PPH pipe features, performance and specifications

PPH tube is actually an extension of FRPP tube, mainly because its molecules are made of β-crystal, so the high temperature and corrosion resistance are stronger than FRPP, but the price is much more expensive than FRPP, mainly used in steel mill pickling. aspect. The 80% performance of FRPP and PPH are basically the same. The PPH tube is light in weight, non-toxic and can be used for food processing, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, excellent structure and remarkable high impact strength.

PPH is a high molecular weight, low melt flow homopolymer polypropylene. It has a fine crystal structure after β modification, which makes it have excellent impact strength even at low temperatures, increasing hydrostatic strength and improving resistance. Chemical properties. According to the characteristics of PPH materials, PPH pipes and plates are made into corrosion-resistant equipment and are widely used in chemical, metallurgical and electronic fields. PPH pickling tanks and electrolyzers are economical and durable, reducing equipment maintenance, extending service life and superior performance.

First, PPH pipe standard

1. Execute HG 20539-92.

2. The glass fiber modified polypropylene material treated by the coupling agent is used for the transportation of general purpose water and corrosive liquid.

3. The sanitary performance of drinking water pipes complies with the provisions of GB/T17219.

PPH pipe products are mainly used in sheet metal pickling and waste acid recovery and recycling systems in steel mills. PPH pipes can also be used in chemical, environmental protection, power plants, food processing and other fields.

Second, the characteristics of PPH pipe

1. Hygienic, non-toxic: This product is a green building material, used in drinking water pipeline systems, and the health indicators meet the requirements of GB/T17219 standard.

2. Low temperature resistance: The low temperature embrittlement temperature of polyethylene is (-70 °C). Under normal conditions, special protection measures are not required for construction, and construction is convenient in winter. Good impact resistance, no brittle cracking of the tube.

3, corrosion resistance, non-fouling: PE molecules have no polarity, good chemical stability, except for a few strong oxidants, most chemical media can not damage it. No growth of bacteria does not scale, and its circulation area does not decrease with increasing running time.

4, anti-stress: pph tube has low notch sensitivity, high shear strength and excellent scratch resistance, environmental stress crack resistance is also very prominent. Anti-stress: PE has low notch sensitivity, high shear strength and excellent scratch resistance, and environmental stress crack resistance is also outstanding.

5, wear resistance: the wear resistance of pph pipe is 4 times that of steel pipe.

6. Resilience: The flexibility of the pph pipe makes it easy to bend, and the engineering can bypass the obstacle by changing the direction of the pipe.

7. Water flow resistance: PE pipe has a smooth inner surface, and the water flow resistance is small, and other pipes of the same diameter can pass a larger flow rate.

Third, PPH pipe performance

Serial number project requirements

1 short-term hydraulic strength (ring stress 22Mpa, 1h, 20 °C) does not break, no leakage

2 Long-term hydraulic strength (ring stress 5.0Mpa, 165h, 95°C) does not break, no leakage

3 longitudinal shrinkage (110 ° C), % 1.3

4Charpy impact 23 ° C, KJ / m250.0

5Charpy impact -20 ° C, KJ / m 24.0

6 heat distortion temperature, °C96.0

Fourth, PPH pipe specifications

Nominal outside diameter nominal deviation 0.4 MPa0.6 MPa0.8 MPa1.0 MPa


250.3 2.7

320.3 2.9

400.4 3.7

500.5 4.6

630.6 4.75.8

















5605.121.433.2 -


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