Judging from a few details to the level of the construction team you invited

It is the key to the first three days when the construction team enters the site. At this time, it is best to focus on the construction site.

The first thing that ❁ comes into the field is not working

We often see that at a certain construction site, the gates opened and the workers swarmed in, and they did their best. At this time, the feeling on the spot is a mess. A well-trained construction team should be like this: First, to enter the site's first job, the site management personnel arrange for the construction work site for all the attendants. Such as on-site precautions, equipment to be protected, protective measures taken by hydropower pipelines, protection and treatment of doors and windows, etc., all require managers to emphasize on the construction site all the equipment needed to be dismantled and arrange them to specific people. During the construction period of each project in the first phase, relevant personnel should be aware of it. Therefore, the first job for construction workers to enter the construction site should not be work.

❁ 万 万 万 万 不 is not available

A decoration company with a relatively high management level, its construction personnel should be tile, wood, oil, water, electricity and small workers, complete types of work, complete equipment, high professional level of construction, such company construction will not appear "three Workers do a project, what work will be done, what work does not work well. A better project, its workers are constantly changing. It may be that on such construction sites, carpenters who do doors, carpenters who work as heating covers, and carpenters who work on ceilings do not necessarily have to be a group of people. Workers who paint paint and workers who paint may change, and tiled workers go to paving tiles. At that time, I changed another person. What needs to be understood is that if a worker can use bricks, wood, oil, water, and electricity all in one fell swoop, if the worker in the first three days still removes the trunking from the wall and later pushes up the wood plane, then Look closely. The home improvement project is the most taboo of the “all-oil” type of person.

Indispensable on-site protection

Most home improvement sites do not require dismantling the house into an empty shell, and there are more or less devices that need to be kept. If protective measures are not taken against these devices at the beginning of construction, the possibility of damage during construction will increase.

First, the meter box should be wrapped in a small wooden box made on site; the upper and lower water pipes should be clearly marked to warn the construction personnel to pay attention to protection; the open sewage nozzle can be plugged with a wooden wedge whose diameter is larger than the gate. Wrap it in a woven bag or plug it with a softer material such as polyphenyl foam. However, we have seen that the protection of home improvement sites is seldom valued.

❁ Demolition work must be "random and orderly"

The feeling that most home improvement sites give to consumers is first of all confusion. Random dismantling, random placement, and random throwing became the scene when the home improvement construction team just entered the stadium. A well-trained construction team, in the first three days after entering the construction site, the workers systematically carried out the demolition work. From inside to outside, from top to bottom, it was necessary to put in garbage bags to break the garbage into small pieces, which could be bundled in The construction waste along with straightening will be straightened. The wooden products with nails will be knocked down by the workers or hit with a hammer. The removed construction garbage will be placed together at any time. There is no visible rubbish on this kind of construction site, and there is no need to worry about walking on such a site and it will be worn by nails and other sharp objects.

❁Garbage disposal affects later construction

Many construction wastes that were dismantled in the early stages of the construction team's entry into the site, if handled improperly, would have more or less adverse effects on the later construction. From the first day of the construction site to the end of the project, the construction workers did not clean the garbage once, and the garbage was not bagged and piled up all over the place. As soon as people walked, the road was dusty. At the end of the project, it was discovered that the paint on the surface of the wood product was covered with dust and rubbed away. When paving solid wood flooring, where the keel is hit, the garbage on the ground is pushed aside, resulting in a lot of dust below the floor being sealed below. The more turbulent the decoration company is, the less attention is paid to waste disposal.

Home decoration must be handled well with construction waste, and it should be cleaned at any time. Doing so can keep the site clean, giving the construction staff a good working environment, avoiding accidental accidents caused by garbage disposal, and providing project quality assurance for later construction. For example, the construction of paint and other projects must have a clean environment. To ensure the quality of construction, it is only when the garbage is disposed of properly that the occurrence of similar construction waste can be prevented from clogging the toilet water pipe.

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