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Some people say that the renovation project is a regret project. Indeed, no matter how much decoration before and during the renovation, more careful, and after the renovation, we can still find a lot of problems, a lot of regret. From today, we will introduce common decoration regrets according to different decoration space, for later reference for decoration. 1,

During the renovation, there was no necessary protection for the floor drains and it was exposed to the outside. Stones or other small objects were glorified and blocked the pipes.

Chen Gong reminded: This is the details of the decoration, but indirectly reflects the quality of the construction team. In fact, these small places can be just a little attention, but they can save the owner a lot of unnecessary trouble.


Workers did not consider the construction clearly. After installing the basin, it was only thought that the sewer pipe had not been installed. The result was only installed outside the pedestal of the pedestal. It was too difficult to see.

Chen Gong reminded: This detail reflects the technical problems of the installation workers. It seems that when choosing the construction team, they must also find a job that meets the requirements of quality clearance, and they can completely avoid such embarrassment.


The underside of the washbasin should be used as a bracket to secure the washbasin. However, due to the prior negligence of the workers, they had to use wood to support it. However, due to the lack of good distance, the two sections are now spliced ​​together.

Chen Gong reminded that such mistakes have occurred in spite of one after another. Reflecting the irresponsibility of the workers and their sloppy work attitude, the owners are still better at avoiding such construction teams.


Due to poor construction considerations, it was discovered that after the toilet was installed, the power outlet was covered by the toilet for most of the time, which was very inconvenient to use.

  Chen Gong reminded that comprehensive consideration should be given in advance so as not to be found after installation and regret it.


After the workers lifted the ceiling, they discovered that the exhaust outlet was not sealed, and had to re-repair the suspended ceiling that had already been completed, delaying the construction period.

Chen Gong reminded: The construction attitude of losing people like this has been hard to rest assured. Fortunately, it did not cause serious consequences. Otherwise, it would cause many troubles and losses for the owners.


The owner is ready to paint a waterproof plastic ring next to the washbasin, but in order to facilitate the drawing, he has not gone to the professional building materials supermarket to buy it, but has just bought it in the downstairs store. It's not too long for anyone who knows how to use it to mold, so it's easy to see. I regret it.

Chen Gong reminds: For something like waterproof glue, the owner must not be sloppy buying for a moment of laziness or existential luck, or look for professional brands to be more reliable and take a little energy, but in exchange for future peace of mind.


After the bath was installed, it was found that the water was not smooth and there was no way to open the mouth and re-arrange the water pipe as a remedy.

Chen Gong reminded that such concealed projects must be put in place in advance and strictly monitored during acceptance. If owners do not have time for work, they can also ask an independent supervisor to help them.


Bathtubs bought by the owners were used by the renovation workers as rubbish bins.

Chen Gong reminded: When refurbishing it, the owner should urge the interior decoration company to clean up and clean the site in a timely manner. For the various equipment in the advanced field, corresponding protective measures should be taken to avoid unnecessary damage.

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Steel ladder step board is also known as the Stair Step Board, which according to the installation method, generally can be divided into welding and screw fixation of the two types, if the direct welding to the keel and do not need to step step plate side, relatively more economical Durable but not disassembled. Bolts are fixed on both sides of the Stepping Board to be thickened and the side plate is perforated and mounted on the side plate, which is directly bolted and can be recycled in use.

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The steel staircase plate is made of Steel Grating (the steel grating is crossed with a certain spacing and crossbar and is welded into a steel product with a square grid in the middle). The product surface is generally hot-dip galvanized, electro-galvanized. Steel staircase is mainly used for industrial platform, ladder pedal, handrail, channel floor, railway bridge side, high-altitude tower platform, drains, covers, road grille, three-dimensional parking, institutions, schools, factories, enterprises The staircase of the cause, the sports field, the garden villa can also be used as the outer window of the house, the balcony guardrail, the highway, the railroad rail and so on. The pedal is made of steel grating plus non-slip and side plate. Mainly used for stepping on the steel ladder, it is usually called Staircase Stepping Board, referred to as the ladder pedal.

Steel Ladders need to be made in a variety of sizes to suit the corresponding stairs, but from the economic and safety point of view, we recommend that you use the following specifications:
T325 / 30/100 (for staircase width greater than 215mm not more than 305mm)
T255 / 30/100 (for ladder pedal width greater than 215mm not more than 305mm)

Steel ladders stepping board type:

  • According to the installation of steel ladder pedal is divided into welded fixed ladder and bolt fixed pedal. One of the welded staircase pedal, that is, steel grating, bolted ladder pedal need to add a steel grating 65x5mm flat steel as a side plate. 
  • According to the steel stepping board anti-skid requirements can be divided into a front panel (pattern plate or strip) of the ladder pedal and no front panel of the steel staircase two. For safety reasons, it is advisable to use a steel ladder with a front guard.

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