How to solve the problem of wall stone falling off

The interior wall marble decoration is easy to fall off due to aging of the viscose and deformation of the wall. The three methods can better guarantee the durability of the wall stone.

One is dry hanging (used mostly for building exterior walls). First fix it on the wall with bolts. Then slot a stone, fix the stone with a T-shaped frame, and then fix the T-frame and the bolt together. This marble wall has a certain distance from the wall itself, but the fixing is good.

The second is wet stickers. First make a layer of steel mesh on the wall, then use concrete wet stickers.

The third is to paste directly. Generally divided into point paste and face stickers. The surface sticking method is suitable for thin stone, the thickness is below 8mm, the weight is similar to that of wall tiles, and it can be pasted with special mortar. Point paste is made of stone special glue, the range of points can not be greater than 25CM, the amount of points can not be less than 3-4CM, the thickness of glue is above 0.5CM, this way is used for slightly thicker stone. When you paste directly, you should shovel the putty and paste it. Since the wall is thin and easily deformed, the humidity is not suitable for this method.

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