Blind rivet secret

1. The difference between ordinary rivets and brushed rivets

The internal locking type wire drawing type rivet rivet will be riveted into the groove of the rivet body after the rivet is riveted, forming a "mechanical internal locking" locking nail. The drawing rivet is suitable for high surface requirements and high riveting strength requirements. It is used in the riveting field where the sealing performance is highly demanded; the thickness range of the ordinary blind rivet riveting is smaller than that of the drawing rivet, and the riveting strength is not higher than the drawing rivet.

2, the difference between ordinary rivet gun and pneumatic rivet gun difference between drawing rivet gun and ordinary rivet gun

1. The stroke length of the pneumatic rivet gun reaches 23mm, which is about 5mm longer than the ordinary rivet gun, which can ensure a shot break;

2. The pulling force of the pneumatic rivet gun is relatively uniform and the speed is stable. Because there is an oil control valve in the pneumatic rivet gun, the force is uniform and vibration-free at the time of pulling and riveting, and the damage to the rivet and the workpiece is small.

3, the common problems in the assembly of blind rivets are constantly riveting:

1. The selection of plate thickness and aperture is not in the riveting range;

2. The rivet gun stroke is not adjusted to the appropriate range;

3. The claws of the rivet gun are not sharp and need to be replaced;

4, the hydraulic oil in the rivet gun is gone, need to be added;

5, the air pressure of the rivet gun is not enough, you need to check the gas source;

6. The breakpoint of the nail core in the blind rivet is too shallow.

Loose, riveting is not tight:

1. The selection of plate thickness and aperture is not in the riveting range;

2. The rivet gun has too much hydraulic oil;

3. The mounting hole is too large, which makes the riveting failure;

4. The gap between the mounting plates is too large, so that the riveting is loose;

5. The rivet level is incorrectly selected.


1. The selection of plate thickness and aperture is not in the riveting range;

2. The rivet level is incorrectly selected.

4. Maintenance and maintenance of rivet gun

1. The hydraulic oil (48# or 68#) needs to be replaced after about 10,000 times of riveting. The high temperature in summer is easy to vaporize the hydraulic oil, so it is better to replace the new hydraulic oil about 5000 times;

2. The gas source should be equipped with a water removal device, and the air pump should be periodically drained;

3. The consumable parts are replaced in time, such as the wear of the three-claw claws;

4. Always clean off the iron and aluminum chips in the outer sleeve and the clamping sleeve and keep them clean.

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