Antai Technology: Actively expand brand influence

Abstract In the first half of 2013, the downstream market of some products of the company continued the situation of insufficient demand in the previous year. The market competition became more and more fierce. In order to maintain and consolidate the market share, the company adjusted the price of some products, resulting in the company's gross profit decreased compared with the same period of last year. . At the same time, due to...
In the first half of 2013, the downstream market of some products of the company continued the situation of insufficient demand in the previous year. The market competition became more and more fierce. In order to maintain and consolidate the market share, the company adjusted the price of some products, resulting in a decrease in the company's gross profit compared with the same period of last year. At the same time, due to the insufficient utilization of the capacity of some new production projects, the fixed cost can not be effectively diluted, resulting in project income not meeting expectations. In the first half of 2013, the company achieved operating income of 1.903 billion yuan, a decrease of 5.53% compared with the same period of last year; realized a total profit of 390.253 million yuan, achieving a net profit of 32,194,600 yuan, which was lower than the same period of last year. 68.13% and 64.97%.

During the reporting period, in the face of the severe economic situation at home and abroad and the impact on the manufacturing industry, the company actively responded, strengthened market awareness, improved relevant systems, established incentive mechanisms, actively explored sales channels, and vigorously carried out brand promotion. The company held a marketing conference to commend outstanding sales teams and individuals, and established a career ascending channel for marketers. In order to better meet the needs of market development and improve the sales business system, the company issued the "Sales Assessment and Business Promotion Incentive (Interim) Measures", "Marketing Professional Development Channel Management (Interim) Measures", "2013 Sales Personnel Incentives" Management measures such as “Measures” aim to effectively improve business performance by fully mobilizing the enthusiasm of sales personnel and related parties. The company continued to strengthen the management of new products, implemented the “Interim Management Measures for the Development of New Products of Antai Technology”, and organized the application of “the first batch of new technologies and new products in the National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone of Zhongguancun in 2013”. In the first half of 2013, the company's new product sales revenue was 543 million yuan, and the contribution rate of new products reached 29.35%, an increase of nearly 5 percentage points year-on-year.

During the reporting period, the company set up a “promoting business and maintaining growth” working group, actively carried out management improvement work, and improved operational quality through a series of special activities such as cost reduction and efficiency improvement, team construction site experience exchange, QC group activities, and procurement management. Reduce operating costs and strictly control security risks. All departments and units of the company shall, based on the 2013 plan for cost reduction and efficiency increase specified in the beginning of the year, clarify the objectives and related supporting measures, quantify the indicators and implement them in stages. The company strictly implements the link between salary and benefit, rationally regulates and controls labor, and further strengthens labor cost management and control. The company held the 2013 Supplier Conference to achieve the goal of reducing the total cost of supply chain and inventory and controlling procurement risks. Continue to strengthen the management of business outsourcing, continuously improve the corporate governance structure of the controlling and participating companies, conduct comprehensive investment risk assessment and investment income analysis, and explore the establishment of a binding incentive mechanism for the holding company. The company comprehensively launched the information construction work, introduced the informationization improvement project implementation plan, and formulated the informationization project construction management measures. The company carried out in-depth work on safety production standardization and promoted the continuous improvement of safety management level. In the first half of the year, it achieved safety production targets with zero major production safety accidents. The parent company and major holding companies have achieved standardization of safety production standardization at the second or third level.

During the reporting period, the company actively implemented technology innovation and promoted the transformation of innovation results based on its “Twelfth Five-Year” Technology Innovation Plan, combined with market demand and the development needs of emerging industries, focusing on product structure adjustment, process technology improvement and new business development. Improve corporate competitiveness and new product contribution rate. There are 8 new technological innovation projects and 7 technological transformation projects. The company strengthened intellectual property rights and results management. In the first half of the year, it organized 33 patent applications, including 30 invention patents; 11 granted patents, including 6 invention patents; and won the title of “Beijing Patent Demonstration Unit”. The company actively applied for the qualification of Beijing Science and Technology Innovation Platform and was approved as two Beijing Engineering Technology Research Centers for superhard materials and dental materials. So far, the company has 4 national-level technology platforms including enterprise technology centers, and provincial and ministerial level technology platforms. 12; at the same time, it organized 3 applications for Beijing Science and Technology Award and 1 Metallurgical Science and Technology Award.

During the reporting period, the company actively promoted the progress of project construction. The company launched four major investment projects in the first phase of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, “LED supporting refractory materials industrialization project”, “high-performance nanocrystalline ultra-thin belt and product industrialization project”, and “high-end powder metallurgy product industrialization project”. ""High-performance special welding material industrialization project" basically completed the civil works of the workshop, and the construction of the municipal external line was underway; some of the process equipments of the project have been processed and manufactured, and they are gradually installed. The “large-size high-purity rare metal target industrialization project” has been filed for project completion, and the construction drawing design has been completed. The pre-construction procedures for land, environmental assessment and energy assessment are being processed. The Tianjin branch of the company has successfully obtained the approval of the Tianjin New Materials Industrial Park project, and is in the process of external procedures for evaluation and environmental assessment.

During the reporting period, the company combined with the construction of various industrial park projects, in accordance with the company's unified requirements for visual identification, officially launched the “Building a beautiful park, showing beautiful Antai” activities, recruiting volunteers among young employees, and setting up a volunteer service team of more than 230 people. The company will actively act to beautify the company's park environment, advocate environmental protection and energy conservation, promote occupational health, and publicize the company's people-oriented cultural philosophy.

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