There was "voice" in the noon decoration

Reading Tips: After a hard morning, it was hard to get a nap, but it was “shocked” by the sound of the decoration next door. Did you experience this? There was no restriction on the laws and regulations related to home improvement noise. It is different today. On June 1 of this year, the "Interim Measures for the Administration of Building Decoration in Fujian Province" (hereinafter referred to as the "Measures") was implemented. It involved the period from 12 noon to 2:30 pm, from 10 pm at night to 6 am the following morning. Affected the normal rest of the neighborhood decoration activities, but according to a recent survey by the reporter found that some home improvement construction workers still "I installed my show" ... ...
Market Status: There is "voice" in the noon decoration
At noon recently, reporters visited several popular neighborhoods and found that decoration noises appeared from time to time. "It's normal, we are all accustomed to it." Mr. Wu, who has lived in a certain neighborhood for nearly a year, reluctantly stated that since he moved in, it has become a common practice to listen to the sound of home decoration at noon. "I was noon at the decoration and could understand people. I want to finish the mood quickly."
What is different from Mr. Wu is that Miss Li, who teaches at No. 1 Middle School in the city, is very annoyed at the construction workers who have been refurbished at noon. “It’s too annoying. Noisy people are noisy. It’s really tired and it’s really necessary. collapsed". It is understood that she had reported similar incidents to the person in charge of property management, but there has been little improvement.
The parties explained the decoration of the owners: noon decoration as nothing as noon decoration noise "origin", many owners think they are right. “If no decoration at noon, when will my house be installed?” Mr. Li, who is currently inspecting the new house, said that the renovation of his home was only a week away and it felt a bit slow. If possible, he really hopes that the decorator can do it from 8 in the morning to 8 in the evening.
At the same time, some owners stated that decoration at noon is a matter for home improvement companies and it has nothing to do with them.
Property Management: We are also powerless to dissatisfaction with tenants. Residential property managers face a lot of pressure. “The decoration people do not listen to our advice, and some still scold us.” Talking about the decoration at noon, a small residential property manager Chen said that they received complaints from many households about the decoration at noon and they also had to deal with them. “You have to manage the house after you finish this house. You just told this house to say that you don’t want to renovate. After you leave, he starts again. "" Chen Chen quite helplessly said that a building more than a dozen layers, up and down will take time, so toss a few times on the half past two.
At the same time, Chen also said that "not enough manpower" is also an important elbow for the decoration at noon.
Home improvement company: It is generally not at noon. According to Xiao Chen, a property manager, most of the registered noon decorators are “guerrillas,” but none of them are short of regular home improvement companies. “We also have no way. The owners have a hurry. We naturally have to hurry up.” The person in charge of the local home improvement company in the city said that they knew that the “measures” had been implemented on June 1. However, for the customer’s request, they could not Satisfaction, "We open the company to make money. Offending the owners doesn't just offend the 'God'?"
Similarly, home improvement companies have another voice. “We don’t normally decorate in the noon, and we don’t do it early in the morning!” An exotic brand home improvement company said that some home improvement companies’ decoration at noon is purely a habit of relocating the unemployed at noon. They do not start at 8 o'clock in the morning. If the owner delays the project because the owner does not open the door, the responsibility lies with the owner.

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