Semi-package repair is the best choice for wage earners

Decoration, if there is no time and no experience, then you may think of choosing the all-inclusive decoration method, but some people may be somewhat uncomfortable in terms of cost and product quality, fearing that the decorating company will work on some large main materials. Some products with high quality and poor quality are miserable when placed at home. In this case, half a pack of this decoration is your good choice.
Glossary: ​​What is semi-package repair? The so-called semi-package repair refers to the fitting-out company contracting the construction of the entire renovation project and the purchase of some of the decoration materials, such as some owners do not quite understand the variety of low value of the accessories, etc., and some of the value of The main material will be purchased by the owner himself.
The advantage of this kind of decoration is that the main material with higher value can be used to purchase large amounts of money that can control the cost. It can be prevented from being underwritten by some poorly decorated companies, and can be purchased according to one's own preferences. The purchase can also be more assured, and some complex and difficult to understand the auxiliary materials, etc. to the decorating company can save a lot of peace of mind. Therefore, this kind of "decorating large and small" decoration has become a more and more choice of friends, if you want to know more about this type of decoration, you can be more assured in the operation, then Let's take a look at the following half-baked twenty steps for you!
First, the preparation stage:
1. It is up to the company to select and purchase the main materials for the decorating company's semi-packaged repairs with good reputation and quality of the construction team. However, it is precisely because of this that once a problem arises, the decorating company will most likely shirk its responsibility to the owners themselves. The quality of the purchase of the main material, so choose a good reputation, quality decoration company, is the first step to ease the successful renovation is the most important step.
1) You can get advice from relatives, friends, or colleagues who have experience in decoration around you. Learn more about the decorating company's reputation.
2) When selecting a decorating company, the construction team is an important consideration. When determining the decorating company, it is necessary not only to identify the company and the construction team leader, but also to identify the person if possible.
3) It is best to choose the contractor's head to do the woodworking, because if he does not work himself, then he not only needs to take away part of your money, but he may also be responsible for several other sites, and he cannot understand the construction of your home in time. .
4) Decoration construction is skilled work. In general, there is no foundation for more than four years. It is more difficult to make a good job. It is best to do it in Shanghai for many years, because the construction requirements in different places may be different.

2, learn to determine the design plan in the design of the design plan, should communicate more with the designer communication, as far as possible to their own ideas and designers to reach a consensus.
1) The decoration design is the soul of the entire renovation project. It must be remembered that only the design that is close to the actual needs of the family is a good design. A good program can learn from it, but avoid copying, copying, and looking at other people's homes. It may not be appropriate to get your design to your house. Creating a home that fits your personality is the most important.
2) When designing a design plan, avoid features that are complicated and flashy. It is both a waste of money and difficult to clean. Everything should be based on one's actual ability to bear and the actual life of the family.
3. Measure the area of ​​the site and correctly view the plan. After the plan is finalized, the decoration company will send people to the room where you are going to decorate to do the on-the-spot measurement. After getting the relevant specific data, you will make a plan that matches the plan. Detailed construction drawings and design renderings.
1) After measuring the data in the decorating company's newspaper, it is advisable for the owner to check it again and check it again to prevent it from being misused in the use of specific materials and labor costs.
2) After determining the measured area, refer to the article “Calculator of Commonly-used Decoration Materials” of this site to basically determine the amount of required building materials.
4, do a good job of their own a suitable budget for the main material before the decoration company to make a budget, the owner is best based on their actual situation to do a good budget table, in order to avoid the time of serious overspending phenomenon.
1) In order to prevent the omission of some things during the budgeting, it is better to make a plan to list the materials, varieties, quantities, psychological prices, etc. needed for the decoration according to the established design plan. The budget goes to the market to see commodities, concentrate on viewing related products, and make records such as models and prices.
2) Because the main materials are closely related to their own real life, the use rate is very high. Therefore, it is best to select some stores and building materials markets that have good reputation and reputation.
5. Learn to correctly measure and determine the budget of the decoration company. After the owner confirms the design plan and the construction drawings, the decoration company will communicate with them to determine the materials needed for the decoration process, and then it will report an approximate budget for the entire renovation cost. The general budget consists of six major components: material costs, labor costs, design fees, garbage removal fees, management fees, and taxes.
1) In order to prevent the situation in the fourth step from appearing, in the budget quotations on the decorating company's newspaper, first look at whether the main material's quotations are different from the previous one's main material budget. If the gap is larger, Then either change the standard according to your own budget, or make appropriate adjustments according to the budget provided by the decorating company, so as to avoid the overwhelming misfortune of “finishing”.
2) The labor cost should be written clearly and meticulously. For areas that cannot be determined, some main materials can be installed at the factory or they can be settled when they are ready for use. Specific labor reference prices can be found on this site.
3) Garbage removal fee generally refers to the cost of the waste materials that the worker has helped to decorate your house, such as the removal of some waste materials, to the designated stacking point in the community. This is generally around 250-300 yuan, in addition to the 400 yuan that is required for the residential property. Garbage removal costs.
4) Management fees are generally not written too clearly in the budget. Then you should ask clearly. Some of the main materials are purchased by us and the manufacturers send them to the door to install the equipment. Does this part still require management fees? If it does not make sense, it must compete with the decorating company. There is also a situation that if the order is for promotional merchandise, it must be transported home first. However, due to the duration of the project and other reasons, it will take some days before installation. The management fees for some of the main materials are determined by the decorating company. Some of them are taken care of and some can be taken out. If it is the former, it is better to communicate with the other party before signing the contract. Can this cost be saved? Down.

6. After the manufacturer has decided on a number of basic materials needed for the pre-renovation process, after deciding on a good design plan and basic budget, he can order the main materials needed for the pre-renovation according to some of the preparations he has made in the fourth step. The main materials needed in the early stage are: water pipes, wires, paints, tiles, doors and windows.
1) Because the main materials involved in the renovation are too many types and varieties, they generally do not have the energy and the necessary one-time purchase, and can be ordered in batches.
2) After selecting the product, it is necessary to ask whether the manufacturer is free to deliver the product to the door, so as not to increase their own unnecessary costs.
3) After the main materials required for the pre-renovation are selected, it is necessary to negotiate with the person in charge of the construction for a specific date for entering the materials, and let the manufacturer deliver the materials to the door within the agreed date so as to avoid premature entry of the materials and increase unnecessary troubles. And burden.
4) Remember that the manufacturer must provide the relevant quality inspection certificate for the product and collect the trademark in order to avoid any problems with the interior design company.
7, signing the decoration contract half a package Although this decoration has many advantages, but there is also a big weakness, that is, the responsibility is not clear; some decorating companies can easily use this point to exonerate their responsibilities, therefore, must sign the contract must Be very cautious, so as not to be undercover.
1) When the contract is handed over, do not rush to sign first. Sometimes many verbal agreements before are not reflected in the contract. You should carefully check the contents of the contract from beginning to end to see if there are loopholes in the terms.
2) In the contract, it is best to sign one: All the materials provided by the decoration company are provided by the other party with a sealed sample, in order to avoid that the materials used in the future will be engraved inscriptions or problems may be justified.
3) After the contract is set up, please ask the relevant persons or friends who have had decoration experience to help confirm. An additional layer of confirmation is a guarantee.
4) After the contract is finalized, it can be verified by the market management department whether the signed contract is legal and valid.
8. The pre-material acceptance of the pre-construction process confirms that all preparatory work is ready. After the preparatory work for the preparatory work is completed, preparations for the formal entry of the materials are to be started. In this link, it is necessary not only to complete the relevant procedures with the relevant property agencies, but also to explain the decoration of the neighboring neighbors. The point is to conduct a "first trial" on the material entering the field. Including the decoration company responsible for some of the auxiliary materials and prior to contact with the manufacturers to send some of the pre-master materials.
1) If there are manufacturers who are responsible for the delivery of goods in the main materials that have come into the market in the early stages, it is best to check with the manufacturer to confirm whether the product quality is qualified or not, and then sign and pay the balance.
2) In order to prevent some decorating companies from sneaking into the material, it is necessary to take precautions in advance, such as destroying the outer packaging of the product, or confirm the original product on the product next time.
Second, the decoration construction, acceptance stage
9. The official start of construction can finally be started. There are four main things you need to do at this time.
a) Hand over the keys to the construction team
b) With the other party to determine the project completion time, and write down the responsibility for delaying the project due to the decoration company's cause.
c) To explain some basic construction details, such as not affecting the rest of neighbors.
d) Pay the initial cost of the other party’s decoration project, which is generally 20% of the entire renovation project cost
10, the completion of the main material of the late purchase of the decoration site has officially started, and now you have to use spare time to complete the order of the remaining main material before, so as to avoid when the material came into the field and delay the entire decoration schedule. At this time, the main materials that need to be ordered generally include: floors, cabinets, sanitary ware, etc.
1) In general, this kind of main material manufacturer can be responsible for on-site installation. Therefore, it is necessary to greet them beforehand to determine the specific delivery and installation date.
2) Some sanitary ware may choose this type of model when purchasing. However, when actually entering the market, it is found that the model or specification is not in conformity with actual requirements. It is better to determine with the manufacturer whether it is possible before paying the deposit. In order to avoid problems, disputes will arise.
11. The first project acceptance In fact, the first project acceptance does not only refer to the acceptance after the completion of the first project, but through some basic acceptance in the entire first project. The main objects of this acceptance are suspended ceilings and concealment. The project means that the hydropower project, if there is no problem after the acceptance, sign the confirmation on the inspection and acceptance form, and recover another 35% of the overall cost. Whether the first project acceptance is in place relates to whether the entire renovation process can be successfully completed. Carefully complete this step.
a) If there is time, it is better to track the acceptance at the beginning of the first project, so as to suppress some of the unpleasant “prediction” before shaping, so that it is better to accept some of the badly formed phenomena than to check and rework. It is much more practical and saves time.
b) Acceptance For each first-time decoration person is "seeing the flowers in the fog," and it is not clear how to proceed with the acceptance. We suggest that you have three possible methods: perform the inspection yourself; please have some The friends of the decoration experience helped with the acceptance. Of course, the premise is that the person who came here should have more experience in this area.
c) If you want to allow yourself to take care, then the best way is to ask a professional acceptance supervision to help you on-site tracking and acceptance, of course, this is the need to pay a fee, about 3,000 yuan / month or so, according to your The budget will be set.

12. Confirming the Second Engineering Acceptance When the eleventh step was successfully completed, the second project officially began. This period mainly refers to woodworking, paint, tile and so on. The difference from the first project is that the installation of many main materials in this project may be provided directly by the manufacturer. Therefore, when it comes to acceptance, it involves three parties. If the acceptance of some projects constructed by the construction team is correct, both parties shall sign and confirm the acceptance confirmation. Easy problems: Tap a wall tile with a small hammer, listen to the sound to identify whether there is empty drum under the brick, and use a pen to mark it in preparation for rework; if some of the paint is not taken into account, you can request it after discovery. Patch it with brick silicone.
1) Because many main materials such as floors, cabinets, bathroom products, etc. may be directly installed by the manufacturer in this project, some installation costs of the construction team may be saved, but these need to be confirmed when the two sides sign the fee statement to avoid final accounts. Unnecessary labor costs.
2) If the project responsible for installation by the manufacturer is found after the completion of the installation, there will be problems in the acceptance process. It is necessary to respond to the manufacturer in a timely manner and avoid delays.
3) If there are problems with some parts of the construction team construction, they should immediately submit their opinions to the other party. Do not feel bothered and neglected. The rework must be reworked, otherwise the problem will affect your daily life. Can't say it either.
13. After the acceptance check of the second-phase main material approach, after the completion of the second project acceptance, it is necessary to immediately contact with the other main material manufacturers ordered before to determine the delivery date. The main materials for this time entry are mainly the basics to be installed in the later period. Equipment such as kitchen cabinets, bathroom products and flooring. After these main materials come into the market, they must also perform on-the-spot acceptance of these products previously stored at the manufacturers, so as to avoid unnecessary conflicts arising from the discovery of defective or defective products. Need to pay attention to the problem: Floor materials should be opened after the field to see clearly the name of the material, specifications, in order to avoid mismatched materials, sometimes there will be different packaging labels and products inside the situation; after entering the market should open the packaging to see if the model is Set yourself before and see if it is cracked or broken.
1) As far as possible, the main material that was agreed with the manufacturer beforehand is delivered in separate days for different acceptance and installation.
2) After the product is delivered, it must be accepted before the delivery personnel of the company at the time. If problems are found, it must be promptly proposed and negotiated with the other party. If there is no problem on the spot, both parties need to sign on the spot and pay the balance of the materials.
3) Don't forget to confirm with the decorating company after the confirmation of the manufacturer that the quality of the main material being transported has been verified. After confirming that there is no problem, the two parties will sign it to prevent the decoration company from shirking responsibility when the product is damaged or other quality problems during the decoration process. .
14. Ordering furniture and soft-packing will be carried out after the basic completion of the second project. It is to take into account that soft-packing is to adapt to the whole family decoration style and specific pattern, and if it is placed before this, it is very You may spend money to buy something that doesn't fit under the impulse of the moment, and you may be in trouble.
1) Before you go shopping, it is best to communicate with designers who are designing their own home improvement styles to solicit suggestions so that they can truly “get the cake”.
2) When selecting furniture, it is generally best to purchase according to actual needs, adhere to the principle of suitable for small and not much, and wait until after the actual complete renovation is completed and added.
3) Generally speaking, friends in Shanghai area purchase furniture, and go to Red Star Meikailong (view map), Shengyuan Land, etc., and purchase lamps and lanterns to Liuying Road Lighting City, Shanghai Lighting City, and Oriental. Street lighting and other quality and reputation of a few good stores to compare and buy.
4) In addition to the lamps and lanterns, buy now and transport them home. All other items will be assigned to the manufacturer after the completion of the overall renovation. Otherwise, taking up space will not affect the normal progress of other renovation projects.
15. Installation and acceptance of luminaires The installation of luminaires is also an important part. Once the installation process is not in place, the problems that arise later are very trivial and annoying.
1) Remind the installer that insulation should be done well, especially in wet environments such as bathrooms and kitchens, otherwise short circuits can easily occur.
2) Occasionally, workers will be lazy and will reduce the fixation of the screws on the top of the lamp when installing the lamps. If such a phenomenon is found, the worker shall promptly request rework.
3) Prepare some No. 6 aunts ahead of time, because you may encounter a situation where the original mother's head is sealed when you install the lamp.
16. At this time, the entire renovation has been completed. At this time, your task is to make a final acceptance. ★ Suggestions:
1) Do not think that with the previous two project acceptance, the final overall acceptance can be sloppy, and this time should be more eye-opening problems, or regret it later.
2) If you do not understand or lack of experience for acceptance, you can conduct personal acceptance after self-study.
3) After discovering the problem, it should promptly report the situation to the manufacturer responsible for the project or the interior decoration company. Don't rush to pay, otherwise it is difficult to guarantee that there will be no "one beat and two scattered" situation.
17, the overall final accounts, renovation project completed the overall final account, is the most crucial step in the entire renovation process, then you must keep your head clear, otherwise, you may regret it when you turn God!
1) In the semi-package repair, because the main materials are purchased by the owners themselves, and some of the main material manufacturers can be responsible for the installation of the door, therefore, this part of the labor costs should not be repeated when making final decisions with the decorating company. Now.
2) Don't forget the key to the door of your home that you gave to the construction team during the renovation. If you did not have an AB lock, you must remember to lock the door after the final settlement.
Third, the late supplementary work stage
18, furniture, fabrics in place At this time can make a phone call for furniture manufacturers to order the good furniture delivered to the door, plus cloth, soft loaded in place, the heart of the dream of a new home formally formed.
19. Carry out the environmental protection work for repelling the odor of decoration For the sake of the health of you and your family, do not rush to move in after finishing the renovation, because there is still a job that needs to be done, that is, to eliminate the harmful environmental protection of exhaust gas and odor. Don't know how to proceed? It does not matter, take a look at our suggestions:
1) Keep the windows open and ventilated, remove some of the harmful exhaust gases in the free air, and keep the air in the house fresh.
2) Some degassing special products can be used.
20, move to new homes, happy to stay in everything has been arranged, then what are you waiting for? Send a post now to prepare for a happy stay.

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