The real big brand, what are the conditions for joining the three trees paint?

With the mission of “creating a healthy life”, Sanshu has pursued the core values ​​of “honesty, responsibility, learning, execution, and excellence” and advocated the shared philosophy of “from society and society” and created a profound and unique corporate culture. A comprehensive and complete cultural system has been formed. If everyone has the idea of ​​joining three trees, then the following conditions must be taken into consideration.

How do you paint one and three trees?

Three Tree Paints attaches great importance to the research, development and manufacturing of health products. The company has a national first-rate laboratory and a full set of imported scientific research, experiment and testing equipment. In addition, the company has imported more than 30 world-leading experimental testing equipment from Germany and Singapore. With the most advanced automated production line in the country, the company has established a postdoctoral scientific research workstation and a space coating research and development base, and successfully developed the first space paint.

Second, three tree paint features

1, three trees space paint new and unique environmental protection formula, smell fresh.

2, San Shuo fresh breath series wall paint new products listed on the market, sustained release of healthy negative ions, improve air quality, home worry-free.

3, the quality of the three trees paint is relatively guaranteed, is the leading brand of domestic health paint.

4. The three trees have a wide range of paints that can meet the various needs of consumers.

5. Three trees have strong hiding power and high coating rate.

6, the film is delicate, soft and durable.

Three, three tree paint honor

Three tree paints have won national honors such as “China Famous Brand” and “China Top Brand Product”, and are the only “Shenzhou No.6 and Shenzhou No.7 equipped with paint brands”. From 2007 to 2009, the three trees were selected three times in a row as "China's Top 500 Most Valuable Brands" by the authoritative World Brand Lab, with a brand value of 2.651 billion yuan.

Four or three trees join conditions

1. Healthy, energetic, age no more than 45 years old.

2. With all kinds of documents, licenses, etc. required for normal business operations, such as business licenses, tax registration certificates, and hazardous chemicals business licenses, have legal personality.

3. Have the funds, places (stores and warehouses), facilities (such as vehicles), sales and service personnel needed for normal operations.

4. Recognize the three tree culture and brand operation mode and profit model.

5. In the coatings industry, building materials industry related services are preferred

6. Provide credit information, including copies of business licenses, passbooks, real estate licenses, driving licenses and driver's licenses.

In the second five years when the market prospects are more brilliant, Sakura is adhering to the strategy of “Capital × Brand × Culture” and puts forward the development goal of “being the fastest growing company in China's paint industry”. It is determined to operate through capital, brand building and culture. Spread, complete the transition from excellent to excellent, realize the wish of “being the best employer” and “being the most respected company”, make the enterprise grow greener, and better serve the society.

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