How to skillfully cope with the five major problems of winter home decoration

Winter tile is easy to fall off

Solution: Winter tiles and tiles must be soaked before pavement to ensure that the water is saturated. In addition, whether it is a wall tile or a floor tile, it must be moved from the outdoor to the room for 24 hours, and it can be paved when it is adapted to the room temperature, so as to avoid emptying and falling off after construction.

Bad winter paint brush effect

Solution: The oil industry should pay attention to selecting windless weather for application and close the doors and windows; ensure that the ambient temperature of the coating application is not lower than 5°C, and the ambient temperature when the varnish is applied is not lower than 8°C. Strictly follow the temperature in the product instructions.

Winter construction wall cracking

Solution: Putty does not dry on the paint, the wall is easy to "sweat" or even a large area of ​​cracking, often window ventilation, the best time to choose between 10 am to 4 pm. The relatively high temperature during this period of time can prevent new batches of putty from freezing. After the putty was completely dry the first time, it was re-approved for the second time. After the second putty is completely dry, sand it carefully.

Veneer cracking

Solution: After the panel has been transported to the construction site, apply a dry towel to wipe off the dust and apply the brush twice to the back. All the decorative panels should be laid flat, with a large core board on the bottom and a large core board on the top, which cannot stand upright. This will prevent the panel from cracking and warping.

Three trees paint tile paint coating window

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