Xi'an decoration classroom Chen Gong decoration tips and decoration 350 asked

Xi'an decoration classroom Chen Gong decoration small common sense and decoration 350 asked 100 must know the decoration of common sense

I. Hydropower
1, waterproof construction should use waterproof coating
2. The waterproof project should be done after the concealed project construction is completed and accepted
3, After the completion of waterproof construction to do two water storage test
4, the bathroom waterproof layer should not be less than 1.8 meters
5, floor drain, Yin Yang angle, pipelines and other places to do more waterproof
6, floor drain to use deodorant floor drain
7, hot and cold water left hot right cold
8, try not to walk from the ground
9, cold water pipe in the wall should have a protective layer of 1cm, hot water pipe is 1.5cm, so the slot to open deep
10, install ppr tube is to consider the thickness of the paste tiles, so that the pipe will not be exposed
11, only a few minutes to cook, wash vegetables for a long time, bucket must buy big
12, leading and counter basin to support, can not be installed on the up
13, toilet installation can not use cement, use silicone
14, toilets, taps should be carefully protected after installation
15, to consider the toilet pit when buying a toilet
16, the washing machine to consider whether it is drainage or drainage
17, best not to install the bathroom phone, easy to damp
18, The mirror in the bathroom should first consider the size, otherwise the mirror headlight is very easy to install.
19, bathroom pipe is best to leave the access hole
20, weak electricity can not be worn in the same tube
21, left zero, right phase grounded
22, the power socket is 300 meters away, and the switch is 1.4 meters
23, switch not installed behind the door
24, a lot of sockets should be good
25, high-power electrical appliances with 16a socket, such as electric oven
26, the cassette should be used well
27, cassette must be matched with the panel, otherwise it may not be installed
28, pvc wire and cable cross-section area shall not exceed 40% of the wire tube cross-sectional area
29, bedroom air conditioning do not face the bed
30, air conditioning holes to consider outward tilt, otherwise the rain will come in
31, lights try to consider dual control
32, the best bathroom to install splash socket
33, on the balcony to consider a socket
34, the wire trough should be horizontal and vertical, good photos, later use it
35. The public flues must install the reverse valve
36. The bought electrical appliance must allow workers to read the manual
37. Instructions and warranty cards must be kept

Home decoration "three preparations eight items of attention"

Home decoration is one of the biggest household spending activities. In the limited human, financial and time situations, please refer to the “three preparations and eight items” to better your home.
One, three major preparations:
The preparation of funds, professional knowledge and ideas is an effective guarantee for the smooth progress of the project;
Two or eight notes:
1. The selection of the construction unit: the existence and authenticity of the three certificates (business license, qualification certificate, construction safety permit);
2. Review of the design plan: whether the drawings are complete, whether the practices are detailed, and whether the cost is reasonable;
3. Signing of the contract: Is the responsibility clear?
4. Material quality inspection: Daxin board, veneer and topcoat;
5. Inspection of concealed projects: water and electricity renovation and furniture, underlay, and ridge;
6. Change the project visa: as a basis for settlement;
7. Project acceptance and settlement: engineering quantity and finished product acceptance;
8. For project warranty.

Salarymen's home decoration should avoid nine misunderstandings

First, there are too many spotlights. In the current home decoration, many working families pursue the beauty brought by the light. So they installed spotlights as much as possible in home decorating. But in fact this is a big mistake. First of all, too many spotlights are prone to safety hazards. Although these spotlights seem to have a small number of wattages, they accumulate heat in small lamps, which generates high temperatures in a short period of time. Over time, they can easily cause fires. Secondly, these spotlights are usually turned on only when the guests come in, or are used only after the holidays. In addition, they are usually not used. Many comrades equipped with spotlights are more regretful, thinking that this is to spend money to buy a mistake. Therefore, in the placement of spotlights, we should adhere to the principle of being able to reduce the amount of light.

Second, the living room entrance is too complicated. In contemporary housing design, most of the living room is attached to the restaurant, so there is an entrance in the living room and dining room. It should be said that it is more important to decorate the entrance. It is not only an extension of the living room decoration, but also a beautiful barrier separating the living room and the dining room. However, many hard-to-finish families have designed the entrance too complex, which is counterproductive. First of all, the complicated entrance destroys the overall beauty of the living room; secondly, because the entrance is a living room and one side is a restaurant, complications are not conducive to hygiene and cleanliness. Over time, it will affect beauty. Therefore, in the entrance design, we must strive to be simple and practical, so that it does not capture the beauty of the living room, but also easy to stay beautiful.

Third, the low-grade floor tiles. In home decorating, floor tiles are a major expense and have a great deal of scalability. The high price of floor tiles is a few hundred yuan, and the low price is only a few yuan. In order to save money, many working-class workers are unwilling to spend money on high-grade floor tiles. In fact, this is a big mistake. First of all, the floor tiles are wear parts. If they are too cheap, they will not wear. Over time, the floor tiles will be stepped out. Secondly, the floor tiles that are too cheap are not slippery and can easily slip and cause unexpected injuries. So when you buy floor tiles, you should have at least mid-range.

Fourth, buy wires and water pipes are cheaper. In the decoration of the entire house, wires and pipes are also a big expenditure. Some comrades in the working class have the idea of ​​saving money in this expenditure. They tend to pay less attention to quality but only to price. This is a major mistake. If the quality of the wires and pipes is not up to standard, there will be great security risks after decorating. Therefore, when the working class purchases electric wires and water pipes, they cannot lower their standards. Instead, they should purchase high-quality electric wires and pipes to ensure safety.

Fifth, the power plug as little as possible. Some comrades believe that while saving a plug in the province, some wires are saved. So while they are examining current home appliances, they try to save the number of installed power plugs. This practice is also wrong. First of all, with the development of electrical appliances, more and more household appliances will become available. Once there are new appliances but no outlets, it is difficult to install them. Second, when using electrical plugs for electrical equipment, try to avoid using several plugs simultaneously. With a small number of plugs, several pieces of equipment can be used together, causing accidents. The correct approach is that according to the housing area, according to the design of professional electrician, and then integrate the actual number of household appliances, reasonable placement of the power plug, and leave some plugs to use, in order to facilitate expansion.

Sixth, a package is not supervised. When the working-class people are decorating their homes, due to the working hours, they do not have to ask for a big package. This is easy to give the opportunity to decorate teams with poor professional ethics. Most of the owners have no experience. When inspections are carried out, there is nothing wrong with picking. After a while, there are a lot of problems. Therefore, even if contracting the house decoration, we must constantly inspect the engineering materials and quality, and we must never give away the dispensers.

Seven, wiring, pipe laying no drawings. The renovation of the house is a process of continuous improvement. Sometimes it may take a few years to re-decorate. At this time, there must be a layout drawing of power lines and water lines. With this diagram, it is possible to avoid "injury" the power cords and pipes during the renovation. This layout is not drawn by many families. This is a major misunderstanding.

Eight, herd mentality. When the working-class people are decorating their homes, they generally do not spend money to ask people to design. They just look at the people around them and then copy them. Some even if they made improvements, there is little personality. In fact this is a mistake. In the decoration, personality beauty should be displayed, according to their own hobbies and aesthetic habits, to determine the decorating line, to overcome herd mentality, and to arrange a new home that is different from others.

Nine, leave some projects to do in the future. The working class in the home and decorating, because of economic reasons, in addition to the material can be saved outside the province, in the decoration project also take a saving approach. Some projects that should have been completed at the same time, they often do not engage in it for the time being. This is actually a major misunderstanding. First of all, after moving, it is inconvenient to carry out renovations, and those renovation projects that have to be carried out will affect the future work and life. Second, these projects have not been completed in time. Because there are too few projects, it is difficult to invite construction teams. Even if they are invited, they will have a high price. Such a drag is actually a lot of trouble. Therefore, when decorating, do not leave a "tail" for items that are not finished.

Nine wrong ways of home renovation

The safety of home decoration is often overlooked by people. In fact, accidents caused by wrong decoration methods are not rare. In general, the following points should be noted in the renovation project:
First, the home improvement should pay attention to the floor of the building not all paving marble. Marble is dozens of times heavier than floor tiles and wooden floors. If the floor is entirely covered with marble, the floor may become overwhelmed. Especially in the second floor or above, the weight of the ground decoration materials must not exceed 40 kg/m2 because of the house decoration not identified by the housing safety appraisal station.
Second, to carry out room decoration, do not arbitrarily wear holes in the load-bearing wall, dismantle the walls connecting the balconies and doors and windows, and expand the size of the original doors or windows or build windows and doors. This practice will cause partial cracks in the building and severely affect the earthquake resistance, thus shortening Building life.
Third, the decoration of balconies and bathrooms should use materials with small loads as much as possible because the over-loading of balconies can cause overturning.
Fourth, toilet water is a key link in the decoration. The general practice is, before decorating the toilet room, first stop the floor drain, put more than 5 cm of water, conduct the watering test, if it leaks, you must redo the waterproof; if you do not leak, you should also carefully lay the ground in the construction , Do not damage the waterproof layer and arbitrarily change the water and heating system.
Fifth, in the decoration of the house in order to pursue luxury, in the four walls covered with plates, ceilings inlaid with two or three-dimensional suspended ceiling, this kind of decoration practices are not desirable. Because the four walls are covered with plates, occupying a larger space will reduce the area of ​​the entire space, the cost is also high, and it is not conducive to fire prevention. A low ceiling will create a sense of depression in the entire room.
6. Use copper wire when selecting wires and avoid using aluminum wires. Due to the poor electrical conductivity of the aluminum wire, the wire is prone to heat, the connector is loose, and even a fire is caused during use. In addition, during construction, attention should also be paid to the fact that it is not possible to dig trench-embedded wires directly on the wall, and regular bushings should be used to prevent leakage and fire.
7. During the construction, attention should be paid to avoiding holes, holes, hanging ceilings, and installing art lighting fixtures in the concrete circular hole plate.
8. Interior decoration shall ensure the safety requirements for gas pipelines and equipment. Do not arbitrarily change or dismantle the pipeline so as not to affect the normal operation of the system. Also note that the net distance between the power line and equipment and the gas pipeline should not be less than 10 cm, and the net distance between the wire and the gas pipe should not be less than 3 cm.
9. Don't put the gas stove on the wooden cabinet in the kitchen decoration, and you can't wrap the gas valve in the wooden cabinet. Once the ground cabinet is on fire, the gas master valve will be difficult to close in the fire, and the consequences will be disastrous.

Flowers and grass create an indoor healthy microclimate

Poor quality particleboard and all furniture made of synthetic materials can emit formaldehyde. The electromagnetic field generated by home appliances can destroy ion balance. Nicotine and other 500 kinds of harmful tobacco substances produced by smokers at home will be a little bit Penetrate into the walls... These are just like mixing a variety of bacteria and germs into a prepared “air cocktail”. Due to the increasing emphasis on home decoration, harmful substances are actually several times more than in the street in a closed room.
Today, professional designers and botanists advise people to make full use of the advantages of plants to create a healthy living environment. However, not every kind of flower and grass is useful. The healthy microclimate is made by specially selected flowers and plants.

Sansevieria, also known as the dog's tail, can release a large amount of oxygen during the day, and coffee trees can also ozonize the air. A few pots of pine or pine trees are placed in the room. Negative oxygen ions emitted by these coniferous plants not only have effects on the treatment of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and headaches, but also neutralize harmful electromagnetic fields generated by home appliances. Some flowers can also emit phytoncides and kill pathogenic or harmful microorganisms. The most prominent one in this regard was Chlorophyll. Scholars discovered during the trial that if there were enough spider plants in the room, 80% of the harmful substances would be killed within 24 hours. Therefore, botanists recommend placing some spider plants in the kitchen. The most ideal plant to kill the virus is eucalyptus. In addition, asparagus, dag, and cactus are also good fighters against bacteria and bacteria. The ivy, fig, Penglai banana and ordinary aloe not only can deal with the bacteria and other harmful substances brought back from the street, but also can absorb even the dust that the vacuum cleaner can hardly absorb. Ordinary cypress and needle cypress are very good “noise absorbers”. If they are placed in a window, the noise from the street can be reduced by about 30%.
These botanist suggestions are a cheap and ecological way to create a green environment. However, in order to make the air in the room clean, it is not always necessary to turn your own living room into an inaccessible tropical jungle. In principle, as long as there are five or six plants that are no less than half a meter tall.

The lighting is the most attractive flirting room in the home. Different shapes, colors, materials, and sizes can create different lighting effects for different living rooms and show different expressions of the bedroom. Today, in the face of the market, a large number of thousands of lamps, do you feel a bit dazzling? In fact, when choosing lamps, you mainly have to consider the following three aspects:
First of all, you should choose the style of the lamp according to your actual needs and personal preferences. For example, if you pay attention to the practicality of lamps, you should choose dark, dark red and other dark-lined ceiling lamps or floor lamps. If you pay attention to the decorative style and pursue a modern style, you can choose a lively lighting. If you like lamps with ethnic characteristics, you can choose floor lamps for sculptures.
Second, the color of the lamps and lanterns should be in harmony with the style of home furnishings. The layout of the room lighting must take into account the style of the interior furniture, the color of the wall, and the color of the household appliances. Otherwise, the overall shade of the lighting and the room will be inconsistent, but it will be self-defeating. For example, the color of the indoor wallpaper is light-colored, and the warm-colored incandescent light should be used as the light source, so that a bright and soft light environment can be created.
Finally, the size of the light fixture is to be combined with the area of ​​the room, the size of the furniture, and the corresponding size. For small living rooms below 12 square meters, ceiling lamps or wall lamps with a diameter of 200 mm or less should be used. The number and size of the lamps should be suitable to avoid overcrowding. In the living room of about 15 square meters, a ceiling lamp with a diameter of about 300 millimeters or a multi-chandelier should be used. The maximum diameter of the lamp should not exceed 400 mm. Mounting a spotlight or wall lamp on both sides of the mural will produce better results

Pay attention to the decoration features of different seasons

The distinct climate characteristics of the four seasons have a great influence on the decoration quality, which requires construction workers to adopt different construction techniques according to different seasonal characteristics. Spring is windy and dry in spring, and there is a large temperature difference between morning and evening. It is required to close the doors and windows when the wood is made. When the solid wood lines are bought back, they must be immediately sealed with paint to prevent loss of moisture and cracking. In summer, the weather is hot and rainy, and the humidity of the wood is high. Therefore, when buying wooden boards, wooden keels, and solid wood lines, the dryness of the materials must be taken care of. Do not buy wooden materials within a day or two after the rain or rain; when the air humidity is high, Add some white water to the paint to prevent fogging. In winter, the outdoor temperature is low and dry, while the average room temperature is 18 degrees or more due to heating. The woodworking materials purchased in the decoration, especially the solid wood lines, will dehydrate and shrink at room temperature. This requires: (1) Purchase of wood lines The size should be slightly wider than the width of the required wood line; (2) At least three days before use, the wooden line should be purchased and placed on the floor in the room. (3) After the wooden line is installed, the wooden line should be in the installation position. Two days later, it is processed again. If the interior is to be paved with solid wood flooring, it is best to repurchase the wooden floor before construction and open it to prevent the wooden floor from deforming due to thermal expansion. After the construction is completed, if the room is not immediately occupied, it is best to Place a pot of water in the room, take a towel on the side of the pot, and soak the towel in the water to prevent the wooden structure from being damaged and the wall from losing water and deforming and cracking.

The selection and installation of the hidden pipe in the concealment project has become a problem that can not be ignored in the decoration. At the same time, in order to make the living room beautiful, people are installing

When Huang Huang, the water pipes are generally constructed with a wall. However, leaking and bursting of water pipes will have irreparable consequences. Maybe there are some

Consumers have been deeply affected by this annoying "trauma."

The reasons for this may come from the following aspects:

First, the plastic pipe used is not a qualified product in itself. There are some poor quality products that are cut down on the market, such as pressure resistance,

Cold and heat expansion coefficient can not meet the requirements, coupled with the construction is not standardized, the construction team that is desperate to use in the construction must have problems.

What materials should be used for water pipes in home improvement "hidden projects"?

Second, the physical and chemical properties of the plastic pipe itself are determined because the plastic pipe uses a metal connection at the corner, not between the plastic pipe and the metal.

Welding is not screwed to death, but by a special glue. In the case of a large temperature difference, such as a sudden drop in temperature, the thermal expansion between plastic and metal

The coefficient of expansion is different, and the rubber is easily cracked, thereby causing the water pipe to burst.

Third, the problem of aging plastic pipe. Because plastics contain "plasticizers", they can escape over time and cause hardening and embrittlement of plastics.

Sunlight will also age plastics, and ozone in the atmosphere will also damage plastics. Aged plastic tube under the impact of water pressure shock, water hammer

Burst easily.

Housing acceptance process!
The vast majority of owners are buying their house for the first time. When they arrive at the house, they are very excited. They often do not know what they are doing wrong. The problems they face are: how to check the room; what is the procedure for making the room; how much money is required to pay for the room; Office; what is the quality of the house and so on.
Proposal closing date: The general real estate agent notifies the owner that the time of the house handover will be relatively early. It is recommended that you do not go to the first and second day to collect the room, because in those two days, there will be many people who come to collect the house at the same time and escort the house. The property staff will not have much time to escort you to the house carefully. It is better if the third or fourth day is better. The tools needed are:
1) 1 plastic washbasin - for acceptance of the sewage pipeline 2) 1 small hammer - for acceptance of the house walls and the ground is empty drum 3) 1 feeler gauge - used to measure the width of the crack 4) 1 Only 5 meters tape measure - used to measure the house's net height 5) 1 multimeter - used to test whether the various power sockets and weak electricity class flow 6) 1 calculator - used to calculate data 7) 1 only Pen - for signature 8) 1 broom - used for cleaning indoor hygiene 9) 1 small stool and some newspapers, plastic tape, packaging rope - for a long time, you can take a break and pre-close the sewer. Normal acceptance of the house usually lasts for 2-3 hours. It is recommended to go to 8:30 in the morning or 2:30 in the afternoon. Process 1) Go to the Property Department to view the data section, and here are the following pieces of information that need to be inspected: a. The "Residential Quality Assurance Certificate" of the house - you can take away b, "House Use Instruction" - you can take away c, "Completion acceptance Record table d, area measurement table e, pipeline distribution as-built map (water, strong electricity, weak electricity, structure) - can be taken away If the real estate business is fully prepared, generally 10 minutes to finish the data. 2) Verify that the area, contract, and price are more than compensated for. Confirm whether the drawing of the sales contract is consistent with the reality, whether the structure is the same as the original design drawing, whether the housing area has actually been measured by the real estate department, and whether there is any difference in the area signed with the contract. (First look at the sale of the contract, see the error between the number, generally 3%, 3% do not consider, the excess part of the deal, the proposed contract is 2% error, but not more than 5% is better) to both sides The signing of the contract shall prevail. Usually this time varies from person to person, time is 30--40 minutes after the acceptance of the house to see those data, you can basically go to the acceptance of the house, and Hong Yang home improvement consultant prompts: for the time being not to deliver some of the property costs and related expenses, at this time Property will urge you to deliver, you can communicate with them, after acceptance, and then pay the cost. Take the key from the property, respectively, there should be a floor key, entry door key, mail box key, water meter, electricity meter (if there is a remote meter reading another ) Wait a few more. Then you can go to the house with the property staff. (Remember to use those tools) 1) Check the quality of the house in detail, including cracks in doors, windows, balconies, etc. (Danger of balcony cracks) [Tips]: Because the new house has a long empty time, there will be Some dust and construction waste, so must not be very impulsive, use brute force to pull the doors and windows, when you feel a sense of obstruction, take a closer look, clear with a broom, you can see 2) check the wall flatness, seepage, Whether there are cracks [prompt]: In particular, to see if there are some water traces in the wall, especially some gables, kitchen tops, exterior walls and other places, if any, be sure to find out the reasons as soon as possible. 3) Carefully inspect the ground and carefully inspect the ground for cracks in the empty shell. [Prompt]: If there is any empty drum, we must be obliged to accompany the property personnel to repair it as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will be easy to break through the floors during the renovation and hinder the relations between the neighbors. More than 2-3 available tools for gimmicks and feelers. 4) The smooth flow of utility coal and whether it can be used normally. Open the tap to check for leaks, try to make the water flow bigger and anxious. Let's take a look at the water pressure. Second, try the drainage speed. (General new houses will be equipped with a simple faucet to the owners). Use a multimeter to measure whether each strong or weak power is unblocked. [Tips]: Close the gate and check if each gate completely controls each branch line. 5) Accept the water situation, first use the basin to hold water, and then to the various water irrigation, respectively, is the basin water, bathtub water, toilet water, kitchen and sanitary and balcony floor drain, etc., basically every sink should be poured into two basins Around the water, you should hear the noise and surface water. [Hint]: After doing this, make sure that there is no problem, as soon as possible these prominent water (such as basin water, bathtub water, toilet water) take a plastic bag covering the outlet, and then tied, and like the floor drain and other water needs Seiji (remember to leave a place to pull off). 6) Accept the ground water situation. Water is released in the toilet and shallow (about 2cm high). Afterwards, the owners who are downstairs are expected to check the ceiling of their home toilet after 24 hours. [Prompt]: After all the water is used up, you should open the water meter again to see the number of the water meter, record it, and record the number of the meter. 7) Check whether the facilities and equipment specified on the sale and purchase contract specified in the sales contract are missing, and whether the brand and quantity are inconsistent. [Tips]: Usually, in this respect, there should be no major problems, but it is necessary to carefully verify . 8) Measure the floor height of the building, use a 5 meter tape, sample the data source location and specific data, preferably water meter, meter number, building height, toilet pit distance, bathtub length and width, shower room size, ceiling The heights are recorded in a small notebook of their own. At the same time, some data and questions on the acceptance of the house are written on the paper provided by the property company. In the end, check the work. If there is no problem, then pay the money. If there is a problem, you need to determine the solution and the date of settlement with the property person to see if the result of the settlement will affect the settlement. If they are affected, they need to negotiate. Now.
One of the "350 Home Renovations" questions is whether anyone who needs to apply for a new house key in advance of home decoration is full of boundless embarrassment for the future of home life. They just want to immediately renovate and have a spacious and comfortable room. However, do not ignore the fact that home decoration needs to be reported in advance, and the nature of the renovation project is different, and the relevant departments for reporting are also different.
If your house decoration involves demolishing or changing the main body or obviously increasing the load, you must report to the house property unit or the relevant property management unit. After the relevant department approves and permits the construction procedure, it can be started under the supervision of the approval department. Renovation. If you do not perform the above procedures, you will be responsible for the automatic work. I will be responsible for all the consequences of dismantling or modifying the main structure or arbitrarily increasing the load on the house during the renovation.
If the decoration does not change the main body or increase the load, it can be registered directly in the property unit or the property department to record and complete the formalities.
Original facilities such as pipeline gas, natural gas, heating, flue gas, etc., cannot be modified during decoration. If changes are really needed, they should be reported to the realty management unit or related management department in advance, and then be constructed in accordance with relevant regulations after approval. All the consequences of the changes are in my own responsibility.
When applying, the following materials must be prepared: valid proof of the application form, housing ownership or public housing use right, decoration work drawing or schematic drawing; if renting a room or borrowing room renovation, it is necessary to provide the written approval certificate of the owner of the house; For structures and non-bearing main structures, certification and demolition plans, personal identification certificates, and other relevant information of the design or construction unit with qualification certificates shall be provided.
] "Family Renovation 350 Question" No. 2 - What stages of family decoration experienced Home improvement can be said to have been accompanied by China's reform and opening up, and it can be roughly divided into three stages so far.
In the first stage from the mid-1980s to the beginning of the 20th century, before this period, there was basically no home decoration, tens of thousands of households and four white floors. By the mid-1980s, people began to create a sense of initial decoration, wallpaper on the wall, floor shop Plastic floors or tiles, living room wall blocks, large mirrors, etc., decoration is extremely simple.
The second phase lasted from the early 1990s to 1997. During this period, the situation of China’s reform and opening up was excellent and foreign exchanges were more frequent. The European and American trends and the Hong Kong and Taiwan mainland have brought great impact. People have opened their eyes wide and discovered that the outside world is really exciting. From the outside, those flaunting flashes of brilliance cater to the psychology of vanity in the early stages of the commodity economy, so they don't think about function. They use a lot of materials to pile things up, make wall skirts, hang the ceiling, and abuse the wall. Lines, blindly pursue the form of copying households, wasting energy, polluting the environment, there is no taste at all.
In the third stage, from 1997 to the present, the home renovation began a real transformation. Coming soon into the 21st century, mankind is facing the most severe environmental crisis in history. The enhancement of environmental awareness has begun to affect the home decoration, and the “green home improvement” has become a decoration. The theme, whether the decoration materials are environmentally friendly has also become the topic of most concern to people. Not only that, people began to place higher demands on the function and culture of the home, and the demand for professional and professional interior designers was low. New and environmentally-friendly materials, simple wall surface treatment, and the establishment of cultural theme walls have begun to enter homes and households, and home decoration has undergone qualitative changes. The difference in decoration users and cultural tastes also led home decoration to a pattern of flourishing flowers and colorful competition.
] "Family Decoration 350 Q" third - the current mainstream of home decoration is what simple, has become the current means of home decoration. The use of extremely simple methods to embody the decoration effect of a very cultural heritage has become an important indicator of a good interior designer.
Why can simplicity be the mainstream of the newly renovated concept in the 21st century? It is roughly due to the following reasons.
People’s consumption concepts have become more rationalized, and more and more emphasis has been placed on the function of room decoration. Those fitting projects that do not have practical value have been abandoned. The once-famous fireplaces, wall skirts, and large-scale cultural and stone walls have become tomorrow. yellow flower. Because people have realized that these things are just a kind of hard-won decoration for the decoration of Europe, America and Hong Kong and Taiwan, will not improve the cultural taste of the room, there is no practical value, but will also increase the decoration cost.
Secondly, modern people's houses, especially young people, may move home in three to five years, not once and for all, so more and more people accept the concept of “re-decoration, light decoration,” not to save space. And to save money and do a lot of fixed furniture at home, but only to do the decoration part and a small part of the fixed furniture (such as shoes, cabinets, etc.). In addition, these fixed furniture are missing, people can freely adjust the position of the furniture according to their own preferences, and re-arrange the space; then, by purchasing high-end furniture, antiques, handicrafts, collectibles, clever use of soft decoration to reflect the personal style and personality .
The simple, practical and modern style is increasingly favored by people. With the development of science and technology, modern scientific and technological means and modern new materials will be increasingly used in family homes, using the most simple methods to achieve the most perfect Sound, light, color, shape, such an ideal home environment has become the ideal effect sought by most people. If the traditional elements are subtly integrated into the modern living room, the home will be more stylish and unique, showing a unique aesthetic.
] "Family Decoration 350 Q" fourth - family decoration to grasp what principles the house is ready to decorate, everyone is full of infinite beauty, must be the house loaded style, beautiful, with taste. It is thought that such a major event such as decoration is a rare occurrence in his life. Due to this psychological influence, he often has a big fanfare and does not hesitate to run out of savings or even debts for decoration. After the renovation was completed, calm down, but found that the decoration seems to be a bit excessive, some places are not practical, purely piled up but cost a lot, at this time too late to regret. How can we avoid this situation? Experts remind you, please be sure to rational consumption.
(1) Following the principle of "conciseness is beauty" after paying attention to the function and space of the living room, if we can't grasp the style and style of the living room design, we can follow the principle of conciseness and beauty, and it is not practical to use it. On the province. This will not only make the room look simple and atmospheric, but also save a lot of expenses, but also for the future of soft decoration to leave a flexible space, show the owner's cultural taste.
(2) The overall plan is not patched up. Some people are reluctant to save money for the design fee. They think that the designer should listen to the owner and say how to do it. They simply do not ask the designer to do it themselves, but they haven’t received it. Professional education has failed to do what it can to do. The proprietor cites it a bit. The Westers move it a little. The book follows the point. The money is spent on a lot. How to see how awkward it is to decorate it, and the rework has caused a huge waste of manpower and material resources. If you are not sure of a cleverly crafted, personalized and practical decoration, it is best to ask an interior designer for your overall planning space. The interior designer's design concept, keen grasp of materials, and rich work experience often make a good effect when you feel "inadvertently".
(3) materials are not necessarily higher grades as good as people who are good at financial management will always use the money on ideas, and room decoration is not the more luxurious the effect of materials on the more luxurious, the most important thing is the decoration and practical, there are one or two modeling highlights With high-grade materials, you can fully show your taste. The rest is simple. However, we must pay attention to the fact that we must not only pay attention to surface kung fu, but pay great attention to the material of the veneer, and it can be cheaper to make structural plates inside. Be sure to use environmentally-friendly materials and avoid spending money on installing a “poison room” for yourself.
(4) Choosing some decoration companies to decorate the company, in order to seek higher profits, blindly guide the owners to spend more, invest more, this time consumers can not "see the flowers in the fog, the water moon," and must wipe With bright eyes, don't be led by this decoration company. A good decoration company will first consider the owner's investment plan, stand on the customer's point of view, fully consider the function of space, and be economical and practical.
] "Family Decoration 350 Q" fifth - how to seize the focus of renovation Everyone wants to decorate the new home is very perfect, but the decoration can not be exhaustive, between the house carefully crafted, everything high-end luxury materials. So, how to use limited funds to decorate their own homes to achieve value for money? It depends on whether you can grasp the focus of the renovation.
First of all, we must identify the rooms that are mainly renovated.
Nowadays, urban residences are generally large and small, and the living room is a place for family reunions and reception of relatives and friends. It is the face of the entire residence. It is more realistic to invest a little more money in the living room. In addition, different people have different hobbies and different cultural tastes, for example, some people attach great importance to the study, some people love antique collections, want to focus on the decoration of the collection room, and some people at home with a studio, etc., can vary from person to person . Deciding which room to focus on is a very important factor in decorating.
Second, kitchen and bathroom decoration can not be ignored.
With the improvement of people’s living standards, kitchens that were once overlooked have become a new focus of measuring the quality of home furnishings. People’s concepts also range from the face-to-face project “living room” to kitchen and kitchen that pay attention to internal quality and enjoyment of life. The fast-paced, busy work and life of the city also makes people want homework to be quick and easy, and to relax completely after returning home. Therefore, the convenience and practicality of kitchen and kitchen are also increasingly valued by people. In addition, there are many pipelines for kitchens and toilets, and all of them are hidden projects. The leakage of water will cause headaches. It will not only cause loss of manpower, material resources, and financial resources, but will also cause trouble in rework. Therefore, it must be designed and constructed. Put a good deal, buy quality materials, and pay attention to the level of technology.
Again, pay attention to the children's room decoration.
Many people think that children grow too fast and spend money on renovations. However, children soon become big and the money they spend is wasted. In fact, this is an extremely irresponsible idea. A good living environment has a great effect on the child's optimistic and healthy life character growth. From being innocent and innocent to slowly owning ideas, children of different ages have different interests in the furniture, colors and atmosphere of their own room. And requirements. We must grasp the child's psychological well-being and create a favorite for him (her).
"Family Renovation 350 Question" No. 6 - Why the decoration of the first home decoration function is people-oriented, its purpose should not just beautify the home, more importantly, create a convenient, comfortable home life for people. Modern design should start from life and functions must be above the style. This function is not the simple practicality we advocated at first, but a higher level of function. It can not only meet the most basic practical requirements, but also can be designed. Taste improvement. To make the function truly reflected in the renovation, you must work hard at home design.
(1) The space for room behavior should be convenient. A good homeroom space should have three major elements: linearity, openness, and non-interchangeability. It is necessary to make the life flow as short as possible so as to truly enjoy the convenience and comfort of home life. In addition, the space rate should be reasonable, and the space rate refers to the ratio of the empty area of ​​the house other than furniture equipment to the area of ​​use of the house. The larger the general house area, the higher the space rate. The reasonable space rate for the use of 60 square meters is 58%~68%; the reasonable rate for use of 90 square meters is 60%~70%; and the reasonable space rate for the use of 150 square meters is 60%~75%. Why does it sometimes feel wrong to enter someone's home? Mostly because the space rate is irrational, you might as well calculate the space rate of your home now. What you don't use is to "reluctantly cut off love."
(2) Divide static space and dynamic space. As modern people's living conditions are getting better and better, the situation in the past that was limited to the fact that the house was too small and not to move has become less and less. Modern design pays attention to the function of realizing static and dynamic zoning, sleeping and learning are static activities, and entertainment and entertaining Guests, family reunions, and meals are dynamic activities. These two activities should be arranged in a mutually independent, relatively independent environment. The static space should be far away from traffic jamming car noise, and should be placed in a location that is less subject to outside interference.
(3) Divide private space and public space. Bedrooms, toilets and bathrooms are private spaces, while other rooms are public spaces. Public space should be bright and easy to use. The private space should pay attention to security, concealment, quiet atmosphere, privacy space should pay attention to linearity, to avoid the exchange *. Such as the bathroom and bedroom, kitchen and restaurant should be linear, to avoid the inconvenience of life, and unnecessary waste of time.
(4) Pay attention to ventilation and lighting. When purchasing a house, we must consider whether the room is ventilated. If the ventilation of the room is not good, we must consider whether we can make up for it through decoration. Ventilation must be considered when designing, and artificial obstacles must not be provided for aesthetic purposes. Facts have proved that in addition to giving people more oxygen, ventilating convection is the most effective way to remove decoration pollution, and people have a natural affinity for nature, need fresh air, and need natural wind blowing. The sun is the most effective fungicide, smart designers will use all the sun light, windows, balconies not only for ventilation, but also the best entrance for you to introduce the sun. Renovation is rare for a few lives, especially for urban people who live in the interior for long periods of time. Who would refuse to bring life to the living creatures?
] "Family Decoration 350 Q" Seven - What are the major aspects of the decoration? What are the major aspects of home decoration? After clarifying this issue, it can also be used as a standard for your choice of decoration company. During the inspection process, you may listen to their service flow in detail. It is also advisable to find a customer to communicate with them. Several major links. (1) Visiting stage, professional decoration instruction. The customer goes to the decoration company to inspect, the company's customer service staff and designers will provide reasonable recommendations for the customer's home improvement, such as decoration design program, what money can save, what money can not save, so that the effect you want to spend generally takes How much money, how to decorate more worry, and so on, this guidance is very important for customers, but to avoid the decoration company led the nose to go. (2) Home design, sublimation without simple catering. Designers will listen to your voice, and carefully record the size of the functional area as small as a few shoes in the shoe, each detail must be able to meet the needs of customers, truly reflect the first function. However, designers need to use subtle professional backgrounds to sublimate their designs and make design artworks that meet the owner’s personality and tastes, rather than simply meeting owners. (3) Second-level actuarial, transparent budget. The budget should be clear and clear. As the owner, it should be clear from the budget where each penny he spends, and the second-level actuarial system is very suitable for the project but the small and refined home decoration, it has detailed analysis of the amount of There is a summary of all the first-level items, and a second-level breakdown of the price structure of each item. This ensures that every penny of the owner is not wasted. (4) Quality first, professional procurement of materials. The materials of the formal decoration company are all purchased by professional material buyer, not the construction team or the construction master. The professional buyer is familiar with the material market, and the materials are carefully rigorous. They always maintain high quality before the quality and benefit. Untiring pursuit. (5) A high-quality construction team affiliated with the company. The construction team should be the company's employees, not the company's contractor team. The company must provide uniform training for all the construction team members at any time and check them out. In order to guarantee the decoration of each home, each work has the same quality. (6) Construction tracking service, quality reflected in the process. In addition to a highly skilled construction team, the company should have a dedicated project manager on the site responsible for the project site. The project manager supervises and coordinates the work of designers, budgets, material officers, and construction teams. It is a construction manager and construction quality controller. To prevent quality problems during the construction process. The designer will go to the construction site to check if the construction meets the design criteria. Budgeters will supervise material blanking to ensure that they do not do less work and do not use less material. (7) Green home, speak with data. In order to ensure that each site is in compliance with the green standards, the formal decoration company will control the entire process in terms of design, materials, and processes to eliminate every possible source of pollution. After the renovation is completed, environmental protection experts from authoritative departments will also be asked to conduct air sampling inspection and analysis on the renovated homes to ensure that the decoration meets the environmental protection level and lives safely. (8) Timely and thoughtful after-sales service. The formal fit-out company advocates standardized service standards. It is provided by dedicated personnel and professional services. It is not a matter of notifying the original construction team that there is a problem, because this method cannot be done quickly and quickly. The professional service provided by a person changes the subordinate position of the original home improvement industry after-sales service.
] "Family Decoration 350 Q" of the eight - what is the decoration of the fine room for some time, "fine decoration room" will replace the "rough room" argument is endless. However, what is a "decorated room"? Most consumers are still confused.
The Ministry of Construction of the People's Republic of China has clarified the concept of refined decoration: walls and kitchens are all in place. What is the specific meaning? In other words, before the house is turned over, all the fixed walls of the functional space are completely covered or painted, and the basic facilities of the kitchen and toilet are all installed.
The laying of the water circuit, the wall tiles of the kitchen and bathroom, and the painting of the floor tiles have been completed once before the turnkey. Then, as long as you buy some necessary furniture, you can basically stay.
The Housing Industry Promotion Promotion Center of the Ministry of Construction formally issued the “Detailed Rules for the Implementation of Commercial Housing Decoration Once in Place” prepared by the relevant units and experts. It is specifically designed for hardened rooms, and the detailed rules clearly define the development unit as the first responsibility for the quality of refined decoration. Person, responsible for the quality of residential renovation projects, responsible for the corresponding after-sales service. Moreover, the residential development unit must submit a decoration quality assurance certificate to the buyers, including the decoration schedule, the decoration plan and the manufacturer of the main materials and components, and perform the relevant warranty period. In the renovation, the residential development unit is responsible for the entire process of the renovation project, and does not allow homebuyers to personally employ the construction unit to decorate itself.
“Family Renovation 350 Question” No. 9 – How to make up for the interior design with the “dance of a pipa dance” when the housing structure is unreasonable. This metaphor is very imagery, mainly referring to the conditions of interior design and the art and many other conditions. Constraints, so interior design art can not be as unrestrained as other artistic ideas. The main thing of the entity is the existing building structure of the house, and even an unreasonable structure.
Unreasonable mainly manifests itself in:
1) Irrational use of functions In the family room, such as kitchens, toilets, living rooms, restaurants and other functional spaces are unreasonable in use, the kitchen is small, the toilet is large, the living room is small, the restaurant is large, the hall is large, and the owner's private space* Near the living room and so on.
2) Unreasonable human activity space If the height of the house clearance is not 2600mm, or it is too high, the aisle is too narrow, the living room is too narrow, and so on. When people walk or move in the room, the space size that is not comfortable is unreasonable.
3) The infrastructure of the building's hydropower infrastructure is irrational, such as the sewer of the toilet, the gas management of the kitchen or the exhaust outlet, the sewer, the windows of the room, the stairs in the duplex or villa building, and so on.
1)功能合理是室内设计的大前提。 If the structure is irrational, it should fully reflect the prominent role of the function in interior design. Housing is used to live, eat, drink, sleep, study, exercise, etc.. People spend more than half of their time in their homes at a time. Interior design should be as large as possible in accordance with people's use of scale to meet the indoor Use functional requirements.这就要求设计师不仅要研究人的生物性,还要精通人体测量学、人体工程学、行为科学等学问,进而使实体设计符合人的生理特点。
2)利用美学原理。 Through the social nature of human beings and proficient in the study of fine arts, humanities, etc., the aesthetic design accords with the psychological characteristics and artistic requirements of human beings.运用形式美的规律以实现整体设计的和谐,如单纯划一、比例、对称、均衡、对比、调和等,灵活运用已有的形式规律,努力发挥形式指示、象征及错觉作用,进而弥补原有房屋在结构方面的不合理。
4)设计要把技术性与艺术性统一起来,要求设计要以研究材料和技术为基础,侧重解决室内功能完善性的问题,而艺术性是严谨中的挥洒,务实中的浪漫,综合构思中的抒情写意。 While making up for irrationalities, the problem of indoor aesthetics is solved.
To sum up several points, in the interior design, to make up for the irrational housing structure, pay attention to the unity of a pragmatic attitude and innovative spirit; the unity of functionality and aesthetics; the unification of technicality and artistry; the harmonization of form harmony and cultural tradition; inheritance and The principle of unification of innovation.

一般来讲,装修可分四种档次,经济型、中档型、高档型、豪华型。 The factors affecting the quality of decoration are: investment, design, materials, technology and services.
1)经济型。 It is a common common decoration for people, such as package doors and windows, kitchen and bathroom floor tiles, plastic buckle plate or aluminum buckle ceiling, a small amount of hydropower reform, kitchen and bathroom installation, floor paving or composite wood flooring, kicking corners, Heating cover, curtain box, wall top brush coating. This kind of decoration generally does not require interior design, and there are no major changes. The main reason is to ask the team to construct it and buy materials for themselves. Due to investment restrictions, high-grade materials cannot be purchased.经济型装修事无巨细全*自己去操心,作为房主会非常疲惫,由于对装修不了解,有可能工艺质量和效果达不到自己的要求或造成材料的浪费。经济型装修100平米房子价位3~4万元。
2)中档型。 Apart from the standard decoration content, this kind of decoration also requires designers to incorporate the design concept. The room has a design theme and culture. In order to express this culture, there will be additional content, such as artistic modeling ceiling, cultural theme wall, and sofa background. Walls, bed walls, end views, and some very unique furniture.中档型装修可享受到装修公司的一些服务,如设计师陪您买主材、工程监理为您控制工艺质量、售后人员为您做好售后服务等等。中档型装修100平米的投资一般在6~7万元。

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