Correct use of stainless steel casters

The scientific and reasonable use of stainless steel casters can extend the life of the casters and ensure the safety, stability and integrity of the goods. The proper use of stainless steel castors is mainly divided into two major parts:

1, stainless steel caster setting conditions:

(1) For fixed wheels, avoid applying a force that is inconsistent with the direction of rotation of the fixed wheel.

(2) Avoid using a car or tractor trailer to tow.

(3) Avoid placing it in a place such as a stove

(4) Avoid the weight being biased to one side when carrying.

(5) Avoid using on uneven and sharply protruding ground.

(6) Avoid giving any impact, such as: falling from a height with a drop, vibration, forklift truck fork hit.

(7) Avoid using casters for purposes other than their intended purpose, or dismount them and install them on other devices.

(8) Avoid bearing loads that exceed the wheel load.

2, stainless steel caster brake device:

(1) Do not operate the brake lever during walking.

(2) Use your foot to fully step on the brake lever.

(3) The casters are prohibited from being pushed arbitrarily under braking conditions.

(4) Do not place on a slope while braking.

(5) Please do not step on the brake control device excessively and avoid hitting hard objects with a hammer.

(6) Please move after confirming brake release.

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