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The small living room is actually the most common architectural indoor space structure. Its decorative design requires both comfort and functional, economical and artistic unity. How to use the limited space reasonably is extremely challenging and realistic.

Most of the small-sized households are single young people and newly-married couples or elderly couples who live independently. Their activities are relatively simple. The function of living is often multiple. At the same time, especially for single young people, the use of furniture. Functions are more important than other functions such as aesthetics and decoration, and they tend to be more stylized. Small-sized households generally do not live for a long period of time and have a certain degree of mobility. Households generally have higher requirements for their own comfort, and social requirements are relatively weak. Therefore, the layout of small-sized units should be simple, practical and comfortable. , At the same time pay attention to allow enough room for the owner to show their own personality conditions.


● Light colors can extend the space and make the space look bigger.

● In a small room, letting the light shine gently from the bottom up on the zenith of the room is much more pleasant than the light from the top down. The direct-projection light shines on the face of the person, causing a dazzling sensation of feelings of space and depression. Use the dead space to place small furniture.

● The same color of wall paint or wallpaper should be used in the kitchen, bedroom and hall to make the space clean and tidy.

● Apply two kinds of light-colored lines alternately on the wall. The lines are parallel to the plane. The horizontal lines gradually narrow from the lower part to the upper part. This gives a feeling of spaciousness, brightness, and enlargement.

● A large mirror hung from the wall opposite the entry door, which mirrors the entire house. It seems that the living room is doubled, or glass is installed on both sides of the narrow room.


● Try to avoid choosing dark and depressing tones. These colors only make the room look dim and uninteresting.

● Placing tall furniture items in an otherwise confined space will make the room appear smaller.

● There should not be too many furnishings in the room.

● As far as possible on the human eye level, do not have eye-catching furniture.

Magical curve

Because the size of the actual space cannot be changed in a small living room, it is necessary to create a large space atmosphere and cleverly apply the curve in the room as an emergency move. The spotlight on the ceiling deliberately curves out, giving the space a feeling of extension. In the ordinary design, if there is no main light source, the spotlight on the ceiling generally appears in a straight line. However, compared with the curve design, the linear spotlight is slightly rigid. From the point of view of the light source, the curved spotlight is beneficial to the lighting range to take care of every corner of the room.

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