Decoration materials can not be thrown away, reasonable use, no waste

At the end of the renovation, how do you deal with some unused corner materials? Many people choose to throw things. This is indeed more clean. However, experts suggest that it is best to keep it because some of the nails, wood, paint, and the like may be used after the soft-pack part enters the installation. Although the amount is not large, it is obviously wasteful to buy it again.

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Different textures exist differently

Different decorative materials have different methods of preservation. In order to avoid tarnishing caused by the tiles and kick lines, it is better to wrap tiles and kick lines in plastic bags and place them in a dry place. For the floor, it is more prone to moisture deformation, color change, so it is best to use a newspaper with moisture absorption to wrap the floor, placed in a dry place.

Lacquer paint is relatively simple to keep. Place the latex paint bucket with a lid and place it in a cool place. Of course, it is safer to fill it into a sealed container. Consumers should pay attention to the shelf life of emulsion paints. Latex paints that have been mixed with water will not be used after 10-20 days. Latex paints that are not watered should also be used within the shelf life. Different latex paints have different shelf lives. In general, latex paint can only be kept for six months after opening.

Save material as a precaution

Experts said that the preservation of the remaining material is mainly to repair corners. Because, after the completion of many family home renovations, furniture has not been moved into the house; many accessories such as paintings have not been installed. In the process of handling and installation, it is inevitable that there will be bumps on the wall and the door and window frame. If there is spare material, it can be repaired in time.

Repairing the remaining decoration materials may also cause a certain color difference, but experts say that the use of residual materials for repair can reduce the difference before and after the repurchased product. Therefore, it is necessary to properly store some of the remaining decorative materials.

Experts suggest that under certain conditions, you can choose to preserve colored decorative materials, such as tiles, floors, kicks, latex paints, paints, etc., in order to prepare for repairs after local damage such as wall surfaces and floors. Because, if the time is long, then buy the original product, it is very likely that you can not buy the same batch and the same color number, so different styles, different colors of tiles, floors, kick line should be properly saved one or two.

Experts advise that there is no color difference in white latex paint, so there is no need to keep it. However, consumers should save all remaining colored latex paint. Repairing the damaged paint surface with the remaining latex paint can reduce the color difference. In order to avoid the insufficient use of the stored latex paint, consumers should also keep in mind the proportion of colored latex paint to facilitate the re-purchasing of paint.

Contract notes are kept with caution

In addition to decorative materials, consumers should also save some important papers such as contracts, bills, delivery notes, etc., for use in maintenance and rights protection.

Contracts and notes detail the information such as the place of purchase and the amount of consumption. Once a dispute arises, consumers can defend their rights and claims accordingly. Experts told reporters that the delivery note should also be kept, because the above records the product lot number and color number and Other detailed information, maintenance can be based on the information provided by the delivery note to find the most appropriate repair material.

Experts remind consumers that they must obtain and save the hydropower plans from the construction side. When there are problems with the circuit or the waterway, the hydropower diagram can help the maintenance personnel to quickly and better check the cause of the failure and the point of failure. In daily life, consumers can also use hydropower diagrams to determine which areas can be punched, where they cannot be punched, and where wires or water pipes are destroyed when drilling or nailing. In addition, most property owners need to provide water and electricity plans when they accept and accept the renovation project. Some acceptance communities even do not accept and approve the renovation projects without the hydropower plans. Therefore, these materials must be carefully preserved.

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