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Although the home improvement building materials market has gradually improved in the past two years, consumers also have a certain sense of rights protection. However, complaints about building materials and home improvement are still high. They are either due to poor communication or due to consumer inaction. In short, many The problem could have been avoided and eliminated. The following three cases that occurred around us have proved this point of view. They have also, to a certain extent, reluctantly explained that in the current environment, consumers must not think of being deceived and they have to become experts.

The painful lesson of being acquainted with acquaintances

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TTSM, the owner of the Three-ring New Town, was introduced by friends in August last year. He had rushed to start a construction contract when he had not yet signed a decoration contract with a decoration company, even when the quotation was not yet confirmed.

The pre-renovation property is subject to a decoration deposit of 4,000 yuan, and the decoration company advances the TTSM for various reasons. The construction team illegally built the house of the owner of the house downstairs, and when it said that the money would be deducted from the decorating company’s decoration money, TTSM first compensated the neighbors downstairs and paid a fine for the property; The construction team has piled rubbish on the corridor several times and it was first fined by the TTSM. At the time of checkout, TTSM did not pay the balance of the decoration company due to poor decoration level and refusal to pay compensation. The decoration company ignored the law and locked the door of the TTSM twice with iron locks. Many calls and threatening SMS threatened TTSM, and did not solve the problems that appeared in the decoration.

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Zhang Gong (President of SouFun Decoration University)

The decoration of the owners must look for formal decoration companies with construction qualifications. Even if the acquaintances are introduced, they must sign the latest version of the formal contract. The contract should have an enterprise contract seal. If there is a dispute in the future, there is a law to follow. Since the owner did not sign a contract with the decoration company, the relevant person in charge would not be able to contact him after the dispute had arisen, let alone related rights protection activities.

A decoration dispute that can be avoided

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Mr. Li, a district in Fengtai District, signed a decoration contract with a decoration company under the persuasion of the designer and business staff. The contract expressly agreed to use the Jinqiu brand primary core board, which can be found at the decoration site. Mr. Li found that the construction staff used the Daxin board is not a large-scale board of Jinqiu brand, but is a miscellaneous brand of Daxin board. Mr. Li immediately asked for replacement. However, the construction staff thinks that the function of the board is the same, there is no quality problem, and he refuses to replace it. .

After the renovation, Mr. Li requested the CMA qualified testing department to carry out air quality testing and found that the free formaldehyde in the house exceeded the standard. Mr. Li believed that the quality of the Daxin board was unqualified and required compensation from the decoration company and went to court. Fengtai District People’s Court investigated and collected evidence, and finally determined that the decoration company had certain problems and compensated Mr. Li for RMB 3,000.

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Xie Hengzeng (One Million Homeland Supervision Company)

If the construction team is found to have violated the decoration contract, the owner shall stop immediately and contact the decoration company as soon as possible, or replace the construction team, or directly submit compensation or terminate the cooperation agreement with the decoration company.

Owners should arrange for quality inspection personnel to regularly, irregularly check, spot check, check and accept and guide construction quality. They cannot wait for quality problems and then solve them passively, causing waste.

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Mr. Zhu purchased building materials in a certain market. After bargaining with stall owners, he eventually purchased materials such as red pecker plywood, blockboard, and gypsum board, and spent a total of 2,807 yuan. After returning home, Mr. Zhu discovered that the unit price of building materials on the “sales list” and “shipping list” was inconsistent with the prices negotiated between him and the owner, and after careful settlement, Mr. Zhu discovered that the stall owners had obviously overcharged several hundred dollars. He asked the market to ask the stall owners to refund the overpayments, but the stall owners did not declare.

After receiving the complaint, the Consumers Association invited the person in charge of the market and the booth owner. The stall owner said for a moment that the list provided by the consumer was invalid, and he later admitted that it was a mistake. In the end, the Consumers' Association considered that the prices indicated on the “sales list” and “shipping list” issued by the stall owner were not signed by the consumer and the owner, and could not be considered as the price negotiated between the parties. However, it was also agreed that the owner of the stalls wrote the 46 yuan for the red peony splint with a clear price of 26 yuan, and 81.6 yuan for the 68 yuan blockwood panel, which was an unfair business operation in which the price was premeditated.

After consultation, the money returned by the stall owners to Mr. Zhu was over $866.

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China Consumer Association

The "Price Law" stipulates that operators must not use false or misleading price means to induce consumers or other business operators to conduct transactions with them; business operators who, due to price violations, cause consumers or other business operators to pay more, should Return the excess.

As the building materials market is inevitably mixed, consumers should pay more attention when they consume. Be sure to confirm the price is correct before payment, and take the initiative in their own hands.

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