Renovation techniques to deal with damp start from the ground

Recently, the capital has always been a sunny day when it rains, and it is faced with the dampness of the home. In this regard, there are industry insiders believe that to deal with household dampness, we must start from the choice of decoration materials, from the source for the household moisture gate, after entering the house should also be careful of wet.
Humid environment prone to bacteria The owners all know that homes that are too wet may cause the towels to dry up and the clothes become damp. However, the owners may not know that the home is too moist and will also cause harm to human health and even affect home security. .
It is understood that due to the summer humid environment is easy to breed bacteria, so mosquito breeding. In addition to this, many people may find that woody furniture has a musty smell, iron furniture may rust, and wood-paneled furniture even has bloated problems. Some aging walls may also have molting in rainy weather.
In addition, due to the wet weather, power outlets may have potential safety hazards, and owners must pay attention to electricity safety.
How to reduce moisture in the home? People in the industry believe that in order to prevent moisture at home, it is necessary to conduct checks from the source, and from the choice of materials for home decoration to decoration, we must make more efforts.
Mr. Zhang, a designer of a home improvement company, told reporters that in order to reduce the hidden dangers of dampness in home decoration, strict requirements must be placed on material selection. Mr. Zhang said that in the purchase of keel materials, it is best to choose products that have been processed for a period of time without open storage, such that the keels have a low moisture content; when purchasing solid wood flooring, pay attention to its moisture content, and for composite flooring , we must pay attention to choose a product with better waterproof performance; In addition, in the purchase of wood-based panels, it is best to choose the newly manufactured products, because such a wood-based panel has just been dried.
Mr. Zhang also said that after choosing a good decoration materials, we must also pay attention to the moisture-proof during the renovation process. Mr. Zhang said that during the wet season, the installation of wooden floors and the installation of wooden keels should be avoided. Coupled with the slow evaporation of water under the floor, the floor is easily deformed and sometimes even bulges. In addition, due to the slow drying of paint on wet days, painting should not be carried out, otherwise the problem of uneven color tends to occur.
In addition, Mr. Zhang revealed that in order to eliminate moisture as much as possible, the owner should maintain indoor ventilation during the renovation process. In particular, during wet weather renovation, doors and windows should be opened to allow the interior to dry as soon as possible; When putty, try to extend the drying time.
Maintenance can prevent dampness of furniture Although owners are “10,000 times careful” during the renovation process, it is still difficult for home improvement to “get a boat for years”. In this case, how to prevent the damage caused by the air humidity has become the most concern of the owners. In this regard, there are industry insiders believe that all kinds of furniture, wet weather maintenance should be treated differently.
Taking solid wood furniture as an example, in order to maintain the gloss of the furniture, special cleaning agents or protective wax should be applied during the cleaning process. Do not wipe directly with a brush or a damp cloth. For wood-based panel furniture, due to the hidden dangers of wood-based panels mainly due to edge-sealing treatment, it is necessary to choose waterproofing, such as on the underside of the table legs, in addition to the good edge-mounted panel furniture. Waterproof pad and so on.
In addition, for iron furniture, in addition to daily use should be rubbed with tarpaulin, if there is a "scar", it should pay attention to paint it in time to prevent rust; In addition, for the sofa, it should be Cover a sofa towel with good water absorption to prevent the interior of the sofa from getting damp.
In addition, consumers can also use some moisture absorption materials, such as activated carbon, absorbent boxes and so on. In order to remove the moisture in the home, the owners should often open the ventilation fan and pay attention to the indoor ventilation.
[Key protection]
The summer floor is experiencing a wet and dry test. Today, wood flooring has become the first choice for many consumer home floor finishes. However, some consumers’ homes with wood floors are facing newer problems in less than two or three years, and some consumers’ floors are still fresh after 78 years. Why is this so? Experts in the industry pointed out that the maintenance of the three-point pavement is seven points. On the basis of scientific paving, correct and adequate maintenance of the floor is a key factor in determining the length of life of the wooden floor. In this sunny mid-summer season, how do you perform scientific and comprehensive maintenance on wood floors in your home?
On the one hand, we must "save the heat"
In the midsummer, the most common problem with wood flooring is shrinkage. At high temperatures, the moisture inside the wood is very easy to evaporate, resulting in the shrinkage of the floor volume, so that the crevices in the floor splicing are widened, and even worse, the ostium breaks up and cracks.
Another summer floor "killer" that can not be ignored is the sun exposure. When the floor near the balcony or the window is exposed to the sun, it often appears from the seam, and the paint film will blistering, discolor and even detach. Beijing Baosheng, a senior engineer at the service center of Shengxiang Wood Industry Co., Ltd., told reporters that the summer vacation of wooden floors in summer should pay attention to three things: First, if wooden floors are installed in the home, someone must be accommodated. If it cannot be admitted immediately, it must be Always keep indoor ventilation, ventilation, and heat dissipation. Second, air-conditioning in your home should not be blown against the floor as much as possible. If you feel that the interior is dry, you can properly humidify it; finally, the owner should pull the curtains when going out. Do not let the sun directly Sun to the floor.
One side should be "moistureproof"
In wet weather, wooden floors can easily swell, deform, and arch.
To avoid the expansion, deformation, and arching of wooden floors in the humid air during the rainy season, consumers must first make the first purchase when they purchase wooden floors. Yu Baoguo said that composite floors and solid wood floors are suitable for waxing care. Users can wax for the first time after using the new wooden floor for half a month or one month, and then wax once every two weeks or one month. After 3 to 4 times in this way, the residual moisture of the new wooden floor during the construction process can be basically removed, so as to achieve the purpose of extending the life span.
Moisture-proof films dedicated to wood flooring can be applied to the surface of wooden floors. Some brands will be supplied with a moisture-proof film when they are laid, and do not need to be purchased.
Found that the surface of the wooden floor with mildew, should be timely with a mild bleaching powder in a 1:3 dilution mix wipe, and then wipe clean with a rag.

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