Scientists let the neutrino pass through the thick stone for the first time

The idea of ​​scientists using neutrino communication has been proposed for several years, but how to conveniently emit and detect neutrinos and modulate information to neutrino effectively and demodulate it has been a problem to be solved. According to the report of the American Physicist Organization Network on March 14, scientists for the first time succeeded in adopting a mass of neutrino with almost no mass to transmit information through a 240-meter-thick stone near the speed of light. The team has submitted relevant research papers to the Journal of Modern Physics.

The paper's first author and professor of electrical and computer engineering at North Carolina State University Dan described the study as saying: "Without the use of satellites or cables, people can use neutrinos to communicate between any two points on Earth. Neutrinos The communication system will be more complex than the current communication system and it will have important strategic uses in the future."

Most communications are accomplished by sending and receiving electromagnetic waves, but electromagnetic waves cannot easily pass through many substances and are blocked by water and mountains and many other liquids and solids. A neutrino is a neutral, basic, fine-grained, uncharged particle that travels in a straight line at nearly the speed of light and penetrates easily into steel and seawater. It has very little energy loss and is therefore very attractive. Human ideal information carrier.

The researchers used two key equipment in the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. The first is the world's most powerful particle accelerator, which shoots high-intensity neutrino beams by accelerating the protons along a 2.5-mile-long orbit and then colliding them with carbon targets. The second is a detector weighing several tons that is called MINERvA in a cave 100 meters below ground. Since the neutrino is not easily detected during detection, exploration using this type of detector will detect one of approximately 10 billion particles.

The communication test was conducted for two hours, during which the accelerator was accelerating to half its full intensity. The MINERvA probe collected interactive data of the communication test during the same period. The concrete operation is that at one end, the information sent by scientists using neutrinos is converted into binary code, in other words, the word “neutrino” is depicted as a series of “1”s and “0s”; at the other end, the MINERvA detector is used. The neutrino was detected and the computer converted the binary code it transmitted to English, so the word "neutrino" was successfully received.

Professor Fland, professor of physics at the University of Rochester, who participated in the experiment, said: "Obviously, the technology we currently use to transfer information from neutrinos requires a lot of high-tech equipment, which is not practical today. But this time It is a demonstration demonstration of the current application of neutrino communication to the practical application of the current technology.” (Hua Ling)

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