New skills get: common lighting installation knowledge

The purchase of lamps and lanterns is important, and the installation of lamps and lanterns in the decoration is also very important. Today, Xiao Bian gives you some basic knowledge about the installation of lamps and lanterns, which will help you in the future. · Installation of the ceiling lamp When installing the ceiling lamp, it is necessary to first turn off the power and take out the fixture of the lamp.
Then remove the junction box or the old lamp holder on the ceiling; lock the ceiling lamp and the junction box with screws;
Connect the luminaires and the wires on the ceiling, and put on the insulated terminals, do not consider the positive and negative poles, and can be connected arbitrarily when wiring;
Align the center hole of the lamp holder with the screw of the hanging board and fix the lamp holder on the ceiling;
Select lamp power according to lamp specifications;
Finally, with your hands upright, lightly screw on the bulb and the ceiling light is installed. ·The installation of the pendant lamp The installation and fixing method of the pendant lamp is the same as that of the ceiling lamp, but there are many differences in the fixing method of the junction box. The method is: firstly, three holes are punched on a plastic or wooden pallet, the middle hole is aligned with the flat iron hole in the floor, and the other two holes are used to pass the switch line and the ground Wire and align the porcelain hanging line. The two window holes in the box base. Then, lead out the ground wire and the switch wire, use the flat head screw to fix the tray and the floor slab flat iron, and then pass the ground wire and the switch wire into the terminal box base, and then connect it to the wiring pile of the base, and use two wooden screws to hang it. The box is fixed with the tray. Take a suitable length of plastic stranded cord, one end through the lid of the cable box, and make a knot larger than the center hole of the box cover at 5 cm from the offline end to bear the weight of the lamp. Pass the other end of this hanging lamp wire through the cap of the pendant lamp, and make a wire knot at the off-line end by 3 cm. Connect the two wire ends to the lamp connection Post , cover the lamp cap, and unscrew the lower ring of the lamp cap. , Put on the lampshade, and then use the lower ring to reverse, so that the lampshade is fixed, and finally install the bulb. · Floor lamp installation Floor lamp consists of three parts: lampshade, bracket and base. Floor lamps are generally installed in the lounge area of ​​the living room, and are used in conjunction with sofas and coffee tables to meet the needs of the living room with local lighting and embellishment to decorate the home environment. One of the variations of floor lamps is the corner light. It is like a large size table lamp. Its function is the same as the floor lamp. It is more stable and elegant than the floor lamp. The seat is often a bottle type or a cylinder type. It is equipped with an umbrella or tubular cover and is installed on the corners of sofas and furniture. Department. Ps: No matter if it is a floor lamp or a corner lamp, it cannot generally be placed next to tall furniture, nor can it interfere with the active area.

Lighting installation

BRC fence contains Double Circle Fence and Roll top fence

Brc Fence commonly used in garden, residential area, public grounds, highway, etc

raw material: Low carbon steel wire Q195, Q235

surface treatment: powder coating(thickness 0.1mm), PVC/PE coated(thickness 0.8-1.2mm), Hot dipped galvanized(40-500g/m2)

wire diameter: 4.0mm,5.0mm, 6.0mm

mesh size: 50*200mm, 55*200mm, 50*100mm, 50*150mm, 75mm*200mm, 100mm*200mm, 100mm*300mm

length: 2000mm, 2200mm, 2500mm, 3000mm

height: 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm, 2000mm, 2400mm, 2430mm

post: round post

common color: Green RAL6005, Black RAL9005, White RAL9010, Grey RAL7030, Red RAL3020, Yellow RAL1023 Blue RAL5017

BRC fence

Galvanized Brc Fence,Hot Dip Roll Top Fence,Safety Brc Fence,Rigidity Brc Fence

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