How to design an open cloakroom

With the individuality of modern people and the strengthening of privacy awareness, porch design is more and more practical in home decoration. As a living room and entrance and exit, it helps you to store clothes and keep the room clean and tidy. On the other hand, it is also a place to give visitors a first impression. Such a "face" is not good how to design, today I recommend a few tricks to design an open cloakroom.

Open cloakroom design

The open cloakroom is L-shaped and uses a corner area to mount the mirror. A drawer unit with a dresser height is designed next to the mirror. Around the mirror, there are a variety of hooks and small secret weapons to store necklaces and scarves. The benefits of the open wardrobe are clear at a glance, it is best to divide the clothes according to the color system, so that the visual appearance will be neat.

Bedside mounting accessories

Beautiful backpacks, shoes, and bracelets are good decorations in their own right, so let them all shine out. The biggest advantage of this program is that it is random, and the items that are often used every season are all placed outside, and it is not necessary to rummage inside the cabinet every day.

Digging the potential of the wall

Traditional wardrobe

The traditional closet has a large mirror on the door and the bedroom space is enlarged. Also use the corner space to install the hooks. Those who are good at planning and well-organized are suitable for this kind of scheme.

Professional cloakroom

If you don't want the bedroom to be too messy, you can choose to open a dressing area in the cloakroom. Just reserve a place to wear the mirror at the beginning of the decoration. It is best to install a mirror that is slightly taller than your own height. Easily find out the effect of the whole body. Matching the spotlights above the mirror can create a stage-like brilliant effect and enhance self-confidence.

In the fully functional bedroom, the cloak area consisting of a locker and a chest of drawers occupies the wall space opposite the bed, using the high and low undulating space of the locker, adding a mirror in the middle to form a clever dressing area. Make more use of the wall space and hang the broken items for easier searching.

Create vivid expressions in the cloakroom

The cloakroom is a functional area, and the area is not too large. How to add personal symbols in a limited space and display self-personality instead of the rhythm change like a whole wardrobe? Just use all kinds of materials and patterns. Fast way. Add a glass door between the storage area and the dressing area. The effect of the partition is second. The more considerate intention is to input the agility rhythm into the space, and create a cloakroom temperament with your poetic pattern.

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