Measuring method of profiled flange

The pressure grade, material and standard of the profiled flange have different characteristics and characteristics. They are used according to certain principles and methods in the use. They can be produced and processed according to the corresponding standards, ensuring good use value in use and effect.

The profiled flange needs to be prepared before the measurement, and the measurement is carried out according to certain methods and methods. Different measurement methods are determined according to the specific conditions to ensure the accuracy of the measurement. The following describes the measurement method of the profiled flange:

1. Preparation before measurement:

1. Before the measurement, according to the position of the special-shaped flange, first draw a sketch of the connected flanges of the equipment, and serially number them so that the fixtures can be installed in the same way and installed according to certain methods and principles to ensure normal use.

2.Because of the installation, the profiled flange may have different outer diameters, wrong ports (different hearts), and the thickness of the gaskets is not equal. Therefore, the processed fixtures should not be interchangeable with the side flanges, so the dimensions of each part are measured. And numbering are key to fixture handling and installation

3. When measuring, it is best to arrange three people, two of them are measured, one person proofread and fill in the form, the measuring tool uses a vernier caliper, if there is no condition available external calipers and steel ruler. Measurement is a meticulous work, is the premise of fixture installation Measurements and records must be prepared correctly. Be sure to be clear when filling out the form. In the actual measurement work, it is necessary to cooperate with each other and cooperate and use according to the correct principle.

4. The measured data is filled in the table.

2. Shaped flange measurement method:

1. Firstly measure the size of the flange outer diameter D1.D2 separately. If the measured data is 157.5mm, the size is 157.5mm.

2. Measure the size of the profiled flange gap b and measure four points (uniform) on the circumference.

3. Measure the enlarged part of the depth C (the size between the outer edge of the flange and the bolt), measure the size of C at the position of the flange 1234, and select the smallest size.

4. Measure the size of the two different types of flanges (wrong), and choose the size of the largest flange of the two flanges.

5. Finally, the measured data is filled in the table.

Shaped flanges can be used in a certain way and principle when measuring, ensuring accurate data can be measured.

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