The installation window must see, the glass is terrible

What is a disaster? In addition to anti-theft, anti-fog and anti-fog, life in the metropolis must be guarded against all kinds of strange objects falling from high altitudes. flower pot? tortoise? Rubbish? And ... glass? At noon today, there were high-altitude crashers and pedestrians in the center of Shanghai, and the falling object was a 2.4-meter-long and 1.2-meter-wide glass.

It was a season of stormy weather. In particular, the typhoon season in the south was beckoning to us. How do we do a good job in the acceptance of windows and reduce more innocent disasters?

The acceptance process to ensure windows do not fly

1, glass: first look whether the glass is translucent and clean without bubbles or scratches, no obvious ripple from the side, in addition, the frosted glass note the frosted surface inward, the rain will see the water will become transparent frosted.

2. Frame: The second is to see if the push-pull is smooth. In most cases, it depends on whether the frame is horizontal and vertical. Take squares or mineral water to see if it is on the same level as water.

3. Silicone: Silicone is a necessary and important part of waterproofing. A large part of the leakage of the balcony is due to the fact that the interior silica gel has not been hit, has been missed, and is caused by poor quality silica gel.

A. Not only does the interior need to use silica gel, but it also needs to be outdoor, so that it can be really waterproof, and some balconies will have high side and low side. The frame is made at a low height. The gap part needs to be filled with foaming agent, etc. After the expansion, the excess part is cut off, and the silica gel is waterproof and beautiful. The thing you see like a cake is the foaming agent. The silicone demon that he used will write its performance in the back.)

B、It is sealed by thong or silicone to seal the glass. The thong is beautiful but easy to expand and shrink. The silicone is not easy to be deformed, but it is a test of technical level when playing silicone. Whether it is straight, whether the thin thickness is the same, and whether the joint is handled properly. Manufacturers only use the method of playing silicone seal pressure glass gap.

4. Position of column: Too close or too out of specification means that the measurement is not accurate. Too much rain tends to seep into the balcony from the column.

5, accessories: open the window lock line said the handle, pan-window lock line said crescent lock, in general, panning window hardware accessories are free, open windows is the need to charge, how to identify the good or bad lock it? In addition to seeing if the lock has elasticity, there is also quantification.

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Balcony window acceptance considerations

Strength aluminum alloy windows on the balcony railing ❶ must meet the standards, the firm can not use soft materials.

❷ Balcony railings and balcony aluminum alloy window material is the key points, can not use small-section thin-walled aluminum, some decoration workers cut corners, use aluminum square tube instead of ordinary aluminum alloy doors and windows materials, resulting in balcony aluminum doors and windows greatly reduced the strength. If it encounters wind, it is distorted and even falls off. Zinc steel balcony rails corrosion resistance anti-aging is not easy to rust, rich colors and beautiful appearance, easy installation, strong and durable.

The ❸ design is reasonable, not to save materials, can not use the large window sash from the top of the balcony, must be installed in the upper 400 mm to 500 mm fixed window again lower than 1200 mm, 1300 mm sliding window installation, and the sliding window can not be too wide.

❹ Considering that the stress of the aluminum alloy frame cannot be too large, the closed balcony generally does not use the zinc steel balcony guardrail, and the open window uses the zinc steel balcony railing.

❺ aluminum windows glide path should be high in the room, outside low to prevent water leakage. All the enclosed balconies should be filled with cement mortar.

The aluminum balcony window of the balcony and the balcony railing of the frame shall be fixed firmly, fixed with concrete rivets, and then reinforced with paint angle steel. Can not be fixed in the brick wall, and more can not use wood and nails to the rod fixed frame, rather than wedge-shaped.

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