Analysis of the material of the five components of the dissection cabinet

Cabinets are the most important part of the kitchen. Most modern families choose to install a set of practical and practical cabinets to reflect the level of decoration and style. There are not many steps for the installation of cabinets, and beginners can install them according to the components. There are generally five types of parts for cabinets: panels, door panels, hardware, glass door frames, and countertops. See below for a brief description of these parts:

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Cabinet surface material introduction:

US resistant board:

The most scratch-resistant and good clean-up, in addition to bright-faced US-resistant board, in fact, can be cleaned with a cloth.

Solid wood door panel:

Good touch and simple bump changes on the door panel surface. Because it is a natural wood grain, it is easy to have different shades of color, and the price is higher than the United States.

Piano paint:

The biggest benefit is seamless, waterproof, and can be repainted to make the system the highest price in the door.

Crystal door:

Surface material is acrylic, because it looks like crystal, so it generally becomes a crystal door. Good moisture resistance and low unit price. Use for a long time will produce atomization.

Most people generally use Minoban countertops, and pearl plates, marble, and artificial stone are used in kitchen utensils. The texture of the pearl plate is similar to that of the U.S.-resistant plate, and it is relatively durable. Unlike the marble texture, it is hard to maintain, and the crispness is high and it is easy to produce cracks. Artificial stone has good texture and can be used for seamless treatment. It is a good choice for people who want to make long or L-shaped countertops.


Can choose to plywood or wood core board, the so-called plywood is glued together from pieces of wood, it is environmentally friendly material. The wood core board is a plywood sandwiching a small piece of wood between two plywood plates.

2. Door piece

Mainly divided into the United States resistant board, solid wood, piano paint, crystal door several materials.

3. Hardware

Includes handles, hinges, slide rails, stainless steel baskets, etc. The quality of the hardware is an important factor in the durability of the system cabinet, especially the hinges that engage the door panels and the cabinet body. If the quality is not good or the number of installations is insufficient, the sashes are easily deformed.

4. Glass door frame

Glass-framed door panels are divided into metal frames, US-resistant board frames, solid wood door frames, etc., which are mainly used to increase variability and display.

5. Countertops

There are materials such as U.S. resistant plates, pearl plates, artificial stone countertops, and marble countertops.

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