Disc Permanent Neodymium Magnet Aimant for Industrial

Model NO.: Yohan-Magnet
Grade Bh: N28 to N52(N, M.H, Sh- Uh)
Size: Client′s Request
Coating on Surface: Ni-Cu-Ni, Zn, Expoy, Plastic Coating, Gold
Magnetism Direction: Thickness, Axial, Radial
Tolerence: +/-0.05mm
Sample: Avaliable
Leadng Time: 7-25 Days
Shipping: by Air, by Sea, by Land
Trademark: YH
Transport Package: Insulation Packing
Specification: Custom Made
Origin: China
HS Code: 8505119000

Sintered NdFeB magnets are Widely used in different applications, such as sensors, motors, rotors, wind turbines/wind generators, loudspeakers, magnetic hooks, magnetic holder, filters automobiles and so on.

Classic Size           
Dia 1-10mm  Dia 11-20mm Dia 21-30mm Dia 31-45mm Dia 46 -80mm Dia 81mm- 220mm
1x0.8mm 12x1mm 22x2mm 32x1.58mm 45x10mm 85x30mm
1x1mm 12x1.5mm 22x5mm 32x3.17mm  45x15mm 85x40mm
1x3mm 12x2mm 22x10mm  32x6.35 45x20mm 85x50mm
1.5x1mm  12x3mm 25x3mm 35x2mm 45x25mm 100x50mm
2x1mm 12x6mm 25x5mm 35x5mm 45x30mm max 220mm in dameter 
2x3mm 12.7x3.17mm 25x10mm  35x7mm 50x10mm  
5x1mm 12.7x6.35mm 25x25mm 38x1.58mm 50x30mm  
5x3mm 12.7x12.7mm 27x5mm  38x3.17mm 60x30mm  
5x5mm 15x1mm 27x8mm 38x6.35mm 60x40mm  
6x1mm 15x3mm 28x3mm 40x2mm 70x30mm  
6x3mm 15x5mm 28x5mm 40x5mm 70x40mm  
6.35x3.17mm 18x2mm 30x2mm 40x10mm 70x50mm  
8x1mm 18x3mm 30x3mm 40x15mm 80x40mm  
8x4mm 18x5mm 30x5mm 40x20mm 80x50mm  
8x8mm 20x2mm 30x6mm 40x30mm 80x60mm  
9x1.5mm 20x5mm 30x8mm 42x5mm similar ones   
9x3mm 20x8mm 30x10mm  45x5mm    
9x5mm 20x10mm 30x15mm 45x10mm    
9x10mm 20x15mm 30x20mm 45x15mm    
10x1mm 20x20mm 30x25mm 45x20mm    
10x5mm 20x25mm 30x30mm 45x25mm    
10x10mm 20x30mm similar ones 45x30mm    
similar ones  similar ones    similar ones    

Disc Shape can be made with 11 years producing and exporting experience .

Send us your inquires of magnet what you need , price will be quoted according to your information .

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Tel: 0086 134 8423 5166

Materials: Sintered NdFeB / Neodymium magnet
Surface treatment: Ni, Ni + Cu + Ni, Zn, epoxy, gold, etc.
Parameter unit Standard Data
Curie Temperature(Tc) ºC 310-380
Maximum Operating Temperature(Tw) ºC 80-200
Hardness Hv 620
Electrical Resistivity Ω.CM 1.8X10-4 ~2.0X10-4
Density(D) g/cm3 7.5~7.65
Recoil Permeability µ rec 1.05
Magnetization Field Strength(Hs) KOe >  30
KA/m >  2400
Bending Strength Mpa 295~345
Temp. Coefficient of Br (aBr) %/ºC -0.11~ -0.12
Temp Coefficient of Hcj (aHcj) %/ºC -0.5~ -0.7

Applications of neodymium magnets:
1) Servomotor, step motor, DC motor and linear motor
2) Loudspeaker, headphone, earphone and microphones
3) Holding system equipment
4) Medical facility
5) Sound device
6) Wind power
8) Mobile accessory
9) Research and development, as well as many other applications

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