How to master the environmental home improvement

Today, "indoor environmental pollution" has become a topic that is attracting more and more people's attention. How can consumers get a correct understanding of "indoor pollution" and can effectively control and avoid indoor pollution, and create environmentally-friendly homes and healthy lives? The initiative is in your own hands. Before the arrival of the golden season, relevant experts reminded everyone to pay attention to the following points:

First of all, choosing a formal home decoration company is the first step in ensuring the quality of the project and the quality of air after the renovation of the new home. As we all know, formal home improvement companies should have business licenses issued by the Trade and Industry Bureau, certificates of decoration companies issued by the Municipal Construction Committee, or certificates of approval for home improvement enterprises. Enterprise behavior is subject to the management and supervision of the administrative department, and consumers will not encounter any problems. Evaporation. In order to seek long-term development, formal enterprises have a systematic and careful management system. From quality supervision to after-sales service, construction quality can be effectively controlled. Scientific management is the most powerful guarantee for construction quality. At the same time, in the decoration material selection, most of the formal decoration companies use integrated decoration. The company purchases the main material accessories and distributes them to the construction site, instead of handing over the material procurement rights to the construction team, thereby avoiding name-causing materials due to human factors. Failing to eliminate indoor environmental pollution from raw materials, supplemented by mature design methods for pre-evaluation and standardization of environmental protection, lay a solid foundation for environmental protection and healthy home improvement projects.

Second, sign a unified home improvement contract to protect the environmental protection project. Nanjing now uses the contract texts of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce and the Municipal Construction Commission. The contract text clearly states: "If indoor air quality fails to meet the standard and is indeed the responsibility of Party B (construction party), Party B shall return the project to Party A. "When indoor air pollution occurs after renovation, consumers can safeguard their legal rights according to the terms of the contract.

Third, the use of scientific methods to pre-evaluate the content of harmful substances in indoor air. Before the construction, the designer will make a “preparation calculation book for home improvement environmental protection” based on the home design drawings and the bill of materials. This method is to use the various types of building materials (such as sheets, adhesives, paints, coatings, etc.) The amount of hazardous substances released, using scientific calculation methods, calculate the content of harmful substances in the indoor air after completion; if the results exceed the national standards, we must adjust the design scheme reasonably, reduce the amount of materials used, or use more environmentally friendly properties. The materials prevent the possibility of exceeding the environmental standards during the design phase, and also avoid the rework caused by the environmental protection of the indoor air. Finally, experts remind consumers to pay attention to the fact that some people think that indoor air pollution is the cause of renovation. This is only a one-sided statement. When the building’s own structure, decoration, materials, and furniture are improperly selected, it may become a cause of pollution. Therefore, when there are possible indoor pollution problems, it is necessary to find the root cause and solve the problem as soon as possible. problem. Therefore, under the premise of ensuring the decoration process, consumers must purchase the building materials and furniture, they must go to the formal market or supermarket to buy; look for products with a health certification mark at the time of purchase, and ask the dealer to meet the standards of testing The report reads the names of products, limits of harmful substances, grades, etc., and then purchases them so as to avoid environmental pollution caused by the environmental quality of the furniture or the main materials, which will cause late-stage indoor environmental pollution.

At present, there are as many as 5,000 small and large home improvement companies in Nanjing, and the quality varies greatly. It is necessary to have integrity on the one hand, and on the other hand to have strong design and construction strength. It is very difficult for small companies or guerrillas to do so. To.

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