PVC-U double wall corrugated pipe features and installation

The PVC-U double-wall corrugated pipe implements the national GB/T18477-2001 standard and establishes a complete set of quality assurance system with reference to the ISO:9001-2000 series of standards. It is equipped with a full set of advanced detection methods such as impact, ring stiffness, flatness and pressure matched with the imported production line. The raw materials are made of high quality PVC resin and additives. The technology adopts the latest standard of international PVC-U double-wall corrugated pipe (GB/T18477-2001). According to the production process and process documentation requirements, the control produces high quality corrugated pipes under the optimal process conditions.

PVC-U double wall corrugated pipe

PVC-U double wall corrugated pipe

The rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) double-wall corrugated pipe is made of polyvinyl chloride PVC resin as the main raw material, adding various plastic auxiliaries, adopting the structural principle of hollow ring, being extruded by double-screw machine and vacuum forming. It is a new generation of green products. In the 1960s and 1970s, the product was put on the market abroad. In the 80 years, it was widely used in drainage and sewage systems in developed countries, gradually replacing cement pipes, flat wall pipes and other traditional pipes. The world's ideal buried drainage pipe, China introduced the product line in the early 1990s. Based on the good characteristics of this product, at present, hard polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) double-wall corrugated pipes have been gradually used throughout the country, and instead of underground pipes.

Applicable places:

Water supply engineering; electrical engineering; construction engineering; sewer engineering; telecommunications engineering; sinking engineering; salt water engineering; natural gas engineering; chemical factory; paper making factory; brewing fermentation plant; electroplating factory; agricultural garden; mine; breeding industry; Engineering; golf course engineering; plastic bottles for fisheries.

The rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) double-wall corrugated pipe for underground drainage is made of polyvinyl chloride resin as the main raw material, adding appropriate amount of additives, and is extruded, suitable for new drainage of buildings and municipal sewage. . It has the advantages of light weight, low drainage resistance, high compressive strength, corrosion resistance and convenient construction. It is an ideal material to replace cast iron pipes and cement concrete pipes. The products are manufactured according to international GB/T18477-2001. Products through the relevant departments for testing, identification and certification.

PVC-U double-wall corrugated pipes were successfully developed and applied in a large number of countries in the western developed countries in the early 1990s. With the rapid development of China's urbanization and the country's further emphasis on environmental protection work, PVC-U double-wall corrugated pipe will have a wide application space. Its reasonable hollow ring structure design has the characteristics of light texture, high strength and good toughness. At the same time, it has the advantages of easy laying, low resistance, low cost and strong corrosion resistance. Its practical performance and economic benefits far exceed the traditional iron pipe and cement pipe. It is a new generation of engineering pipe and is widely used. In the field of urban sewage discharge, low-pressure water delivery, agricultural irrigation and drainage, wire and cable casing and so on.

Product performance:

PVC-U double wall corrugated pipe product performance

Yida brand hard polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) double-wall corrugated pipe is produced according to national standard GB/T18477-2001 and enterprise standard Q/HBS006. After testing by relevant testing institutions, the physical and mechanical properties of the product meet or exceed the following indicators.

Product specifications: (unit: mm)

PVC-U double wall corrugated pipe product specifications


1, light weight, convenient handling: PVC pipe material is very light, handling, loading and unloading, construction is convenient, can save labor.

2. Excellent chemical resistance: pvc-u tube has excellent acid resistance, alkali resistance and corrosion resistance, and is suitable for the chemical industry.

3. The fluid resistance is small: the wall of the pvc-u tube is smooth, and the resistance to the fluid is small. The roughness coefficient is only 0.009, which is lower than other pipes. Under the same flow rate, the pipe diameter can be reduced.

4, mechanical strength: pvc-u tube water pressure strength, external pressure strength, impact strength, etc. are very good, suitable for a variety of conditions of piping engineering.

5, good electrical insulation: pvc-u tube has excellent electrical insulation, suitable for wire and cable conduit, and electrical wiring with the building.

6, does not affect the water quality: pvc-u tube confirmed by the dissolution test does not affect the water quality, is the best pipe for the current tap water piping.

7. Simple construction: The construction of the pvc-u pipe is quick and easy, so the construction cost is low.

Physical characteristics:

PVC-U double wall corrugated pipe physical properties

Application areas:

· Highway, railway communication, power supply, signal network conduit;

· Broadcasting, television, and cable protection pipelines;

· Industrial and agricultural drainage, sewage, low-pressure water pipelines;

· Municipal environmental protection low-pressure drainage and sewage pipelines;

· City lighting and signal system conduits;

·Building drainage and sewage pipelines;

·Petrochemical transportation pipeline;

Product implementation standards: GB/T18477-2001 standard production;

Product specifications (mm): Φ110-Φ800 length is generally 6m or the length required by the user;

Color: yellow, white and the color required by the user;

installation method:

1. When installing and using this product, first check the quality of the pipe. If the product does not meet the quality standards, it shall not be used;

2. The product must be lifted and handled during loading, unloading, handling and installation. Barbaric operation is prohibited, and the scraping is directly carried out on the ground;

3. When installing the pipeline, according to the shallow depth of the pipe groove, it can be manually lifted into the trough or slipped into the trough with a non-metallic rope, but they must be placed in the pipe trough that has been dug and meets the relevant requirements. In general, the direction of the socket should be consistent with the direction of water flow, and installed from low to high;

4. When installing the pipeline, the axial line of two adjacent pipes should be straight, and the offset angle must be less than 20;

5. Before inserting the interface, first check that the specifications of the rubber seal should be consistent with its product, intact and flexible. The sealing ring should be installed in the groove between the second and third corrugations of the socket. The number of the sealing ring should be determined according to the relevant design requirements. If two sealing rings are placed, it is desirable to have a gap between the two sealing rings. ;

6. When installing the socket, the inner working surface and the outer working surface of the socket and the socket should be cleaned first, and there should be no dirt and other impurities. Then apply lubricant to the inner surface of the socket, and then insert the socket in time. The central axis is aligned with the central axis of the socket, and a wooden or rigid plastic plate can be placed at the other end of the pipe. The pipe is slowly inserted into the socket along the axis and inserted into the socket. To the bottom of the socket;

7. The adjustment of the length of the pipe is generally carried out by hand sawing, so that the end should be perpendicular and flat with the center line, and there should be no defects.

Pipeline tightness test:

1. After the pipeline is installed and the inspection is qualified, the tightness test of the pipeline should be carried out, and the closed water inspection method should be adopted.

2. The pipe tightness test shall be carried out after backfilling and compacting with the sand at the bottom of the pipe and the base corner. If necessary, it can be carried out under the condition that the pipe top of the pipe section to be inspected is backfilled to the pipe diameter above the pipe top (exposed at the pipe joint).

3. When the water is closed, the pipe should be filled with water and maintained at a pressure of 2 m above the top of the upstream pipe. Appearance inspection, no water leakage. The water leakage of the pipeline for 24 hours should not be greater than the water seepage calculated by the following formula: Q=O.0046Di in the formula Q-permissible water seepage (cubic meter) Di-pipe inner diameter (mm) per 1km pipeline length 24 hours.

Pipe installation diagram:

Pipe installation diagram

1. Saw tube: After the pipe saw, the end surface should be smooth, smooth and free of burrs.

2. The rubber seal should be fixedly installed in the second trough of the end of the pipe plug.

Note: The sealing rubber ring has a direction, and it must be installed in the specified direction during installation. See the surface view for details.

3. Inside the pipe flaring, after the pipe is inserted into the head surface and the sealing rubber ring is cleaned, apply special lubricant.

· Before pipe laying, the pipe should be inspected section by section. Pipes that do not meet the quality standards shall not be used.

· Pipeline handling and installation can be carried out manually, but it must be lifted gently. It is strictly forbidden to drag directly on the ground.

· Pipes should be laid in a straight line. When special conditions are required to be laid by flexible interfaces, the allowable corners of the longitudinal axes of the adjacent two pipes should be provided by the pipe manufacturer.

· Pipe installation can be manual. When the groove depth is more than 3m, the non-metallic rope can be used to slide into the trough, and then placed smoothly on the gravel foundation pipe position. Do not use metal ropes to hook the ends of the pipe or roll the pipe from the groove side into the groove.

·The socket tube is installed. Under normal circumstances, the socket should be in the same direction as the water flow, and should be installed from the low point to the high point.

·The length of the pipe can be adjusted by hand, but the section should be vertical and should not be damaged.

Pipe transportation and storage:

·When the pipes are loaded, unloaded, transported and stacked, they should be lifted gently and gently. It is strictly forbidden to throw and drag and collide with each other.

· When the pipes are transported in batches, the sockets and sockets should be layered and staggered, bundled with cables and fixed firmly. The cable fixing should be properly protected with a soft material.

· If the pipe is stored for a long time, it should be placed in the shed. When stacked in the open air, it must be covered to prevent exposure and away from heat.

· The pipe storage site should be level, the sockets and sockets should be stacked in layers, and the stacking should be neat. Pipes with a nominal diameter of not more than DN315mm can be stacked in five or more layers. Pipes with a nominal diameter of DN350mm-DN500mm can be stacked in four layers with the type, specification and quantity.

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