Seven problems in winter home improvement

At the end of the year, it was at the peak of the handover period. Winter home improvement has become a difficult problem for many owners. In this issue, we propose solutions to common problems in winter home improvement and help you easily solve winter decoration problems.
1 Wood deformation can not be combined Solution: Wood is best placed in a room with heating equipment for 3 to 5 days, so that the moisture content of wood close to the level of the house, so as to avoid deformation after decoration. In the winter decoration, all the woodworking work should be left seams. When laying solid wood floors, about 2mm of expansion joints should be left around to avoid drumming and dangling. When furniture is made, an interface seam of about 0.1mm must be left to avoid deformation. .
2 Cement Mortar Jellying Solution: Sand should be carefully sieved and no ice cubes are allowed. Some anti-freezing agents can be properly added according to the actual construction requirements. When mixing the mortar, the temperature of the water can't exceed 80°C. It is necessary to use the groundwork and to extend the curing time of the brickwork construction by 48 to 72 hours. Cement can't be applied in open air, and it must be protected against freezing.
3 wall hollowing, cracking solution: putty can not be too thick, if the wall has been very smooth, evenly put a layer of putty is enough, not blindly thick and seek solid, otherwise counterproductive. Because the indoor air is dry, the water loss is faster, otherwise it is easy to cause emptying, cracking, and wall inequality.
4 Tile emptying, shedding solution: due to the large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, tiles are best placed in the room for some time, until the warm reaches the indoor temperature and then paving, in order to avoid empty drums after construction, shedding phenomenon, in addition, brick shop Sticking should also be done in a timely manner.
In the laying of wall tiles, an internationally-used “eight-layer wall pavement process” can be adopted, ie leveling with plastering plaster at the base layer, two-pass anti-cracking fiber pavement and primer and top coat system brush, etc. The practice can effectively reduce the cracking and hollowing that can be caused by leveling the cement mortar used for ordinary home improvement. On the other hand, the vertical wall formation has been achieved before the wall lining is scraped, thus fully guaranteeing the construction quality of the wall.
5 uneven coating, cracking solution: oil spray in a variety of coatings, should be strictly in accordance with the temperature of the product description brushing, coating the application of the ambient temperature should not be less than 5 °C, where the commonly used color mixing paint construction The ambient temperature should be above 0°C, and the ambient temperature when varnish is applied must not be lower than 8°C.
Construction of winter decoration should pay attention to ensure that the indoor temperature is not less than 5 °C at least, especially the oil workers must pay attention to "warmth", fully dry and then open the doors and windows for ventilation.
6 Solution for indoor temperature loss: According to the current trend of new community construction, most residential communities adopt separate household heating, so how to effectively prevent the loss of indoor temperature and minimize energy consumption has become a major concern for the owners.
In the decoration process, the owner can use the partition wall insulation technology, that is, the built-in light steel keel skeleton is used for the wall treatment in the construction process, and the glass wool with excellent insulation and sound insulation properties is used as the filler. This is not only thermal insulation, but also the role of sound insulation.
7 Poor window cover thermal insulation solution: The new window cover insulation technology, the first need to be on the wall of the window cover moisture-proof treatment, choose a good sealing effect with a lot of primer to paint the wall, to prevent the moisture out of the base layer Outside the wall, and the walls fall off and crack. In addition, the key to the heat insulation of the window case seal is to use an expansion styrofoam with a coefficient of expansion up to 60 times. After expansion, any small gaps can be filled completely, and the wet and cold air can be completely isolated from the window.

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