Xi'an decoration classroom home decoration considerations

Xi'an decoration classroom home decoration considerations

Decoration knowledge
1. The partition of the shoe cabinet should not be a head, leaving a little space for the ash of the shoes to leak to the bottom layer, and install the lights above the sink and gas stove. When determining the location of a bathroom floor drain, you must first think about it and measure the size. The floor drain is best located on one side of the brick. If it is in the middle of the brick, the floor drain will not be the lowest point regardless of how the brick is inclined.
2. Toilets, air-conditioning outlets are designed to switch. Especially bathroom electric water heaters, with a two-stage switch with a plug is appropriate. If you want to turn off the heat, pull the plug is dangerous
3. The treatment of the positive corner of the brick is, in the final analysis, the level of the worker. If the level of the screed is good and the tools for grinding the tiles are good, you should not hesitate to grind the 45-degree angle. From the effect point of view, as long as the grinding is good, the practice of grinding the angle of 45 degrees is the most beautiful! If the worker’s level is really not good, then you still have to choose to use the sun horn, because the bad 45 degree angle is not as good as the effect of the sun horn.
4. It is also very important to test the water pressure after the water pipes are arranged. At the time of the test, everyone must be present, and the test time should be at least 30 minutes, and the conditions are permissible, preferably one hour. Ten kilograms of pressurization, and finally there is no reduction to pass the test.
5. The plastic steel door must be considered as the size of the protruding wall of the plastic steel door frame, and the installation personnel should be informed so that the final door frame and the tile-attached wall are flat, which is not only beautiful, but also good for hygiene.
6. The carpenter's bag door covers and the mason's tiling are also to be matched. When wrapping the door, consider whether the following ground (either side of the door on either side of the door) should be tiled or other cement mortar leveling. Because if the door cover is nailed before the tile, it is always wrapped to the ground. In the future when cement is used, if the cement and the door cover are stained, it will cause the door cover wood to absorb water and mold.
7.Below the mattress and the bed board must be breathable. Bed board is generally best with fir board
8. Make paint as much as possible with paper tape
9. To buy lamps and lanterns to pay attention: generally try to use glass, stainless steel, copper or wood (shelf), generally do not buy any iron plating above what other plating ah, what kind of paint ah, easy to fade.
10. Basin as far as possible with ceramic basins, glass basins are difficult to engage in health
11. The hydropower reform must be planned on its own, and they are required to go straight in line. I watched them draw lines, and pressed the line to draw Cao. Each item must be checked and accepted.
12. Waterproof must be done, be sure to test the water!
13. Many verbally-constructed agreements have become slaughtered at the time of checkout. They must be written in black and white, and the items to be added or subtracted must be clear and written.
14. If the ground is installed on the ground, the ground must be re-doped and re-leveled.
15. The kitchen door, or woodworkers who want to decorate, do wooden hanging rail doors as well.
16. Install the power plug as much as possible in the living room.
17. The rest of the bathroom still has to be showered. It is not practical to pull a shower curtain. It is practically inconvenient and the water flows across the floor.
18. Make materials for the door and door frame to choose the fine materials of wood.
19. Make sure the waterway in your home is OK before installing the cabinets.
20. Kitchen tiles must not pick white.
21. The ceiling should pay special attention to wipe the putty before wiping Dulux
22. The number of living room lighting should not be too much, simple and good, otherwise it is like a lighting shop! ! !
23. Buy those things that need to be installed as far as possible to require the installation of sales, it is not installed, it must also insist on paying the full payment after installation! !
24. During the renovation, bring the business card of the manufacturer you collected with you
25. The protective film of the aluminum buckle plate is best removed before mounting.
26. Shoe cabinets are best with blinds, deodorizing. You can leave a socket on the side of the shoe cabinet to insert and bake shoes.
27. A small lamp can be placed where the vegetables are cut.
28. If it is convenient, the restaurant can also arrange air fans so that the ceiling of the hall will not be stained when eating hot pots or making barbecues.
29. It is best to arrange a cabinet with debris on the door, which can be placed on the shoe. It is very convenient to put commonly used things such as umbrellas, bags, scissors, change, drugs, and so on.
30. There is no need to use expensive ceilings at all. If you are not too concerned about the problems of moisture and soot, it is recommended to use a damp-proof gypsum board to paint a waterproof lacquer. A friend of my family has done so beautifully. If you must use aluminum buckle ceilings, it is recommended 1, not too expensive, 2, the use of the net color, especially the kitchen ceiling, pure white is very good, and the color and white style unless matched, or it is easy to not coordinate 3, grasp their own ideas, do not believe that the eyes of selling smallpox, their vision is really soil. 4, stare at the scene, close the edge is very important, do not let them sloppy, or leave a black seam, how to see how ugly.
31. The third day is mainly to drill holes and continue to apply tiles. The exhaust holes of the range hoods and water heaters should be pre-punched. If the tiles are affixed and then the holes are punched, it is inconvenient. Therefore, be sure to choose a range hood, stoves and water heaters before the renovation to determine the size of the hole.
32. Considering that the customized cabinets are good-looking, but not durable, after integrating the opinions and experiences of some of the students on the Internet, the cabinets are made of cement, with ceramic tiles on both sides, countertops covered with marble, and cabinets and doors. Wood to do it. The cabinets thus made are durable and moisture proof. And spend not much. Many neighbors have said good things. This is not what I blow.
33. After the door covers were made, the plasterer began to install plaster lines and wall ash works. The walls of my home were relatively flat, and 2-3 lanes would be sufficient. When the batch of ash is approved, the batch is ash-polished once, and then the primer is applied. After brushing, it is polished again. Finally, the entire surface is smooth and flat with the ICI brush. After the wall ceiling project was completed, the woodworking masters began to make wardrobes. The closet is made of 18cm Weiye brand big core board, and then the outer panel is decorated, although there is no furniture store to buy so beautiful, but durable, the quality should be better than to buy. I am not afraid to stand on the cabinet's board. I am afraid I will not be able to buy it. The backboard is also relatively thick and it is very thin to buy.
34. Other students must pay attention to the following points when tiling: 1 It is best that you can use the tiles that are not perfect in the site 2 part to allow workers to stick to some invisible positions in the future, such as cabinets, washbasins, mirrors, etc. Later, we must also pay attention to tiles, waist tiles, etc. Do not be attached to the above position by workers, otherwise you will see nothing in the future and you will also spend money. 3 before the wall tiles and floor tiles are affixed, the immersion time must be sufficient. 4 Be sure to plug the ground drain and prevent it from plugging. My family's floor drain was blocked because of the loss of cement. It took 30 to find the management office to clear and get a lot of small mud blocks. 5 people at the scene, workers will not waste tiles. My family was not at the scene when I was tiling, but later I went to see it and wasted a lot of bricks. It was heartbreaking and my bloody Mi Mi.
35. The length and height of a wall. If a bathroom has four walls, each wall must measure its length and height. Then deduct one more window and door area. Finally calculate the area of ​​the ground. After you have sized it, you can also get a shop selling tiles, and they will help you meet again. Add 5% loss.
36. The bedroom's ceiling light is preferably double-controlled, with one beside the door and one beside the bed, so as to save the winter in bed and turn off the lights.
37. The location of the outlet must be considered good, height, and interval. Even when I first hit the position of the cassette, I encountered a steel bar. After I put the cassette in place, I found that it was just blocked by a TV cabinet, a microwave oven, and a desk. I had to move the position of the first two furniture up and found that it was not only highly ergonomic, but also it could not be bought. Good stainless steel cabinet feet can only be customized aluminum feet.
38. It is only necessary to put one in each corner of the aisle, that is, bright and effective.
39. The lamp was not considered when the table was placed. Now the lamp is not in the middle of the table.
40. Bathroom tiles do not use too prime, and one is easy to dirty, and second, a long time is too plain!
41. Sockets need to be installed, furniture should be bought outside, the ground must be protected against dirty and dirty, the model room must be looked at, and the principle must be adhered to.
42. There is no need to buy high-priced aluminum buckles. The aluminum buckles, which are very cheap, have far exceeded the effectiveness of PVC. There is no noticeable difference in the effect of spending more money. Buy aluminum buckle board to pay particular attention to the keel instead of the aluminum buckle board itself (the goal of the aluminum buckle board is not easy to do the hands and feet), the keel often will be finished ghost.
43. The color of the floor tiles is difficult to find satisfactory. I did not find it. However, the two unsatisfactory colors interleaved and then turned to a 45-degree angle can achieve satisfactory results. This good idea was actually suggested by the bricklayer.
44. When the cabinet is hit on the top of the balcony, a layer of foamed plastic plate is added on the back of the cabinet to insulate and waterproof. Balcony doors are best not to use the same type of fire board. The balcony environment is rather harsh.
45. If the wood lines are not properly customized, the quality of the custom may seem better than the samples. And customized more personalized.
46. ​​The stainless steel feet used in bathroom cabinets are huge profits. Look for some stores to buy cheaper prices.
47. Pay attention to the wax on the lock tongue when installing the door lock. It is too late to crash on the wax. If there is no door stopper, be careful to prevent the handle from damaging the wall. 48. Bogao floor is very good, I like it, the only thing to remind is that talking to the boss directly may be better than talking to the salesperson about the price.
49. Matt paint is more beautiful than high light
50. If the decoration will use finished putty instead of talcum powder
51. The installation of the junction box for installing the earth leakage protector and the air switch can not be saved, and it should not be placed outdoors in the room. I originally wanted to save the labor money and use the old distribution box outside the door. The new one now finds his suggestion of great value.
52. Leakage protectors and air switches must be branded. Used "Merlin Gerin". It is also simple to buy genuine goods. Call the phone number of the headquarters of Merlin Gerin directly and then call the local branch number. 53. The under counter basin is more beautiful than the above-mentioned basin. It looks good and is good for cleaning. With the basin mixer under the table should pay attention to, taking into account the thickness of the basin, the leading mouth to be longer.
54. The top corner of the wall is very beautiful without any modification, but it must be clearly put forward by the painter at the stage of looking for a painter. The top corner line helps straighten the top corner line.
55. The surface treatment of the putty on the cement surface of the inline trough is very important, and it is appropriate to use a clean ball for the unsturdy surface.
56. Gypsum is suitable for filling larger holes in the wall. Of course, if the hole is too large, cement is needed.
57. The back of the frosted glass must be protected from paint and hard to clean!
58. The basin faucet must be able to be switched on and off with the back of the hand, the kind that must use the fingers is not easy to keep clean, and it is difficult to turn it when there is oil on the hand.
59. The price of luxury automatic drying racks is too high. After comparison, some unnamed brands were found to be superior to the first-line brands in structure design, but the prices were much lower.
60. Consider using metal sockets on the ground. This socket is more than 100 expensive, but it is very convenient. It is usually flush with the ground. The foot can be used to pop the socket. Suitable for large living room. Or put it under the dining table in the dining room to insert the hot pot (to prevent the wires from moving around when moving back and forth)
61. Storage room. Already TX has said, but I did not make the door, looks not very beautiful, the cabinet that puts clothes again is easy to be dirty.
62. The starter of the bed (is that so called). I bought a fabric bed for a professional bed company, and spent 350 yuan on such a thing. There is a handle at the end of the bed and the bed board will turn up to reveal the storage space underneath.
63. Impractical double towel rack! At present, like the single pole use, basically no more towels will be put on the in-floor hanging bar.
64. The trash inside the cupboard is not practical enough. It's better to put it outside. Do not install door-type trash cans and countertop trash cans, and opening the doors in the summer can be stinky. It is better to put the trash can outside.
65. It is very convenient for the small cabinets beside the table to be able to store some stuff.
66. As far as I am concerned, mop buckets are not very demanding in terms of performance. They can build one out of their own. Tiles or mosaics that match the surrounding environment are beautiful and save money.
67. The bathroom can be nailed for hanging things.
68. The bathroom designed a small cupboard to put on clothes, no longer need to worry about taking a shower to get clean clothes.
69. The washing machine drying is seriously impractical, except for the only yellow day in the year, and it is also very large. Thick clothes and bath towels are still not dry enough for the sun to disinfect. Even if it is overdrawn, you need to save some money.
70. I even made a laundry pool in the laundry room for hand washing. Originally thought less, so I bought a very cheap Teli. Unexpectedly, this laundry pool was so convenient that it became the washing area with the highest frequency in my home. What rags, socks, and towels are all washed inside, and most of the washing hands are there.
71. The light belt is really impractical and has not been opened until now. When a guest comes in, it's just a spotlight on SHOW. I have forgotten to install this thing. Originally, it was romantic when she wanted to open PARTY. Now there are not many opportunities to open the lights.
72. The biggest experience is that in fact the decoration is as simple as possible, less pollution, less money, and peace of mind.
73. Practical Dongdong: 1 Designed storage room. 2. The sink for the washing of the north balcony. Distinguishes the washbasin from the bathroom and the kitchen's dishwashing and dishwashing bucket. 3 Toilets can be pulled out of the faucet. (The exception is TX, which is never washed in the basin). 4 Easy to clean floor and suitable cleaning tools. 5 kitchen countertop work lights.
74. Buying a toilet must measure its own hole spacing, or buy it and return it is really...
75. After the kitchen tiles are properly affixed, it is best to measure the level before they are dry. See if the lowest point is a floor drain, and wait until it finishes and then wrap it with the decoration team and die a lot of cells.
76. The windowsill uses pearls of the Great Wall, which is a 800X800 tile. Manufacturers cut edging and plastering. The pattern does not look good yet.
77. The shower room in the restrooms must be large enough in size and use transparent glass so that showers do not appear cramped inside.
78. Tiles should not be hooked with white cement. Without a month it becomes black and it is ugly. As a result, he bought his own grout and hooked himself.
79. There should be a backboard under the artificial stone of the cabinet. After the installation, it was found to be not. Now I did not dare to cut the meat on it. I promised to renovate it for almost two months. I haven't installed it yet (I only polished it once) .
80. Don't believe the designer's confusion. Of course, you can visit several decoration companies and extract the real useful things from each design. The key is how you want to dress your home.
81. If the floor drain has already been installed by the developer as a "flame bowl", don't take it out.
82. After the bathroom floor tiles are attached, test the water and rework it immediately if the water flow is slow. The family's water flow was relatively slow. At that time, my heart was a little soft. Now when I take a bath, I always have a little water, and the shower heads of our main guards are idle. Now I am wondering how to remedy them.
83. When you wash the basin, consider the relative position of the mirror, the brushing rack, and the towel rack.
84. Consider the position of the mirror headlight when buying a mirror. If you do not want to install the mirror headlight for a while, the size of the mirror should cover the line reserved for the mirror headlight.
85. Put a small cupboard on the balcony of the washing machine to make it easier to put some debris, such as debris inside the washing powder. Both beautiful and practical
86. .Be sure to stare upstairs for waterproofing... or else drop water upstairs, get a wall cabinet, and the walls are messy.........
87. Do not blindly follow online group purchases. I later discovered that some of them would bargain more cheaply than group purchases.
88. The TV background wall must have more outlets, televisions, DVDs, etc., and you will find that the outlet is not enough.
89. Before changing the waterway, consider what kind of washbasin you have in the future, such as the left or right basin, where the influent and drain water should be located. Otherwise, only after the change did you find that the washbasin in the phase was not fit!
90. With regard to curtains, it is best to leave one size for yourself and explain to the owner that the size cannot be reduced. If there is less, how is it? Or he looked at his cutting cloth.
91. Renovation process:
1, approach, demolition of walls, walls.
2, toilets, kitchen grounds to do 24-hour closed water test (requires the developer to complete this task).
3, chiseled slot, hydropower reform and acceptance.
4. Sealed trough hidden hydropower renovation project, closed water test without leakage began to do waterproofing project.
5, bathroom, kitchen wall magnetic plate.
6, woodworking approach, hanging ceilings, plaster angle line.
7, package door, window cover. Make wooden cabinet frame.
8, synchronous production of a variety of wooden doors, molded doors and flat pressure.
9, wooden panel brush dust paint (clean oil).
10, windowsill marble countertops laying leveling.
11, wood veneer paste, line production and fine installation.
12, the wall base treatment, grinding, leveling.
13, even home, the door seam joint adhesive (protection edge).
14, wall oil ICI at least three times.
15, furniture paint into the field, make nails, paint.
16, handle corners, laying floor tiles, solid wood or composite wood floors, waterproof marble strips, baseboards.
17, lamps, sanitary ware, handles, door lock installation and commissioning.
18, clean up hygiene, make up the floor tiles, remove the field.
19. The preliminary inspection and acceptance of the decoration company.
20. The three party appointments are formally accepted and delivered to the owner.
The first is to apply for admission: Generally speaking, the formalities and photocopy of the identity card of the person in charge of the decoration team, the original and copy of the owner’s identity card, the copy of the decoration company’s business license, and the copy of the decoration company’s building construction permit are required for the entry procedure. There is also a decoration deposit. Of course, you need to ask about your management office. The next step is to knock the wall: After knocking on the wall, the garbage is cleared and the plasterer should enter. The calculation of the knocking area can be based on the floor plan of the house, which has all the detailed data about your house. Remember that the area of ​​the wall that will be knocked before the wall is good, to know that knocking the wall is based on area. Puddlers are mainly responsible for masonry wall, batch ash, sporadic patching, tiling, waterproofing, ground leveling, and floor draining. Wall mortar and batch ash should be used to cement mortar, the difference is only in different proportions. Walls and batches of ash are the preparatory work of the slusher. After these two items are completed, the slushing trade unions first measure the actual area of ​​the wall and the batch of ash. Then he and the owner will replenish these dimensions. In addition, it is best to paste a tile by one person. If it is done by two people, the effect may differ depending on the style. Tile joints are best filled with joint fillers, and some of my home white cement parts are already yellow. The puddle part should pay attention to: decoration application sand.
Before the ash was added after the masonry wall was built, the plumbers entered the site for hydropower reform. The main tasks of hydropower reform are hydropower positioning, slotting, buried pipe and threading. Although the groove is not important, it can indirectly affect the quality of the buried pipe and threading. The first step of the hydropower reform is the positioning of hydropower, which is to determine the location of the switch sockets and the position of the waterway interface according to your needs. The plumber should draw the direction of the water pipes and wires on the wall according to the position of the switch socket water header. Line is the layout of the line, remember to show your decoration team to the water and electricity map, so that the plumber to follow the map to tell you clearly, do not be afraid of trouble, plumbers will meet your requirements, after the completion of hydropower reform if you do not Signed, plumbers don't want to get money from the captain.
After hydropower positioning, the next step is to slot. The slots played by a good slotter are basically a straight line, and there are basically no hairs in the slot. Before making a groove, be sure to have a plumber mark all the water and electricity on the wall. Remember to compare the hydropower diagrams and see if they are consistent. With respect to hydropower reform, there are several points that need attention: 1. It is best to specify in the contract the brand of the electric wire used in the circuit reconstruction. 2. The switch of the whole house should be basically in the same horizontal position. 3. The outlets of the whole house should be in the same horizontal position as far as possible.
Special sockets such as air conditioners, refrigerators and exceptions with special requirements. 4. The color of the phase line and neutral line in the circuit reconstruction should be the same for each house. If possible, it is better to specify the color of the fire line, neutral line, and control line in the contract. The protection line is a yellow-green color according to the national regulations. 5, outlet line (including air-conditioned refrigerator) is best to use three lines more than 4.0 shares, lighting line with two lines more than 2.5 shares on it. 6, the bottom box is buried, if you can, it is best to buy their own bottom box, please decorate the team to report the installation fee. 7, on the audio line, if you are not a professional enthusiast, it is best not to install audio cable: Shenzhen's housing area is basically about 100 square majority, the living room area is generally not great, in such an area installed audio The effect is not really necessary for the average person. Air traffic control is also silver. One thing I think about the reformation of the waterway is that it is necessary to say something about it: Regarding the issue of hot water, the weather in Shenzhen needs to use even the hot water in the wash basin and kitchen sink. If you need hot water, turn on the water heater and pick it up. Just like many mobile phones now have Internet access, but how many of us use mobile phones to access the Internet? But we really need to spend a lot of money on mobile phones that can access the Internet. When we get a statement of settlement, I only lament that making money is not easy to spend money but it is so easy! Finally, it should be noted that it is best to specify in the contract that you must wait for the completion of the hydropower reform. Woodworking approach, the benefits of doing so: You do not have to pay attention to two things at the same time, hydropower renovation is a very important expense in the decoration, but also the bulk of the decoration company's profits, and the hidden nature of hydropower reform is very large, if the woodwork into the construction site, Distract your attention instead of focusing on hydropower reform. When the waterway is reformed, be careful to keep it clean. When waterway reconstruction is contracted, it is better to indicate the materials used for waterway reconstruction. In addition, the size of the water pipe in the original room should be taken into account in the waterway reconstruction. The pipe connecting the original water pipe in the house should be matched with the original water pipe.
In the circuit reconstruction, it should be noted that in advance the lighting of the whole house should be installed in order to determine the position of the switch socket, and at the same time, the price of the new embedding line and the change line should be different. When buying a bell, it is best to buy a wireless doorbell. The main tasks of hydropower reform are slotting, burying pipes and threading. Although the groove is not important, it can indirectly affect the quality of the buried pipe and threading. After the completion of the hydropower renovation, the woodworking enters the field, and woodworkers should pay attention to: 1. When getting the designer's drawings, it is advisable to review the dimensions carefully before signing. 2. The ownership of tools such as carpentry toolboxes, workbenches, and air compressors is the decoration of the captain or decoration company. 3. Before the woodwork enters the arena, the board advanced field and carefully check whether the board entering the field matches the contract and whether it is genuine. Remember to let the termite company prevent termites.
Like plumbers, carpenters are also the source of profits for the decoration team. The source of formaldehyde in the decoration is big. To control this, in addition to the board is to comply with national environmental regulations, the use of wood varnish should also be selected. This point I will mention later. The painter shall enter the site after the plasterer finishes the drying of the gray wall. The paint shall be put in the first stage of the paint, and if there is a plaster line, it shall be loaded at this time. The line is a painter's job. Remember that putty must not be used. 107. According to my upstairs neighbours, 107 will slowly release what is harmful to the human body. So now it has been replaced by 108. If the interior decoration is painted on both sides, sandpaper must be used to polish it three times. The first time the sanding is done, it must be done with sandpaper before the batch of putty starts to brush the primer for the first time. The first time the wall surface can be sanded with a lower grade of sandpaper, such as 360#; the second time the sanding is done before brushing the primer and dry the brush the first time before the topcoat, then the sandpaper used is better than the first The sandpaper that is polished again is higher, such as sandpaper above 400#. The third time is before brushing the paint on the first pass and drying the paint on the second pass, it is necessary to polish the wall with high-grade sandpaper. It is best to use a sandpaper of 600# or more to sand the wall. Only in this way can the effect of wall painting be guaranteed. Otherwise, after your wall is painted, there will be ninety-nine strokes that feel like flour. Another problem to be mentioned is the problem of paint and water. Each type of paint has a certain limit on the proportion of water added. Care should be taken to strictly follow the construction instructions.
92. Before the flue valve is installed, it must be wiped clean to ensure that the valve can be switched freely and can be opened to the maximum, otherwise it will affect the smoke exhaust effect. Can be installed in the ceiling when the two do not install, such as the hood installed and tested correctly after the ceiling installed.
93. In such a large space as the living room and dining room, ceilings can't be done without doing.
94. When you want to have a good air-conditioning position when you are on the line, move the power supply as close to the air-conditioning as possible, so as not to see a power line when installing the air-conditioner, leaving a pity.
95. Measure and record the various dimensions available in the house in person. You can cover the dimensions of the floor plan and re-lead them. The final size will directly affect the decoration design and furniture purchase.
96. It is always not enough atmosphere to choose black walnuts if the line is not good. If you choose black walnuts, then you need to choose between them, or move on to the actual situation or persist in your own ideas.
97. Start looking for fitters. As far as personal experience is concerned, if it is not particularly large and it is intended to be simply renovated, it seems that it is more cost-effective to find guerrillas. It is best to introduce after someone else has installed it. You yourself have also seen it and recognized it. It is particularly important for the person in charge of the decoration. The sense of responsibility and appreciation is more important. The former is more crucial because if it is only a paperback, it is actually alive. Almost all the outside will be mixed, but the quality is good or bad depending on the sense of responsibility.
98. The main furniture such as sofas, wardrobes, dinettes, cupboards, etc. is best to see more in advance. If you run around and you are too tired, you can find several large shopping malls with good shopping environment. The basic trend is to see It's coming out, so the next thing you have to do is to slowly filter out the right things based on your desired style. Some people have a better grasp of styles, and some people have a good grasp of color. It does not matter. There are still time to consider. If you wait until the decoration clearance site, the virtual steps to see the furniture will inevitably be reluctant to accept the final will not be very like.
99. It is best to write down the size of the furniture that has been watched, and then go to the virtual future of the room.
100. The necessary documents for the purchase of things must be kept well. This is absolutely beneficial to the situation of refunds and exchanges that may exist in the later period. In particular, some important items such as shopping tickets and manuals, etc., because many things have a warranty period, the loss of certificates would be more troublesome.
101. The increase or decrease in the construction process must always ask the price and write it in black and white.
102. Check whether there are necessary construction protection measures. For example, the entrance door should be wrapped in Zhenzhumian, and the paved windowsill and the ground should be appropriately protected.
103. Communicate with the construction staff as much as possible to determine if he understands your intentions. Respect and respect each and every master's work, respect him, and make people feel their own importance. Is it more responsible for doing something? Is there an old saying that is not called "undoubtedly?" (But if you are dealing with treacherous, bullying, hard-nosed people, then you have to fight for one's teeth and argue with reason.) Especially in the case of marginal projects, which require several types of jobs, the responsible workers will coordinate with each other to perform their duties. Otherwise, everyone kicks the ball back and forth and shirks responsibility. Like my Mason, I helped solve some of the carpentry things, and the electrician solved some of the problems of the mason. Because each master's experience is different, as long as he is willing to help you find a solution.
104. It is best not to do fixed furniture, because there may be some changes in the layout. If you must do it, you must grasp the quality, or you will have endless trouble.
105. Change the water pipe to be careful, one is costly; secondly, if you do not ceiling, you have to walk down the floor from the water pipe. In case of problems with the water pipe, you will be in big trouble.
106. Reasonably arrange the wiring according to their actual needs, so as not to waste (especially if there are a lot of light strips and spotlights, it seems to be not very practical, and we must also try to avoid series connection and waste electricity), but some places cannot be saved. Next to the bathroom mirror, always use a hairdryer and a razor. If there is a socket inside or under the shoe, it's not bad. You can use a tumbler. I don't regret it now.
107. The bathroom should be as wet and dry as possible. If the area is small, use a pedestal (glass basin is particularly dirty, lazy people use it with caution); conditionally set up a waterproof cabinet to store debris, what is best placed outside It does not look good.
108. The wood is brighter than the nitro when brushing glossy white paint (this is what experienced painters say).
109. Cabinets must be carefully selected. We must compare the quality of several companies. We must do solid and strong food. This is because we have thousands of oceans now and we have kitchen sinks and so on. . However, it is best not to make garbage cans on the countertops or in the inside. There is also the question of whether baskets, seasoning baskets, or rice barrels can be used if funds are limited. These accessories are generally sold at cabinet companies.
110. The wardrobe is rather small, rather big, not small, women remember! Hanging space should be able to put down the longest dress.
111. It is best to buy things that are not easy to transport, such as glass or mirrors, or to think about transportation methods.
112. It is best to order the curtains after the furniture home appliances are all in order to match the overall style tone. But before the cleaning, you can install the rails.
113. Gas reforms are best done before tiling, otherwise they may damage the walls. It is best to let the gas company draw a picture or mark it on the wall because the cabinet company needs to open the hole in the cabinet according to the requirements.
114. Cabinet installation time is longer, ranging from 4 to 5 hours, and as many as 2 days. Be mentally prepared. It can be checked at the time of installation whether the material used is the one you ordered (the cabinet material can be seen through the hinge hole). Clean the kitchen first before installing the cabinets. Once the cabinets are installed, those dead corners can't be cleaned.
115. It is best to look around during the furniture installation, especially if there are several hole positions for the laminates of the closet. I did not look at it at that time. As a result, the distance between the plates was too small and the clothes were stretched. Not open, but also adjust later.
116. Taking into account the environmental pollution of formaldehyde, green plants such as spider plants can be placed in the room. The furniture doors open to emit odors, and special odor-eliminating items can also be sprayed.
117. Install a gas alarm and reserve a gas ignition.
118. Brush wood paint time: It is best to wait for the room to finish brushing the floor tile or wood floor. If you must brush, it is best to clean the room. In a room with no paving slabs or wooden floors, the dust in the room is very large. At this time, when the wood lacquer is applied, the dust easily adheres to the surface of the wooden products that have been brushed through the wood lacquer. The graded sandpaper is polished and then brushed again to solve the problem, but the brush's feel and the overall effect of brushing it out will be used to make a deduction. After the floor tiles are finished, the dust content in the air is much less than before the shop. Basically, the dust will not adhere to the surface of the wooden products after the wood paint is applied again. The reason why this is said is because Xiao Wu’s home improvement was met with such a situation. Originally, I saw the effect of brushing it before deciding to buy the Xijia Wood Coating. The feel is very smooth and it feels like my home improvement. Like a wooden door. Just because of the above situation, the result has been discounted a lot. This has always been a matter of regret for Xiao Wu. Moreover, in the process of organizing hi-lacquer group purchases, some of the same scholars appeared in this situation. So here to remind the students to pay attention. I do not know if other wood lacquer has such a situation, but according to the same principle that can be proved, so remind the students to pay attention here.
119. About replenishing paint: The painter pays to wait for the wall dry and approves the putty afterwards, the putty layer dries and then paints. If there is no reason after brushing the paint, install the lamps and various electrical switches. Ask the students to remind the teacher who installed the lamps and electrical switches to take care to clean them up before loading. It also saved a touch up process. Of course, to defile the wall, the decoration team must have asked the painter to make up for the paint again, that is, to clean the dirty wall (if it was a paint company, they would also let the teacher pay for the paint, If you pay attention to how many painters pay for a part of paint after brushing the wall, the remaining part of the paint is used to make up the paint.) Just pay attention. Don't let the teacher who has installed the lamp fix the wall, you can let the painter pay less for a ride (at least half a day). We have a lot of convenience, and why not? Sometimes it is convenient and convenient for people. Generally speaking, the wood paint is brushed before the wall paint is applied. This is to prevent the wood paint from affecting the wall surface of the wall paint during the dry process. Of course, in the actual operation process, you can also paint the wood lacquer after laying the floor tiles (the floor trowel has been approved before paving the floor tiles), and then paint the wood lacquer after the wood lacquer dries out. Just do so, of course. Will affect the schedule. If you are afraid of affecting the duration of the project, you must minimize the impact of dust in the air, and you should diligently clean up the sanitation of the room.
120. Selection of decoration team:
As for whether to select a guerrilla or a regular company, I don't think it is important. The key is to give your construction team a serious and responsible head, the technology of the renovated workers, and of course the quality and price of the decoration. First of all, do not look for more than four decoration companies. This is true for most of them. If your time is very rich, it will be something else.
Before speaking with the decoration company, it must be clear that you have to do those renovation projects, you can first ask the decoration company to report all the items, compare the price and comprehensive consideration of various factors and then you decide which items to outsource Which items to decorate the company to do.
For those who decorate, the lower the better the decoration offer, of course, the decoration company's opinion is the opposite. Sometimes, in order to pull a business, a decoration company will press some of its offers at a lower price. This will make it harder to guarantee the quality of the project and the quality of the materials used. There are a lot of renovations. You want items to be the lowest prices. That's unrealistic. In addition, the quotation in the decoration can not only look at the figures, but also the contents inside, the materials used in this project, specifications, and brands. You know, every offer in the decoration is actually very elegant.
121. Construction? Since I am not in a hurry to check in, I plan to look for casual workers: The good craftsmen invited from my neighbors' homes may be the object of my selection: a mason, a carpenter, a plumber, and a painter. Step by step design step by step, I believe that slow work out fine.
122. Every penny is spent on the edge: When looking at the decoration materials, it will certainly take a good look. There are too many good things, and it seems that every single one looks economically acceptable. In the short term, these things can be purchased in one place and the economic pressure is great. Often, most people become disarrayed at this time. One result is that the last budget is overspending too much, and the second is that the first thing to buy is high quality and the latter is mixed.
My opinion is:
First, determine the price, after the election materials.
Do not waste time on material items that exceed 10% of the predetermined price. Businesses are always fine buyers. I am making a detailed schedule of required materials and will post it for future reference.
Second, can save the province, the flower to spend.
The most expensive place is carpentry, kitchen cabinets.
The places where quality issues are most likely to occur are hydropower and kitchen and toilet water.
123. The cost of furniture must be higher than buying furniture. General furniture 500-700 yuan per square meter.
124. The concealment project is the most important place where you cannot save money: if the water circuit is reformed or waterproofed.
The method is to ask B&Q to do it. B&Q now has a single decoration service: such as hydropower reform, material purchase, waterway 40 yuan per meter, circuit 20 yuan per meter, there are six months warranty. There are detailed individual service items and quotation announcements on the east side of B&Q's first floor. Everyone can refer to them.
125. The most worry-free way is to use online resources to collect, store, organize, and integrate. In the future, it will surely send you a big deal.
126. In order to save time and improve efficiency, every time the decoration materials market is harvested, a detailed and practical procurement and budget plan is very important.
The plan list is easier to implement when sorted by room type: Each time you go to the street to see things in the same room, it is easy to compare and integrate, and it is easy to be effective.
First, the hall project

I will now post my own sample plan for your reference. The data in the table is an example.
This list is more convenient for use as a procurement plan. Before the construction, the corresponding items can be reclassified and consolidated according to type of work, and divided into mason, woodworking, hydropower, and paint, etc., to be re-tabulated. You can also add the "Construction Requirements" column to the right of the table. Such as (wall latex paint three batches of three brushes; shoe cabinet Waiye board, brush polyurethane varnish) and so on.
127. The rear speakers of the home theater, sound wires should be buried under the living room, this is very important!
128. Add a washbasin to the balcony. Balcony sink is very important, watering, washing hands and so on.
129. For toilets and kitchens that require background music, pre-embedded audio and audio cables.
130. There must be sockets on both sides of the balcony. When the New Year is over, lanterns should be hung.
131. The light switch at the entrance is recommended to use induction type. Go home in dark days and save it dark.
132. Basic Construction Instructions 1. Water and Electricity Transformation

133. Waterproof a, kitchen, health "water, electricity transformation" after the completion of the sealing slot, you can proceed to the next step "waterproof." b. “Waterproof” has different construction methods according to different materials. Now “Shanghai Huili 911” is taken as an example: Bathroom waterproof is the best, kitchen waterproof is generally 1 meter high, and the floor is waterproof and away from the wall. Do it twice in centimeters, and do it over 30 centimeters. Waterproofing the door covers is required to cover the door. c. After waterproofing is done, perform a “water test” test for 48 hours. After 48 hours, go to the next floor to see. If there is no wet mark on the ceiling, you can pass it. Otherwise, you need to redo the waterproof layer. . The most likely leak is the “floor drain”.
134. Tiles b, after the plaster tiles do not have a full empty brick (local hollowing can not exceed 20% of the entire tile), if there is a whole empty tile to be rework, under normal circumstances, each paste 100 Tiles and wall tiles allow 1 tile to be empty. Floor tiles allow 2 tiles to be hollowed but must be reworked. Rework of the main material (which is already included in the loss) is the responsibility of the owner, if it exceeds this range. , the main material is responsible for the construction party. c. Normally, the levelness of the floor tiles is allowed to have an error of 2mm, the gaps of the floor tiles must be the same, the corners of the bricks and bricks should be flat (0.5mm error is allowed), and the bricks and bricks of the kitchen and bathroom wall tiles are The corners should be flat, but also need to be level (allowing 1mm error) and verticality (allowing 2mm error) to be achieved. For toilets and balconies, the floor tiles need to consider the floor drain, then the slope should be put first. If there is no special reason, there must be no Water. d. After the wall tiles and floor tiles are finished, the “seam sealant” or “white cement” shall be used to perform the wet pulp caulking.

136. The calculator is also researchable. Now that the calculator has the function of setting a multiple of decimal point, there will be different standards in the calculation, so we need to bring a calculator, and now there are calculations on the phone. Function, but the function is not necessarily good.
137. Prepare two good neutral glass adhesives (1 transparent, 1 white), recommended by GM, B&Q, 49. It is used when installing bath rooms, washbasins, cabinets, and security doors. Although the general manufacturers package will come with glass glue, but most of the glass glue they provide is of poor quality and will be susceptible to discoloration or mildew in the future.
138. If it is not a last resort, do not use a shifter. This stuff is very likely to cause plugging of toilet seats.
139. The aluminum gusset plate of the kitchen, two pieces above the hood, must be installed after the hood has been fully installed. My family settled in early, and later when the hood was removed and dismantled, the workers were transformed and the seamless ceiling became a seamed ceiling.
140. If the kitchen and bathroom are also equipped with wooden doors for the sake of uniform appearance, immediately after the installation, the glass door should be marked with glass glue on the joints between the door frame and the ground. My family did not handle it in a timely manner. Workers were careful not to use water. A lot of water splashed on the floor and leaked into the door frame. The following section was a bit dark (mildew).
141. The balcony must be tiled! The corner of the balcony will be paved in a circle, and the living balcony will be paved to the same height as the railing. There is no paving in the balcony corner and living balcony wall of my family view, so I had to prepare a bucket of exterior paint to refresh myself periodically...
142. It is imperative that the master of renovations provide a detailed hydropower diagram before the hydropower reconstruction of the wall.
143. If you are ready to paint the walls in color, you must consider the problem of changing lines when remodeling electricity. My home has changed a lot of lines and the air-conditioning socket has been completely changed. However, in order to save money, there is no change in the entire line but wiring. Wherever wiring is required, the white board must be installed for future inspection. So after the color wall paint was finished, I discovered how dazzling these whiteboards were, and regretted that ~~~~~
144. This is the lowest mistake I made. I take it for granted that the bed width of 1.5 meters is 1.5 meters. I forgot the thickness of the bed. The lamp socket was also accurately placed on the wall behind the nightstand. As a result, the socket is blocked and there is no way to use it.
145. Before the start of construction, let the decoration captain analyze how the wall surface is treated and whether it is necessary to scrape the original powder. In particular, students who are outsourcing wall projects to paint companies are prepared. My home is for the paint company. After the carpenters finish the paintwork, they only know that the original wall is really poor. It is best to remove the ash. However, because the carpenters have already done it, it is not easy to get rid of the original ash. Finally, I had to brush a layer of 108 glue on the surface for batch ash.
146. Adding lines must be rewired. However, you can wire from the nearest terminal branch. It is not allowed to add connector wire to the original wire.
147. The air-conditioning control switch can only be on the power supply side. It is not allowed on the line.
148. When changing the location of the telephone and network cable, you can use the original cloth line and continue to use it. However, there are many hidden dangers if construction is improper. So it is best to change the line from the weak box in the room.
149. The amount of work required to measure circuit modifications is generally measured separately according to three different wiring methods.

150. How to fix the toilet on the ground, use screws? There is also a connection between the base and the pipe. It is better to use a seal between the inside and the outside. The toilet is fixed with expansion screws. The joint between the base and the pipe is filled with a toilet sealant. Outside with white cement + white glue deployment of cement paste. When buying a toilet, it is generally equipped with a special sealant.
151. To buy materials, you must first calculate the approximate amount. When thinking about buying waterway materials, I thought that after finishing the painting process, the materials used in the latter painting would come out. Then I trusted the foreman for a moment. As a result, I discovered that the pipes were bought for 5 meters, and the copper head actually used 27 pieces. , actually bought 40, there should be 13 remaining, the actual remaining 7 shorts 6. After repeated enquiries, the foreman has recovered six copper heads from other construction sites that he had accidentally mixed. The circuit itself calculated the material in advance, and the calculated results were compared with those of the foreman: the wire was changed from 30 meters to 12 meters, the cable was changed from 20 meters to 13 meters, and others such as insulating tapes and plugs were greatly affected. Be corrected...
152. If there are old sewage pipes on the ground, they will often be damaged when the ground is removed. Do not hesitate to lay new ones. Do not save them for safety reasons.
153. The invagination space on the bathroom wall should not be discarded. It is very nice to use ceramic tiles. Of course, the watts union felt that it was time to say "ugly" and "not popular now". Oh, don't be fooled. He wants to be lazy.
154. Do not use the edge of the tile to get the edge line. It will be nice to tile it with a 45-degree angle. You do not mention that the tiler will choose to be lazy.
155. During the installation of aluminum-plastic tubes for cement sealing, they must be supervised by workers to reserve expansion space for the hot water pipes in accordance with the construction standards. In short, the aluminum-plastic pipes should not be firmly sealed, but some loose.
156. If the floor of the bathroom is higher than the hall, it can be solved by the transition of the door stone.
157. If pipes are used to move the sewers, check whether the old sewers are open before docking with the new pipelines and the old sewers. At this time, it is time to spend money to avoid a lot of trouble in the future.
158. The aluminum buckle plate does not have to buy high prices at all, and the very cheap aluminum buckle plate has far outperformed the effect of PVC. There is no noticeable difference in the effect of spending more money.
159. Buying aluminum buckle plate should pay particular attention to the keel instead of the aluminum buckle plate itself (the target of the aluminum buckle plate is not easy to make hands and feet).
160. The color of the floor tiles is difficult to find satisfactory. I did not find it. However, the two unsatisfactory colors interleaved and then turned to a 45-degree angle can achieve satisfactory results. This good idea was actually suggested by the bricklayer.
161. If the floor waterproofing agent is to be used under supervision, my bricklayers are not splashed directly on the ground as required, but can they be uniform! It is not the best way to do it yourself.
162. The slope of the bathroom floor should be considered well before paving, and the slope according to the national standard cannot achieve the effect of rapid drainage, and if you use a deodorant drain or an ultra-thin floor drain will greatly exacerbate drainage difficulties. Some people say that the slope is not beautiful, I think it is nonsense. On the contrary, the fact that large slope water can be quickly cleaned is a very pleasant thing.
163. The LG Platinum Fireproof Panel used in the cabinet door works well, but if it is re-decorated, it may consider customizing the finished panel. The door made by hand is not exquisite and is for reference only.
164. The brand price of the big sink market is not cheap, and the quality of the no-name brand is mad.
165. The balcony doors are best made of fireproof panels. The balcony environment is rather harsh.
166. When making a bathroom basin cabinet, first consider the size of the basin so that it cannot be installed in the future.
167. Glass is a very important thing. It's best to buy it nearby, or think about transportation methods first.
168. When installing the lock, pay attention to the wax on the lock tongue, crash it and put it on the wax later. If there is no door stopper, be careful to prevent the handle from damaging the wall.
169. The matt paint is more beautiful than the high light, so don't listen to the painter. If the painter says that Matt is not good at brushing it, it must be technically bad. Also if the painter says that polyester is not good for urethane it is also fooling you
170. Insulation tapes and raw tapes are not bought in small shops. The quality of large supermarkets is obviously much better, and they are more weighty than they are.
171. If the refurnishing will use finished putty instead of talcum powder, there is no big reason to think that the finished putty is easy to use. Especially after digging the painter to diy himself, he realized that he was tired of talcum powder.
172. The installation of the junction box for installing the earth leakage protector and the air switch can not be saved, and it should not be placed outside in the room. I originally wanted to save money and use the old distribution box outside the door. The new one now finds his suggestion of great value. It's not hard to see behind the interior door, it's really easy to use!
173. It may be more appropriate to directly find the workers on the site of the large decorating company to clean up and clean the workers. The technology is better and the tools are more advanced.

174. Even the diary has already talked about the renovations to do those things. If you can do it yourself, you can't do it, and you have to use an idea. The decoration company will communicate with the designer. The construction team will communicate more with the workers because It depends on them to realize your ideas.
175. The biggest problem with renovations is the five places where communication and decoration can never save money. <963> Byte decoration is a huge project, and the quality of home improvement is “the most important thing”. To ensure the quality of decoration, we must pay attention to a few places in the decoration that must not be saved.

Switch socket to buy good

Most of the fakes on the market are sockets. Most people can't tell whether they are genuine or not. Therefore, it is recommended that socket switches should be purchased in well-known brand outlet stores as far as quality is guaranteed.

Such as: TCL Simon Xiongxiong Aurora Meilan Rilan Panasonic and other famous brands

The switch socket is the cause of fire! So it is not cheap!

The switch socket is all electric, and often touched by hand is even more dangerous.

Cement also has shelf life

As long as tiling, cement will be used, and the quality of cement is directly related to the tile's adhesive strength. If you don't want tiles to come off and fall off, we suggest buying high-quality brand-name cement.

Such as Huaxin Cement Qinling Cement Jidong Cement Conch Cement Fujian Cement

Daixin board is expensive

When each decoration, Daxin board will be used more or less, its quality is directly related to the indoor formaldehyde content, so you can not save money on the big core board.

Brand-name sanitary ware more water

Cheaper products differ greatly from branded products in terms of water consumption, noise, and water-sealing features.

Fire, anti-rust paint can not be less

Did your home's woodworker brush fireproof paint on all of them? Are all nails painted with anti-rust paint on their eyes? If not, then it must have been a worker cutting corners.

How to divide the qualifications of the decoration company?s professional construction and decoration engineering professional contracting companies into one, two, three.
Level 1 qualification standards:

1 设计师都有一定打折权,作为最后签订合同的砝码,一定要把侃价进行到底2 设计师在装饰公司久了,自然对各个施工队伍的水平都有一定的了解。 After you have used all the methods of threatening, you must let him say the name of the best quality foreman and then write the contract and let the team work.
3 不要听设计云山雾罩的给你讲他的设计理念,一定要让他把所有的细节落实到图纸,算入装修合同的附件。
4 不去工地的设计,绝对不是一个好的设计师。一

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