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All sounds that interfere with people's rest, study, and work, that is, the sounds that people don't need, are collectively referred to as noise. If people live in an environment with excessive noise for a long period of time, they will suffer from irritability, neurasthenia, rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure, loss of appetite, restless sleep and other symptoms, which will cause harm to people's physical and mental health. According to national regulations, noise standards in residential areas are below 50 decibels during the day and below 40 decibels during the night. So, how can we reduce indoor noise? The following five “points” are effective ways to make your home quiet. 1, the wall rough point: the wall is too smooth, the room is easy to produce echoes, thereby increasing the volume of noise. Therefore, decorative materials with good sound-absorbing effects, such as wallpaper, can be used, and cultural stone and other decoration materials can also be used to roughen the wall surface and reduce noise. In addition, sound insulation materials such as mineral wool sound-absorbing panels can be used for walls and suspended ceilings. 2, cloth multi-use points: the use of cloth to eliminate noise is also a more common and effective approach. Tests have shown that suspended fabrics and flat fabrics have the same sound-absorbing effects and effects, such as curtains, carpets, etc., and the soundproofing effect of curtains is most obvious. Another is the laying of carpets, the soft touch not only produces a comfortable and warm feeling, but also can eliminate the footsteps of sound, help people rest. In the bedroom, in order to ensure a peaceful rest environment, thick curtains and curtain fabrics should be used to control light and external noise. 3, floor selection soft points: wood furniture, fiber, porous, can absorb noise, when purchasing furniture can be properly considered, the use of cork flooring decoration is also an effective choice. 4, a little thicker wall: street noise to noise. The windows on the side of the street will be converted into “insulating windows”, such as double windows, which can be effectively sound-insulated. Insulating glass is also used for sound insulation. In addition, during the renovation, you can add a layer of gypsum plasterboard to the wall on the street side, fill the gap between the wall and the gypsum board with sound-absorbing cotton, and then paste the wallpaper or paint the wall paint on the gypsum board. 5, light soft spots: Hyun destination boards, ceilings, walls will interfere with the human central nervous system, people upset, but also make people particularly sensitive to noise. Therefore, in the interior decoration, special attention should be paid to the selection of various lamps and decorative materials.

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