What are the common faults of chlorine gas alarms and what should I do?

Chlorine gas alarm is an important safety equipment to detect the concentration of chlorine leakage. Its main function is to automatically sound and light alarm when chlorine gas reaches a certain concentration to ensure the safe production of the company! The chlorine gas alarm is mainly used. It is composed of gas alarm controller and gas detector. For the common fault of chlorine gas alarm, we can analyze it in two parts!

First: Failure of the chlorine alarm sensor 1. The sensor plug in the detector falls off;

2. Sensor failure caused by long-term operation in harsh environments.

Second: chlorine alarm communication failure:

1. Check whether the wiring is correct and whether the controller and the detector correspond.

2. The detector's actual connection number is consistent with the set number of ways;

3. The detector voltage is up to standard (RBK-6000 series controllers are all 24V output, all models detector normal operating voltage is also 24V, the minimum is not less than 15V).

As an important security device, the chlorine gas alarm is an important safety guarantee in the company's production safety. Once a fault is discovered, it must be dealt with promptly. The main processing methods: 1. The alarm system is installed, after the first power-on warm-up, there may be alarm phenomenon, at this time the system can be reset 2. No display after power on, mainly the wiring problem, first check the power is Connected, the outlet is strong. After confirming that the power supply is correct, check whether the connectors inside the controller, such as cables and pins, are firm and loose.

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