Surround speaker wiring and background speaker solutions

If the wiring around the speakers is not an audiophile (I don't need a fancier here), the audio cabling is not complicated. As long as the TV and stereo settings will be determined, the lines of the surround speakers will be pre-buried in the wall. Two heads (one on each side of the sofa, one on the back of the TV, put the power amplifier in place) can be connected with the terminal bar. Only one channel needs two columns and two surround speakers can be used. Main speakers, center speakers, and subwoofers are generally placed on the front and do not need to be embeded. The speaker cable is generally a transparent multi-strand copper wire. The advanced fever wire is oxygen-free copper. Generally, the more cores, the better, for example, 200 cores, and at least 50 cores or more. Cheap about 7-8 dollars a meter.

If you want to use the amplifier's other independent output for background music, you need to connect the audio cable from the back of the amplifier to the place where you need to install a background music speaker, usually an active speaker, so there must be a power supply at the installation site. All are stereo music, so pick two lines at the same time. Note that the audio cable is not the speaker cable. The audio cable is the signal cable that is usually connected to the VCD/DVD at home. The connector is the Lotus plug.
In addition, the placement of the speakers has a great influence on audiovisual effects. The general principle is that there should not be too many reflective surfaces.

Background speaker solution:

The general method: Put the amplifier in the living room (or bedroom) and connect the audio cable to the bathroom or kitchen. The ceiling speakers are installed in the bathroom or kitchen.
One argument:
The kind of ordinary white ceiling speaker is not very good sound, it is best to buy a car speaker replacement (black net cover). Car speakers are marked with clear indicators, such as 35 ~ 2KHZ, 50W, etc., and ceiling speakers are not. However, the installation method of the car speaker is different from that of the ceiling speaker, and there is a special device for the ceiling. The car speaker has only the mesh cover and the screw holes, but the installation should not be a problem. As for preventing moisture, the problem should not be great. The salesperson also said that not all white ceiling speakers are damp-proof, but instead the sound cone made of any material (like PVC) is moisture-proof.
Another way of saying:
All are replaced with active speakers, audio cable wiring, a small partition on the wall, a power outlet with a switch next to it, and active speakers on the partition. In this way, audio signals such as CDs can be sent directly to the active speakers without using power amplifiers. Usually, the volume of the active speakers is adjusted to an appropriate position, the active speaker switches are turned on, and the active speaker outlets are plugged with switches. In the socket panel, open the panel switch when listening. The sound quality of a good active speaker is higher than that of a ceiling speaker.
my thoughts:
The active speaker was removed and the circuit was placed inside the wall. The switch and volume control were exposed on the outside panel. Then connect the audio cable to the ceiling speaker

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