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According to statistics from related departments, there are more than 250,000 architectural decoration companies in the country, of which only 20,000 are qualified for building decoration and have been examined and issued by the State Construction Administration Department, of which 180,000 are business licenses. However, due to the small size of companies that have not achieved the national qualification level, these 180,000 companies are mainly engaged in residential decoration projects that are closely related to our lives. 180,000, how surprising a huge number, its existence should bring good for our lives, but we have always heard the consumer's complaints and saw that together with the "junk project."
â—†Part of the construction team of garbage construction defrauded the owner without supervising or collaborating with the supervisor. For example, if a person is buried in a wall and is in charge of the 4th, he is often referred to as 6 in charge, and 5 lines in the pipe are said to be 7 lines. But these are hidden projects that the owners cannot clearly see and are often deceived by them. Another example is a market price of 700 yuan for the door, the application of 18 mm board, but the decoration is replaced with 9 mm board, or use a joint venture or domestic board, but the import board money; paint according to the provisions should be brushed four All in all, only brushed twice; there are arbitrary changes to the water and electricity lines, rough construction leads to the destruction of the housing structure, lines, etc., not only will cause more cost burden to the owners, but also will lay hidden security risks.
In the real case, Miss Zhao began to decorate her new home at the beginning of the year. After selecting several decoration companies, she chose the one with a more favorable price. From construction to completion, everything went smoothly and the efficiency was very high. It is expected that the construction period will be a few days in advance and Miss Zhao will be happy to settle all the decoration funds. Who knew that soon after moving into her new home, Ms. Zhao found that the telephone line in the bedroom was not accessible at all, and the water pipe in the toilet was always out of the water. Then she called the decoration company and she was dragged by the delay. Do not leave it. The helpless Ms. Zhao invited a professional to inspect, but the defendant’s wiring and telephone lines in the bedroom were not covered with insulating tubes during construction. Instead, the wires were buried directly in the wall, and the water pipe was due to the renovation. The shoddy work caused the water pipes to rupture. If they are not repaired or used improperly, it is easy to cause dangerous situations.
◆ Garbage Materials It is understood that the materials used in the decoration, from cement to the panel, from the ceramic tiles to the cabinet furniture, need to choose the products that are of high quality, environmental protection and health. Some designers have constantly asked the owners to purchase materials that are not suitable or even redundant in order to gain private benefit. Some constructors in the industry also use the owner’s lack of understanding of the materials. When buying materials, they buy high-quality shoddy products or three non-products. After a long time of renovation, there will be cracking in the floor, cracks in the wall paint, and even falling off. After the new house is renovated and occupied, formaldehyde poisoning, maternal abortion, and child birth will soon occur. The sensational renovation accidents such as suffering from leukemia have also been repeated.
The real case history of Ms. has a 116-square-meter residence that was renovated at the end of March last year. Every time he opens the door, he smells a pungent smell, and the flowers and plants are wilting and dying in less than a month. During this period, Ms. Shi and her family often had itchy throats, eye pain, chest tightness, etc. Only 6-month-old children often cried, fevers and vomits were admitted to the hospital. After prompting her friend, Ms. Shi entrusted the quality inspection station with air testing. As a result, she found that the amount of formaldehyde released from the air in her home exceeded the standard maximum limit by nearly four times. Under the guidance of professionals, Ms. Shi quickly responded accordingly. Found that in their own decoration, the construction materials purchased by the construction team are mostly low-quality products that are of low quality, and some are even three products.
◆ Garbage Design From many cases of decoration complaints, we can easily find that “garbage design” is the first factor that affects the effect of home improvement. Whether the design is good or bad, scientific, or reasonable, directly affects the investment in home construction and the final completion effect. According to reports, as of the end of last year, there were more than 300 registered designers in Chengdu, of which the registered designers of home improvement accounted for only about 60%. According to an industry insider who has been working for 7 years, most of the small companies that are not just brand decoration companies are almost designers who just graduated from the age of 22, but they don't want to design in their brains. The owner’s house, however, is thinking about how to take this owner and win it. Some even know nothing about interior design. They simply do not consider layout and planning. They just make up their own imaginations and rigorously fabricate renovation projects. Every day, they repeat two things. One is to transcribe the designs on books, and the other is to negotiate with owners every day!
The real case Mr. Ke's and his girlfriend's commercial housing were successfully delivered at the beginning of the year and they plan to get married in May. After looking for a small decoration company, the designers painted a very beautiful scene for them. They will go to the scene almost every day to see. The United States and the United States imagine the beautiful appearance of the house after the installation. During this period, Mr. Ke had not been to the scene for one week since he was on a business trip. When he returned, he was dumbfounded. The house was knocked in a mess. The cry-free girlfriend told him that he had found decoration and design effects during the renovation process. Completely from the north to the south, after communicating with the designer, the designer stroked a wave. As a result, the construction worker broke the load-bearing wall, and property management temporarily suspended his decoration. After some tossing, although the house has been completely renovated, the wedding has been delayed. Often thinking of this decoration company and the hateful designer, Mr. Ke does not make a fight.
◆ Garbage service is not guaranteed, which is a common problem in the decoration industry. Non-standard decoration companies often avoid the requirements of the customer to sign the contract, just to ensure that "a problem with free repairs" to defraud the customer's trust, but when the customer finished repairing the problem, the decoration company has disappeared. Other owners who have had many renovation experiences have such annoyance: Before the signing of the home improvement contract, the owners do enjoy the "God" treatment. After many communication, the designer's design also makes them pleasing. However, after the signing of the contract, the home improvement companies and designers began to “stuck up”, not only rarely visited the site, but even the construction team is not to worry, especially in the event of disputes or construction problems, the decoration company is either large To fight tai chi, if the problem is not solved, either shirk its responsibility and face the owner erratically, or even resort to threats and other means to demand that consumers bear the consequences. As a result, there was no systematic pre-sales, sales, and after-sales service system. The owners were full of embarrassment for the new home, but it made the renovation experience a painful memory.
The real case This year, Mr. Liu moved a new house to be renovated. As a friend recommended a construction team, he called the construction team to negotiate. At the same time, Mr. Liu consulted several large-scale decoration companies one after another, one of which was designed for Mr. Liu. A complete renovation program was favored. After consideration, Mr. Liu decided to let the formal decoration company renovate his new house. However, the problem also followed, the former decoration team said that he helped Mr. Liu also designed a decoration program, and also printed a set of renderings, run after the run is also busy for more than 10 days, not only so The material has also been agreed to the material of 8 yuan/meter of wood strip 100 meters, and to Mr. Liu in the residential property management office to pay 1,500 yuan management fees, so Mr. Liu must either let him continue to take over, or to compensate for all the losses, and If Mr. Liu threatens other decoration companies to enter the market, he will never stop. Mr. Liu said angrily: “Before he vowed that he was an excellent team, but now it has become such an unreasonable service attitude. Which consumer can accept it?” he said that the construction team is not with him. With the signing of any agreement, he has already begun to purchase materials to prepare for renovations, and refused to return the house keys and threatened him. This behavior is no different from robbers! After investigation, the construction team claims that the 1500 yuan management fee paid is also false. This behavior has constituted fraud. Home building materials studio love.

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