Cone crusher processes the tailings

Cone crusher belongs to mine crushing equipment. After years of development, it has developed a series of products: hydraulic cone crusher, spring cone crusher, etc. With the improvement of iron tailings comprehensive utilization technology and process equipment in recent years, iron tail The utilization of minerals in the field of building materials has been increasing year by year, and it is almost applied to various fields of building materials production, which has the effect of energy saving and cost reduction. The re-election of tailings can reduce the cost of dam construction and maintenance of tailings dams, save costs such as grinding, mining and transportation, and save more investment in equipment and new process development. Therefore, more and more attention is paid to such diversification. The tailings to be treated require the performance of the crushing equipment to be a versatile and can handle many types of substances. The new cone crusher produced by Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Co., Ltd. has a reliable structure, high production efficiency, convenient adjustment and economical use. The spring safety system is an overload protection device that allows foreign iron blocks to pass through the crushing chamber. It does not harm the machine. It is sealed with dry oil or water to ensure the separation of stone powder and lubricating oil. It is reliable. The type of crushing chamber is determined by the use of ore. The standard type is suitable for medium crushing, the medium type is suitable for fine crushing, and the short type is suitable for thickness. Broken, can handle most of the tailings processing work.
The cone crusher belongs to the mine crushing equipment. After years of development, it has evolved a series of products: hydraulic cone crusher, spring cone crusher, etc.; due to the wide distribution of mines in China, the tailings produced each year have reached 100 million tons. the above. How to deal with this huge tailings requires the use of mine crushing equipment, milling equipment, sand making equipment, etc.; after some of the tailings are crushed or ground, they can be recycled again, further mining useful minerals, and another part is processed into The aggregate required for building construction. The cone crusher is a crushing equipment designed for medium or hard ore. It has a good effect on tailings. The cone crusher is used to process the tailings. The finished material can be roughly divided into stones and mechanisms. Sand, these two raw materials can be widely used in many industries.
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