Sifangda: Create a national brand Yongli Henan super hard material tide head

Abstract In order to accelerate the implementation of the “double-drive” strategy of open innovation, the Zhengzhou Municipal Committee and the Municipal Government launched the “Zhizhou Zhengzhou·1125 Talents Program” in 2015, with a plan of 5 years...
In order to accelerate the implementation of the "double-drive" strategy of open innovation, in 2015, the Zhengzhou Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government launched the "Zhizhou Zhengzhou·1125 Talents Program" in an all-round way. It is planned to introduce 1000 core technical resources with a focus of about 5 years. Leading talents with strong innovation and entrepreneurship and high-level talents for innovation and entrepreneurship, 100 leading technology innovation and entrepreneurship teams, 200 technology entrepreneurs with international vision and continuous innovation capability (with core independent intellectual property rights), more than 50 The "two houses" academicians, the national "thousands of people plan" and other domestic top expert talents. On the morning of May 10th, the 2015 Innovative and Entrepreneurial Leading Talents (Team) and the 2016 Talent Project Plan were announced. 101 individuals (teams) were selected, 8 of whom were from the Economic Development Zone.
In 2015, the introduction of innovative and entrepreneurial leading talents (teams) and the 2016 talent project plan was released on May 10, and Fang Haijiang of Zhengzhou Sifangda Superhard Materials Co., Ltd. was successfully selected.
According to reports, Fanghaijiang's Henan Sifangda Superhard Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 1997. It is the largest and most comprehensive manufacturer of polycrystalline diamond (PCD) products in China. It is mainly engaged in high-grade diamond wire drawing blanks. PCD composite sheets for super-large diameter tools, PCD composite sheets for oil/gas drilling, and coal-field/mine mining use four major products of PCD composite sheets.

Seek truth and be pragmatic and improve their working ability
Since the founding of Henan Sifangda Superhard Materials Co., Ltd. in March 1997, Fang Haijiang has led all employees to work hard and develop the company from a private small enterprise to today's with the care, support and help of superior leaders and all walks of life. A listed company with a registered capital of 480 million yuan.
Keeping in mind the spirit of the "three transformations", Fang Haijiang is realistic and pragmatic, with the mission of "promoting China's manufacturing to create a transformation to China, China's speed to China's quality, and Chinese products to Chinese brands", and further development of Sifangda. Dutifully.
From the establishment of the company to the successful listing, it must be continuously studied and practiced. Fang Haijiang has withstood the double test of domestic and international markets, accumulated a large and rich work experience, and organized management ability, comprehensive analysis ability, coordination ability and writing. The verbal ability and other aspects have shown extraordinary talents, ensuring the normal operation of all kinds of work, especially in recent years, leading enterprises to achieve leap-forward development.

Solid work continues to achieve new results
Diligence and dedication are the minimum requirements for party members and leading cadres. Fang Haijiang treats all tasks with a correct attitude, loves his job, and tries his best to solve the difficulties and technical problems encountered in his work.
Under the leadership of Fang Haijiang, the company's employees go all out to improve work efficiency and work quality, and ensure the normal operation of the company's daily work. He said, "It doesn't matter if a person is bitter and tired. The value of life lies in struggle, creation, and dedication." It is because of its diligent concept that it promotes the take-off of enterprise production.
No matter where you work, Fanghaijiang is committed to a highly responsible attitude towards the cause, diligently researching, advancing with the times, pioneering and innovating, and developing a series of products with natural world-class oil and gas drill bits and hinged six-sided roof. The world's largest 51 mm diameter series diamond composite sheet on hydraulic press; its first laser cutting machine has also been out of the country; the successfully developed polycrystalline diamond drawing die blank CD3020 series, diamond inserts for large diameter cutting tools, Oil/natural gas drill diamond composite sheets and shaped PCD teeth for complex formations have filled the domestic gap, and some products even represent the most advanced production level in the world.

Actively innovate and obtain dozens of patents
The growth of a company lies in its continuous innovation. Fang Haijiang took the initiative to call on employees to actively innovate and bring dozens of patents to the company.
According to reports, since its establishment, the company has obtained patents including research and development of high-quality high-quality polycrystalline diamond wire drawing blanks, surface-engraved polycrystalline diamond hard alloy composite sheets, special drilled polycrystalline diamond composite sheets for petroleum drill bits, and polycrystalline diamond hard. Alloy composite teeth, anchor drill special diameter polycrystalline diamond composite sheet, polycrystalline diamond water-cooled polishing fixture, polycrystalline diamond polishing fixture, polycrystalline diamond mirror polishing machine transmission, polycrystalline diamond pick, polycrystalline diamond mirror polishing A series of patents such as the clamping mechanism of the machine.
Fang Haijiang also published two articles in the "Diamond and Abrasives Engineering" and other publications "Wearness Comparison of PCBN Cutter Dry and Wet Cutting Processed Hardened Steel" and "Integrated PcBN Sintering and Properties of Different Adhesive Components". A lot of attention.
“In 2016, Henan Sifangda will continue to rely on Zhihui Zhengzhou 1125 Talents Program to further introduce new technologies and high-end technical talents, increase research and development and transformation efforts, and use talents to contribute to the economic and social development of Zhengzhou.” Fang Haijiang said. Determined to take root in Zhengzhou, to create a "national brand" belonging to Zhengzhou, Henan.

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