Decoration Process 15: Accessories

With accessories decoration, home has a taste.
The decorative paintings are adorned with beautiful curtains and the soft taste of the home comes out.
Buy curtains, don't spend too much money on accessories.
Curtains and plumb bobs are money that must be added, but lace, cloth clasps, and tassels, which are eight yuan and ten yuan, cost more than twenty or thirty yuan per meter. It is not necessary, and it is not necessarily beautiful.

Window decoration painting decoration

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Qijia Yunpeng Decoration Company teaches everyone the order of decoration [3]

(1) Subject Restructuring→(2) Hydroelectricity Reconstruction→(3) Packing Pipeline→(4) Tiling→(5) Carpentry (Pavilion, etc.)→(6) Brushing Oil→ (7) Wall Paint or Wallpaper→ (8) Install socket panel → (9) Kitchen ceiling → (10) Cabinet → (11) Install finished product door → (12) Install light fixture, sanitary ware, bathroom hardware → (13) Install clothes hanger, window rail → (14 ) Floor → (15) Land reclamation

2017-12-21 14:45:01
30 yuan / m curtain sales of thousands of accessories accounted for about 70% of the total price

Curtains are an indispensable part of home decoration. A good curtain can make the whole house more colorful. In the past few days, an unannounced visit to the curtain market of the Island City has revealed that curtains that look like cheaper prices have hidden profits behind them. Behind the total price of thousands of curtains, accessories such as pull rings, lace, and drape will occupy approximately 70% of the price.

2013-05-20 11:52:29
Worried about the depth of decoration? So grab the renovation process

Do you know that the friend who made the room is going to decorate and the construction process is going well? It is clear from this basic flow that the deep water (PS: probably due to seasons or other reasons may be slightly different from north to south) can be created as little as possible. 1 tools in place, ready to decorate, must prepare a few things in your bag. Tape measure (buy 5m, not 3m), calculator, big board clip (folder list, receipt); In addition, it is best to advance

2017-06-12 10:10:09
Dedicated to the misty decoration rookie - decoration order

Before decorating, you must prepare a few things in your bag.

2012-07-16 11:01:18
Fear of decoration depth ask friends circle? Start with the renovation process!

By the end of the year, the developers will begin to make the house, so the process of building a friend who is going to decorate will be clear to you. It is clear from this basic process that you can start as little as possible. 趟 趟 趟 这 这 这 这 这 这 这 这 这 这 这 这 这 这 这 深 深 深There will be a slight difference in the reasons. 1 Tools are in place. Before preparing for the renovation, several things must be prepared in your bag. Tape measure (buy 5m, not 3m), calculator, big board clip (slip list, receipt)

2016-11-16 14:48:37
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