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Xi'an Decoration Classroom Chen Gong's interior decoration attention to one, the material of their own choice, with well-known brands; through environmentally certified products.
Second, the decoration company to find a large company. There is a qualification certificate issued by the construction administrative department.
Third, once in place, do not pay, and a price of a quality and health assurance.
Fourth, look at the model room, and then determine the construction unit.
V. Sign the detailed and complete decoration contract (such as design drawings, renderings, construction period, labor costs, materials, loss, construction personnel, supervision, quality assurance, environmental testing, warranty). The most important drawings of this section can be calculated and determined The amount of wear and can effectively save material Some people engage in decoration and steal private household materials. Others do not need to explain one by one to understand.
Against over-decoration, decoration should be based on simplicity and practicality. The decoration materials should be selected from environmentally-friendly building materials. Even if it is environmental protection materials, special attention should be paid to the use of artificial boards to prevent pollution due to “additive effect”.
Judging the qualifications of a decoration company First of all, a decoration company must have qualifications for performing decoration works. In addition to checking the business license, whether the company has a formal office location, whether it can issue qualified tickets, etc., need to be carefully examined.
Second, you can examine the project that the decoration company has done to evaluate its design and construction level. The level and qualifications of the interior designer are directly related to the level of design. Therefore, the designer of this company must be asked in detail. If you are a friend, you can find out about the company through acquaintances. However, sometimes friends and relatives are not "connoisseurs" in this area. It is inevitable that they will be "misleading," so they still have to believe in their own judgment.
Initial contact with home improvement company currently offers two ways to decorate the company: First, the owners reported how much money they would like to invest. The decoration company combined with the owner's requirements to start designing and quoting; Second, the owner put forward the specific requirements for room decoration, by the decoration company. Report how much it costs to implement the owner’s request.
Many consumers are willing to use the second way of negotiation. The purpose is to prevent decoration companies from exploring the bottom. Consumers want the decoration company to offer first, and they also have room for comparison and counter-offer.
In fact, this practice is not necessary. The profit rate of all formal decoration companies is almost the same, the difference is that the design strength and after-sales service are good or bad. Owners will only delay their own time and delay construction progress.
Therefore, when it comes to contact with the decoration company, it is best to directly prepare for how much money they want to spend, and what kind of effect they want to achieve. All of them tell the decoration company to see if they accept it. If the decoration company agrees to undertake the home improvement project of the owner, it can enter the specific design, quotation and negotiation stage.
After confirming the design bargaining after the owners and decoration companies have reached preliminary intentions, the decoration company must understand the specific requirements of the owners and carry out on-site measurements. Afterwards, the company will send the design drawing and a detailed quotation to the owner, which lists very specific materials and construction quantities.
After the owners get this material, they must first see whether the design meets their requirements. The owner can of course ask the designer to explain this design proposal, such as the handling of some spaces, the application of materials, etc. After confirming the design plan, it is necessary to carefully examine whether the price and the amount of each single item in the quotation are reasonable.
After fixing loopholes in the decoration contract, the formal decoration company must sign a construction contract or agreement with the owner. In this contract, the industry pays attention to the following issues:
First of all, the contract must specify the specific requirements and completion date of the renovation. Some consumers did not pay attention to these two points when signing the contract, which laid a "foreshadowing" for some decoration companies to make and delay the construction.
Second, in the contract must specify the specific brand or model of decorative materials used to prevent decoration companies shoddy.
Third, the provisions of the contract concerning the warranty are indispensable, and it is necessary to distinguish the responsibilities: If it belongs to the quality of the construction or materials, the decoration company should take full responsibility; if it is improperly used by the user, the two parties can negotiate.
Examining the quality of construction team decoration depends largely on the quality of the construction team. Therefore, before the renovation, the owner must also look at the construction team used by the decoration company.
Judging from the current situation, most of the construction teams engaged in home decoration in major cities throughout the country are foreign personnel. Whether the construction team has strength or not can be seen from the tools they use. At present, the degree of electrification of decorative works is very high. In general, powerful construction teams have begun to use electric steam pumps, nail guns and other tools in order to improve quality and efficiency. Therefore, the owner can judge whether the construction team has the appropriate quality from the tools used by the workers.
In a word: Find a large company that has a qualification certificate, a price and a guarantee of quality and health.
The total cost of decorating should be 10% to 20% of the house price. At present, people are pursuing comfort-oriented, and the distribution ratio of material costs is reasonable: toilets and kitchens account for 45%, halls account for 35%, and bedrooms account for 20%.
The cost is 100 to 500 yuan/square meter for the low-grade decoration, 500 to 1000 yuan/square meter for the mid-range decoration, 1000 to 1,500 yuan/square meter for the middle-grade decoration, and 1500 to 2,000 yuan/square meter for the high-grade decoration , 2000 yuan / square meters for the super high-end decoration. You can click here to locate the decoration standards and estimate the required fees.
How to save money to decorate the principle of saving money: enough to use.
First, save money from the choice of materials
1. The general renovation is started from the plasterer. The only thing that can save money is the money from the tiles. The principle to save money is to buy bricks: As far as I know, the cheapest wall tile is the size 200x300mm glazed tile, of course, the density of the tile is still required, otherwise there will be the consequences of the penetration of cement from the back to the surface . Floor tiles are 300x300 non-slip tiles, which are generally less problematic. Of course, there is no reason to use non-slip bricks in these areas of the living room and bedroom. I suggest using vitrified tiles with strong anti-pollution ability. This money cannot be saved, otherwise there will be endless troubles.
2. If your carpenter uses mixed oil, you can use white wood veneer and lines, which is a very cheap material, although the surface is rough, but it can be considered a style thing. How much? Whitewood is half cheaper than Red Maple. This method of saving money is more expensive than running a broken leg everywhere you don't know.
3, buy what latex paint it five-in-one or three-in-one, regardless of the second generation or three generations. You just buy the ordinary goods of the more famous brands. Why do you say that? Because the "old fire" feels that they really do not have much difference, if you want to look at the durability of a few years later, it is better to make money in the past few years, and then pretend. Now many latex paint problems, are caused by excessive water, even the best material with more water, the nature is worse than ordinary goods.
4, buy a wooden floor, I think a lot of time is a mentality problem, if I use my own wooden floor, I prefer the color of the wood floor, cheap and natural texture. From the perspective of saving money, buying a 300x300 slatted floor would not be much worse than using a 760x95x18 floor, and the price would be several times worse.
Second, save money from the way of purchasing materials
1. Some people say that goods are better than three, yes, but it takes more time than goods, and time is money. So how to compare the law is to pay attention, otherwise you run around, sweating may not save much money. I think that you have to compare with only two companies. For example, if you choose a large-scale brand building materials supermarket and some modular building materials cities, you can just compare them. But do not buy goods in small shops. The probability of being pitted is too high. Although the same brand of goods will sell cheaper in small shops, it is very likely that the grade will be much worse. "Old Fire" once had such an experience: Once I went to a store on a building street to buy latex paint. The store's second child took out a bucket of paint from the shelves. I saw it as fake and I said: Really give it to me. The man yelled at the "old fire" (insert the word: "old fire" in the building materials city stroll, most people can not see I was doing decoration) very readily said: OK! So I took a bucket of new paint from the middle of the store to me. When I saw it, it was still fake. So very impatient to say to the owner: Take it and give it to me, don't waste my time. The owner immediately laughed and said: OK! Go to the warehouse immediately. Shop Xiao Er went out on a bicycle, and it took ten minutes before returning, and he brought a few buckets of new paint. Or is it fake?
2. Using price wars, the last player in the price war has always been consumers. Now some manufacturers often fight for price wars, which is exactly what they are doing. For example, when air conditioners are playing at a price war, this is a good time for the arrival of goods in the middle. We cannot expect them to buy the goods for nothing. Because at that time your home decoration may have been completed. The most important thing is that we can save. Province, how much can you save now?
3. Use off-season concepts for renovations. Different regions, the decoration of the off-season time is different, such as the southeast coastal areas, the off-season renovation has always been the plum rain season, this time decoration, often both materials and wages are lower, it is a good time to enter the market. As for whether or not Meiyu's impact on decoration is really great, to be honest, technically speaking, these effects have no significant impact except for the slow dry time.
4, centralized procurement, for concessions. If you buy some of the same kind of goods from an owner and buy something from the West, you may not even get the basic benefits. From a commercial point of view, whether the seller sells or sells the goods, the costs are all there, so earning less will not be much worse, the key is still more to sell, most of them are willing to give more benefits to large customers Measures.
5. When you buy materials, remember to take this manual. Maybe you don’t believe it but you can’t believe it. Now from Shenzhen to Beijing, many businesses across the country, including those who have renovated the company, bought or viewed the author’s “old fire” “The Complete Handbook of Decoration”. You hold it and many people do not. Dare to be jealous and open up in front of you. Even if the other person dares to make it, you can open the book immediately to check it out to avoid being deceived. If the other person says something outrageous, don't waste time and go straight for another business!
Third, save money from the design optimization
1. Good design allows you to spend money on ideas first. In the case of a limited budget, it is only by controlling the expenditure that the goals for making money can be achieved. On the other hand, the comparison process in the design can make some projects use some extremely cheap materials.
2. A good design can ensure that the money plan is guaranteed and avoid rework costs caused by unnecessary mistakes. For example, casual use of colors without design, and finally find it so difficult to see, had to rework corrections, which will virtually cause duplication of materials and artificial.
3. A good designer will also provide you with suggestions on the use of materials, analyze the pros and cons of different materials, and avoid the direct and indirect losses caused by errors in selection.
Fourth, save money taboo
1. Don't throw money while saving money. There are some people who tiled the provinces, provinces and provinces. On the other hand, they paid a large sum of money to buy a toilet with a few thousand dollars. To be honest, I think that there is little difference in quality between a toilet of about 1,000 or a toilet of 5,000 yuan. To save money, we must first overcome our own desires.
2, strictly control the budget. A clause should be attached to the contract: The project in the contract must not exceed x yuan in the final settlement. This clause is aimed at the bad budgets of some bad businessmen.
[How to save money by decorating]
● The rationality of the design scheme is the key to saving money.
The budget plan can reasonably control the total renovation.
● Reasonable use of materials can save money.
● Excellent construction staff can improve the use of materials
[Decoration must not save money]
●The money for electricity security cannot be saved.
● Money for waterway reconstruction cannot be saved.
● Money for door and window furniture hardware accessories cannot be saved ● Decoration and paste money cannot be saved.
1. Wall paint (Duplex Gold 5 in 1) 16/sqm
2. Plasterboard Ceiling (London) 95/sqm
3. Aluminum buckle plate (Jack light steel keel) 90/ square meter
4. Casting Yinjiaoxian (Guangzhou Jianjun) 8/m
5. TV background wall 880
6. Door (Jun-Jun Super Daxin Ban, spray-in white paint) 600/
7. Door cover (Jun-Jun Super Daxin board, spray Wei white paint) 60 / m
8. Window cover (JunJun Super Dense Board, spray white paint) 80/meter
9. Plastic steel door (Feng Ying) 400/
10. Window sill artificial stone surface (2 meters * 0.7 meters) 700/
11. Sliding door (JunJun Super Daxinban, spray Wei white paint) 600/
12. Wardrobe (1.8 m * 2.6 m imported hydrogen ammonia plate) 2000/
14. Cabinets (4.5 meters imported artificial hydrogen stone artificial stone countertops) 3000
15. Sliding Window (2m*2.2m JunJun Super Dense Board, Spray Whiteness Paint) 1000/pc
16. Mason (Floor Tiles: 800*800 48 square meters 10/sqm
600*600 15 square meters 6/ square meter cabinet wall tile: 55 square meters 9/ square meters floor tile: 20 square meters 6/ square meters ground leveling 42 square meters 4/ square meters pass the door stone 6 10/

Cement 3 tons of sand 5 total: 3300 yuan
17. Hydroelectric Reform: 800 (without material)

Guest restaurant and water and electricity renovation content should have:
1) Laying floor tiles - the main material is floor tiles, and the auxiliary materials are cement, yellow sand, water and glue. The price of the auxiliary material is 10/M2. The algorithm for each square of the main material is 1/(A*B), and then multiply by The price of bricks, (a lot of decoration companies have a phenomenon that refers to 11.3 block counts 12, which is unreasonable) loss is 5%.
2) The production of baseboards should have baseboards (9 PCT + 3 plywood) + baseboard lines + paint + labor prices.
3) The latex paint on the top of the wall should have the basic treatment + latex paint primer + artificial price.
4) gypsum board ceiling, according to the projected area billing: auxiliary material + labor price.
5) The door should be installed, including door and door attachments (such as hinges, hinges, door locks, door stoppers) + paint + labor
6) The production of various cabinets and partitions and decorative walls should be based on the framework + hardware installation + paint + labor.
7) Water and electricity installation: The cost is divided into three parts: auxiliary materials - line pipe, wires, etc.; main materials - switches, sockets, lamps, sanitary ware, etc.; labor costs are not the same in different standards. Hydropower installations also include kitchen bathroom equipment installations. Most of the decoration companies pre-collect fees according to the house construction area, and settle after the completion of the project.
The decoration of the bedroom should include:
1) laying the floor (solid wood or composite floor), should be joists (finished or finished wood) + milled wood floor + paint + artificial price, (on the ground joists on 12 PCT board plus another calculation).
2) On-site production of baseboard, baseboard (9 PCT board + 3 plywood) + baseboard line + paint + labor price.
3) The latex paint on the top of the wall should have the basic treatment + latex paint primer + artificial price.
4) The top corner line should be the price of the finished corner line + installation dressing + labor price.
5) Door and window cover production, should be the primary treatment (ribs file + blockboard) + solid wood lines shut + line posts face + paint + artificial
6) The door should be installed, including door and door attachments (such as hinges, hinges, door locks, door stoppers) + paint + labor
7) The production of fixed cabinet furniture should be a furniture base frame + hardware installation (usually fixed furniture lining materials should be selected without the need for paint, such as double-sided white, and the decoration company would like you to make the furniture paint, because The profit ratio of the paint is relatively large).
The above are the items that will appear in the master bedroom decoration and the matters that should be noted. All the sub-items include the price of the hardware and do not need to be counted separately.
The renovation of the kitchen bathroom should include:
Kitchen and bathroom decoration budget prices account for a relatively high proportion of the entire budget, mainly because kitchen cabinets and bathroom fixtures determine their own price levels. The kitchen and bathroom decoration content should have:
1) Paving tiles are the same as above, because the kitchen bathroom floor tiles are small, the cost per square meter is relatively less than that of the guest restaurant.
2) laying wall tiles ---- the same used materials, the price of materials is 10/M2, the main material prices calculated in the same way, do pay attention to the laying of floor tiles in addition to special reasons, the general should not appear floor Leveling this item, the cost of wall surface treatment should not occur when laying wall tiles.
3) Production of cabinets - if the budget is not enough, it is recommended that the cabinet frame be decorated on-site by the decoration worker. The owner will customize the door panels and countertops, and the price of the cabinet framed materials will be 190/150 (the lower cabinet/upper cabinet will use medium-density double-sided white). The labor price is 66/78, and the price of imported fireproof door panels in the market is usually 125/M2, so you can roughly estimate your own cabinet price.
4) Suspended ceiling - It is recommended to use the aluminum buckle ceiling with relatively high cost performance, usually the main material price is about 80/M2, and the auxiliary material price is 35/M2. This includes the price of the keel of the wood block, usually the decoration company will These two separate calculations to increase profits.
These are the items that will appear in the kitchen and bathroom renovation and the items that should be noted. All sub-items include the price of the hardware and do not need to be counted separately.
Half of the home is home, after the renovation company's life is over, the road to the house renovation has not yet been completed, and then you should buy the furniture, fabrics, crafts, electrical equipment of each room, which is also a big investment, so in advance To investigate, plus the above investment, is the money spent on the entire decoration.
Why the decoration company's budget is generally not taken away by customers
1) The calculation of the project amount in the budget is not correct. Generally, it is calculated by the customer, such as floor area, wall area, baseboard length, vertex length, paint volume, door and window cover calculations, etc.
2) Your own budget is high in terms of labor, materials, and main materials, and you are afraid that customers will find some professional people to identify.
3) There are double calculations in the budget and it is feared that the customer can see it for a long time.
4) Fear that the customer's own budget will go to other companies for price comparisons, causing vicious competition and impairing his own interests until he flees.
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