Must take into account the details of the factors in home renovation

In the home decoration, because of lack of experience or common sense and did not pay attention to some details, after the completion of the renovation, only a small mistake or inconvenience was found in the use process. At this time, regret was too late. Below these details, you may wish to take a look.
Plasma TVs Plasma TVs can only hang on load-bearing walls due to their heavy weight. Before the renovation, they must greet the decoration master in advance. It is good to prepare in advance when designing.

In order to use the bathroom safely, the k> socket of the bathroom must have a waterproof cover. Consider setting aside k> power supply k> socket next to the toilet to facilitate the subsequent installation of a body cleaner.

Doors and Floors If you are buying a finished door, be sure to determine the height of the door, and the order in which the door and floor are installed, otherwise it may be impossible to install the door due to improper size.

Waterproof bathroom wall waterproofing layer should in principle not be less than 1.8 meters, from the perspective of moisture, the shower or bathroom is recommended to do full wall waterproofing.

Toilet Pipes The bathroom pipes must leave inspection holes about one meter from the ground, not for home use, but for neighbors upstairs. Conceived, blocking upstairs, your family can do it?

k>Power supply k>Switch k>The switch should not be installed behind the door and it is inconvenient to use; k>Power supply k>The socket is 30 centimeters high from the ground, k>The switch is 1.4 meters high from the ground; High-power electrical appliances use 16Ak>socket, such as electricity Oven and so on.

Cement cement can not be used for more than 3 months from the factory; cements of different varieties and labels cannot be mixed.

Tiles k> wall tiles, k> tile to buy more than a few slices, do not buy less, or prone to color; wipe the seam immediately after the completion of the tiles; ground stickers k> marble (light color), stone back to do Waterproof; k> Floor tiles should be inclined to the floor drain, otherwise it is easy to collect water.

Paint with colored paint must be used up once, otherwise there will be a color difference; when the weather is too cold, it is not suitable for brush coating, otherwise the effect is not good, and ventilation should be paid attention when the weather is too hot.

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