The reason why spring corn is not good

The reason why spring corn is not good

First, the seed quality is low, the purchase of fake seeds or seeds of relatively low quality, the germination rate is relatively low, easy to cause poor emergence.

Second, low temperature or rainy, low ground temperature will reduce the germination rate and germination potential of the seeds. Too much rain will hinder the normal breathing of the seeds, and it will easily cause the seeds to be attacked by mold and cause rotten species.

Third, the soil moisture content is low when the seeds are planted in drought, which cannot meet the needs of seed emergence and cause dry shoots.

4. The extensive preparation of the soil or the improper use of the fertilizer, the roots, the unevenness of the sensation or the different depths of the seeding will affect the normal germination of the seed. Excessive fertilization at the time of sowing, uneven, manure is not completely decomposed, or seeds directly contact with fertilizer, will burn the seedlings.

5. The planter is careless and unfamiliar with the operation of the planter, resulting in a missed broadcast phenomenon.

Sixth, the underground pest damage is mainly caused by the tiger, the golden worm, the cockroach, etc., which is the most serious, biting off the young buds, causing the lack of seedlings.

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