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Abstract "This is just the lowest-end product." Recently, in Ningbo Jingzhu Industrial Technology Co., Ltd., the reporter and general manager Zhang Junan talked about the company's production at the 2015 China (Ningbo) International New Materials Technology and Industry Expo. ...
“This is just the lowest-end product.” Recently, at Ningbo Jingdiao Industrial Technology Co., Ltd., the reporter and general manager Zhang Junan talked about a product of the company that was seen at the 2015 China (Ningbo) International New Materials Technology and Industry Expo. He said with a smile.
“Nano-modified diamond can increase the toughness of the saw blade and is suitable for saw blades produced from granite, marble, etc.” At that time, the company’s field staff pointed to the golden powder in the showcase and held a 350 mm diameter in one hand. Introduction to the granite saw blade product.
Crystal Diamond Technology is one of the only CVD large single crystal diamond manufacturers in China and one of the world's four. It is dedicated to the development, production, sales and service of diamonds and related equipment. It specializes in manufacturing optical grade, tool grade and gem grade CVD. Large single crystal diamond.
What is even more remarkable is that Zhang Junan’s team has three national “national talents” experts, Jiangnan, Zhang Wenwu, and the national “Thousand Talents Program” foreign expert Xi Cun Yiren. This is a like-minded, highly trusted entrepreneurial team.
Dr. Jiangnan, a professor of electrical engineering at Osaka University, Japan, is from Shenyang, Liaoning Province. His research direction is single crystal diamond. "I have been working in Japan for 15 years, working in the United States for 5 years, and the papers have not been published, but after all, I am making wedding dresses for others." When Zhang Junan learned about Jiangnan's ideas, the two were very close. Zhang Junan sold the original company, moved his family from Henan to Ningbo, and invested 10 million yuan into the field of single crystal diamond industrialization, where many investors were still in the wait-and-see stage, and started the road to entrepreneurship.
After that, the Zhang Junan team was newly recruited into nine graduate students and joined the sales field. "As long as the products can be sold out, do you need to consider the level of education?" Faced with doubts, Zhang Junan has a unique and in line with the actual needs of enterprises. "Put these products in front of you, can you see the purpose at a glance?" Zhang Junan put a box with him in front of the reporter. There are more than 40 CVD large single crystal diamonds in the box. Afterwards, the reporter learned that there is a product worth 200,000 yuan in the box. The size of this box is not more than 200 cubic centimeters. Later, Zhang Junan explained the reasons for the 9 graduate students.
“In fact, many customers are not familiar with enterprise products and related uses.” Zhang Junan intends to make the new nine graduate students become the link between the company and domestic and foreign customers. The role of this link is mainly reflected in three aspects: let customers who have used traditional diamonds on the market know that new products with better cost performance can be used; let customers who want to use CVD large single crystal diamond products on the market to use them as soon as possible; popularize CVD The application range and technical knowledge of single crystal diamonds will be known to more people until they are used.
Under the help of “Mom-style” service in our district, Jingdeng Technology has developed similar professional production equipment with a price of only one-fifth of foreign countries. At present, the first domestic carat-grade CVD large single crystal diamond production line independently designed and developed by Zhang Junan has been put into use in the National University Science Park of Ningbo, which is expected to solve the urgent development of high-end fields such as domestic CVD large single crystal diamond growth and high-end tools. Need to fill the domestic gap. At the end of 2015, Jingdeng Technology has achieved sales exceeding 5 million yuan. Next month, its second related production line can also be used, and this year's sales revenue is expected to exceed 20 million yuan. Jing Diamond Technology is proceeding in an orderly manner according to the planning path of Zhang Jun'an team, allowing CVD large single crystal diamond production technology to go from the laboratory to the market and truly realize industrialization and localization. "This is the 4 corporate logos designed by Pig Bajie. It is still being selected." On Zhang Junan's mobile phone, the reporter saw the corporate logo image of Jingdeng Technology, like a rising diamond. (Reporter Zhang Chaoliang, Zhang Ning correspondent Hu Dan)

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