable, work at zero pressure differential is also reliable. Such as: ZQDF, ZS, 2W. Indirect Pilot Solenoid Valve This series of solenoid valve is connected by a pilot valve and a main valve core to form a channel combination. The normally closed type is closed when not energized. When the coil participating race, the magnetic force generated so that the core and the core iron core pull, the pilot valve opening, the media flow to the outlet, then the main valve core cavity pressure decreases, lower than the pressure on the import side, the formation of pressure to overcome Spring resistance and then upward movement, to open the main valve port purposes, medium circulation. When the coil is de-energized, the magnetic force disappears and the moving iron core moves downward under the spring force to close the main valve port. The principle of normally open is the opposite. Such as: SLA, DF (φ15 above caliber), ZCZ and so on

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