Classification of skin properties and methods of care

In order to protect one's own skin, the correct choice of suitable cosmetics must first understand the nature of your skin. In general, the skin can be divided into three types, namely, oily, neutral and dry, but from the medical cosmetic point of view, the skin can be divided into six types.
(A) of the oily skin due to excessive secretion of sebum so that the entire face shine, than dry, neutral skin, skin color dark, thick, and relatively large pores, resembles orange peel. The face is prone to acne, cramps and other phenomena. Sebum secretion, especially in the face and T-zone visible shine; skin texture is rough, easily contaminated; weak antibacterial, prone to acne; poor adhesion, easy makeup after makeup; more able to withstand external stimuli, not aging, facial Wrinkles appear later.
Nursing methods Oily skin can be untidy due to excessive sebum secretion, shiny hair, and aging substances. The sebum and aging substances secreted from the clogged pores can easily cause skin problems such as blemishes and acne. So oily skin must pay attention to clean. Try to avoid increased oils, add enough water, and prevent it from becoming oily skin that lacks moisture.
The most important thing is to do a thorough and clean double cleaning. For oily skin, avoid using oily, oily products, choose to use refreshing cleansing water, cleansing towel, cleansing milk and other products, then use foam cleansing cream for double cleaning jobs. When cleansing, the secretion of sebum is much, it is easy to accumulate the parts of aging, massage carefully, first wash with warm water, then beat with cold water several times.
And sebum secretion, does not mean that there is no lack of water, so early and late skin care should choose to use the skin care products to regulate sebum while excellent moisturizing effect, carefully wipe. T-zones, which have a lot of sebum secretion, can be applied to make-up sponges that are excellent in the effect of convergence, and it is also effective to put them on for a while.
(2) Neutral skin The skin texture is smooth and delicate, soft and shiny, with fine pores, moderate moisture, and looks ruddy, smooth, flawless, and elastic. Not sensitive to external stimuli, not wrinkles, make-up is not easy to lose makeup. More common in adolescent girls. Skin seasons vary greatly, with dry weather in winter and partial oil in summer. As the seasons change and the body conditions, the skin sometimes gets dry and cries. Continue to supply nutrition and moisture. It becomes dry skin after 30 years old.
Nursing method Neutral skin can be called a healthy skin condition with balanced oil and moisture. However, due to seasonal changes in the skin, health status, and living environment, the skin will undergo minor changes, and the skin will completely change. Therefore, to maintain a healthy, neutral skin, regular basic care is required. The focus of nursing neutral skin is to maintain a balance between skin moisture and nutrition. In spring and summer, refreshing skin care based on cleanliness will be performed, and nourishing care will be provided to the skin in autumn and winter. Regular massages and facial masks promote skin metabolism.
(c) dry skin Fine skin, thin, pores are not obvious, sebum secretion is less and even, there is no greasy feeling. The skin is relatively dry, it looks clean, delicate and beautiful. Compared with oily skin, the skin pores are thin, but the skin is not shiny. This skin is not prone to acne, and it has strong adhesion and it is not easy to lose makeup after makeup.
However, dry skin can not withstand external stimuli, such as wind and sun, etc., after the stimulation of the skin flushing, and even burning. It is easy to age and wrinkle, especially in front of the eyes, the corners of the mouth most susceptible to wrinkles. Due to the lack of moisture in the skin, the skin feels tight and tends to horniness. If the skin is particularly dry, lack of oil, moisture, the corners of the eyes, mouth and other parts are easy to play fine wrinkles.
Nursing methods Due to the lack of moisture and oil, dry skin must be supplied with basic care, adequate moisture and oil, and nutrition must not be neglected. Immediately after cleansing, apply moisturizing lotions and lotions, nourishing creams, essences, and nutrients and moisture to the skin.
Moreover, massage can promote skin metabolism, promote blood circulation, and increase the activation of skin functions, so be sure to do it regularly. Due to dryness, dry skin is sensitive to external irritations, prone to fine wrinkles, and premature skin aging. Therefore, in the morning and evening basic care, it is necessary to use the eye cream in the parts of the eyes, mouth corners, etc.
(d) Mixed skin There are two different skin types at the same time as mixed skin. Generally, it is oily at the forehead, nose, and chin (mouth), with large pores, more oil secretion, and even acne. Other parts such as cheeks are characterized by dry or neutral skin. Most of the T-sites are oily, and the cheeks are neutral or dry. Sebum on the forehead is often overexposed and shiny, and sometimes it can cause blemishes, acne, etc. The cheeks are dry, tight, and occasionally flaky.
Nursing method Forehead of mixed skin is prone to acne because of sebum secretion, but the skin on the opposite cheeks is collapsed and dry, often flaking, and is characterized by oily and dry skin. While controlling the sebum secretion at the T-zone, it is necessary to supply sufficient moisture to the rough cheeks and eyes, and around the mouth.
Such a combination skin needs to supply sufficient moisture as a whole, and the T-shaped part connecting the nose and the forehead needs to remove excessive sebum to keep it fresh, and the U-shaped parts of the dry cheeks need to be supplied with nutrients and moisture, and each part needs special care. When cleaning your face, massage your forehead around your nose and remove excess sebum and aged objects. The T-site where the sebum is excreted strongly and the pores are likely to become thicker, and the use of astringent lotion with excellent pore-reducing effect is applied to the cotton pad, and the effect is also good for a while. U-sites are prone to lack of nutrients and moisture, so use nutrient creams and serums carefully.
(5) Sensitive skin The skin is delicate and white, and the secretion of sebum is small and relatively dry. Its distinctive feature is that after contact with cosmetics, it can easily cause skin irritation, redness, swelling and itching. It is also prone to allergies to the sun, pollen, mosquito bites and high protein foods.
Due to personal physical reasons, the skin of the sensitive skin is generally thinner in the dermis, and is easily affected by the external environment such as air quality, humidity, and some other human factors. The skin is oxygenated, reddened, and red-blooded. When it is severe, it can suddenly rise up to a lot of small cramps and even puffiness.
Nursing methods Sensitive skin care does not require too many steps to cope, as little as possible so that the skin is subjected to a variety of cosmetic effects, that is to say things should not be too complicated, especially when the skin problems, try to reduce the use of cosmetics, as long as the basis Care on the line, make-up, etc. can be avoided.
There is no need to use exfoliating scrub products, using ordinary exfoliating products should not be too hard, with a long time massage oh, here by the way, really conditioning cream it, many posts above said to massage for a long time, so you can achieve Very good results, but for sensitive skin, this approach is not suitable. Sensitive skin is already very thin. If you massage more, it will become thinner!
(6) The lack of nutritious skin The lack of nutritious skin, the feeling of collapse after cleansing is serious, there is no elasticity, dullness, no vitality, some will also collapse feeling, fine wrinkles such as the corners of the eyes, mouth and other parts is also very obvious. The lack of vitality and softness of the skin requires a concentrated supply of nutrients and moisture.
Nursing method It is very important to supply sufficient moisture and nutrition to the skin. Continue to regularly perform massage for the skin's blood circulation. Do 1 or 2 masks a week to increase the activation of skin functions and increase skin elasticity.
You must use nutrient creams and serums for basic care during the morning and evening. If you feel particularly dry, use the essence. When the skin feels particularly dry and rough, a 1:1 ratio of the nourishing cream and the essence is evenly mixed together. After sufficient application, the skin is gently massaged according to the skin texture. Through the nutrition massage, the skin becomes moist and elastic. In particular, wrinkles around the corners of the eyes, corners of the mouth, etc., must be wiped off early and late eye cream.
Problematic skin The skin that suffers from acne, rosacea, chloasma, freckles, etc. affects beauty in life, but is not contagious or life-threatening, collectively referred to as problematic skin.

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