Will you choose home improvement supervision?

In the early period of “home improvement”, “home improvement supervision” can review the design plan and decoration budget for the owner, and find that the design plan is unreasonable and the budget is overestimated; during the construction phase, according to national and provincial standards and decoration contracts, materials, Construction quality shall be supervised and accepted. If any problems are found, the construction personnel shall be rectified to ensure that the renovation is completed on schedule; a completion acceptance report, an audit final account shall be issued, and the decoration company shall be supervised to assume the obligations within the warranty period.
Regarding the complaints relating to home improvement, besides opening up the decoration company to “play tricks,” the owner’s external disputes over regulations, contracts, materials, prices, and crafts are difficult to avoid. For example, due to the busy male owner who was supervised by the hostess, she found some quality problems during the renovation process. However, for a variety of reasons, the sign on the stage quality inspection report was "satisfactory." Later, the male owner also discovered the quality problem and asked for rework, otherwise he would not pay the second decoration. The decoration company thinks that the owner is unreasonably troublesome. "You are signing 'satisfaction'. Why do you need to rework? The delay is your responsibility." As a result, the decoration has been stopped until now, and disputes have escalated to court. The decoration company is preparing to counterclaim the owners for breach of contract.
People in the industry believe that home improvement disputes are more difficult to resolve, and it is often difficult to reach consensus on whether there are quality problems or the amount of compensation. The best way is indeed to introduce "home improvement supervisors" to eliminate possible disputes in the renovation process, prevent problems, avoid and reduce rework and losses.
It is reported that the current "home improvement supervision" is mainly for returnees, bosses, white-collar workers, civil servants, teachers, etc. Generally speaking, they are more likely to accept new things and are willing to pay for new things. It is understood that the reason why some owners take a wait-and-see attitude toward "home improvement supervision" is because there are still many aspects of confusion:
Confusion 1: Can the quality assurance of the decoration company replace third-party supervision?
One of the owners said, “I paid for the decoration company and signed a contract for the Ba Jingjing. The quality of the decoration should be guaranteed. Is it necessary to pay extra for supervision?” This kind of idea is quite representative. Some decoration companies also objected to the owners asking third-party supervisors on this ground to persuade the owners that "we will check for you and don't spend that money." Some of the large-scale, more formal decoration companies have "supervising departments" inside, but strictly speaking, these "supervising departments" should be called "quality supervision department" and there will be cases where "athletes also serve as referees."
Confused two: "Home improvement supervision" and decoration company will collusion?
Some owners expressed this concern when they consulted. They said that the supervisors often stay with the decoration staff and live longer than our owners. The supervisors will not collude with the decoration company. They will not only take the owner’s money, but also take advantage of the decoration companies. How do you go about encroaching on landlords? The owners' concern is not unreasonable. This depends on the supervision company's professional ethics of good supervision personnel. There are also some decoration companies found that "home improvement supervision" is equal to the owner to spend money to help the decoration company to a good quality, I hope the supervision company to become their own supervision and enhance the integrity.
There is a charge factor. "Home improvement supervision" is a highly professional job involving home improvement design, budget, water and electricity, bricklayers, carpentry, paint and other fields, requiring qualified supervision and technical personnel on-site supervision; home improvement time span is often up to two During the three months, every key link during this period requires supervisors to be on the scene, which must be about 35 times. Stage acceptance and completion acceptance are all measured with professional instruments—all of which are the basis for “home improvement supervision” fees.
One of the owners complained that the supervisor’s fees were higher than his psychological price. Then, the supervision company said to him, “If you come up with hundreds of dollars to do supervision to complete these tasks, are you willing?” The owner passed. Some thinking about emulation did not hesitate, and the next day he signed a power of attorney and paid the supervision fee.
According to relevant sources, some owners have low psychological prices for supervision services, reflecting their perception of the value of "intangible services". In their opinion, the supervision service seems to be invisible and intangible, and it is tangible to go to the store to buy the same product. Therefore, they are not willing to accept a “big price” to accept seemingly intangible services.

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