Dengdian Group adopts electric heating method to produce aluminum-silicon alloy technology and reaches world advanced level

Electrothermal production of aluminum-silicon alloy technology is currently the only new technology in the world that realizes industrialization and is superior to traditional electrolytic aluminum-smelting technology. Countries around the world are actively developing, but only the former Soviet Union developed a set of electrothermal process theory in advance in the 1960s. , And began industrial production, ranking the world's leading level. In the 1960s, China began to conduct research on the industrialization of the electric heating method and listed this item in the national “6th Five-Year Plan” and “Seventh Five-Year Plan” research plans. However, due to the technical complexity and low electric arc furnace power, the electric heating system in China The legal system for taking aluminum-silicon alloy technology ended in failure. With the arrival of the era of scientific and technological advancement, Henan Dengdian Aluminum Alloy Co., Ltd., in order to overcome this scientific and technological difficulties, took the initiative in this country's high-tech demonstration project in 1996. After 10 years of hardships, after repeated trials, on October 12, 2005, electro-thermal smelting of new aluminum-silicon alloy technology achieved a major breakthrough. A new aluminum-silicon alloy containing 58%-61% aluminum was smelted on a large-scale energy-saving and eco-friendly electric furnace of 16.5MVA, filling a gap in the non-ferrous metals field in China. Become the second country in the world to have this smelting process technology. In order to do a good job in scientific and technological innovation and demonstration, Dengdian Aluminum Alloy Co., Ltd. steadily promoted the application of this new technology and scientific research. First of all, it promoted the first batch of aluminum-silicon alloys to scientific research labs for industrial testing; followed by further refinement of refining equipment. The installation and commissioning, organized experts to sign the product technology. From May to May 2006, the experimental application manufacturer Linya Group Co., Ltd. began to use the ZLl01 and ZLl02 alloys of Dengdian Aluminum Alloy Co., Ltd., and by adding the original aluminum alloy, the appearance quality, chemical composition, and microstructure of the alloy can meet the needs of the company. Production process technology requirements. The products produced have a good competitive advantage, the economic benefits are very significant, and are included in the company's newly developed architectural aluminum profile preferred materials. Luoyang Xiaoda Piston Ring Co., Ltd. adopts the electrothermal aluminum-silicon alloy of Dengdian Group's aluminum alloy. Through the melting process and heat treatment process, it tries to produce three kinds of Honda 110 motorcycle engine pistons to perform volume stability and gantry production test of the engine piston. It shows that the heat stability of the piston is good, less than 0.03% of the national standard, the maximum value does not exceed 0.02%, the minimum value is 0; the dimensional stability is not much different from the traditional piston. Tests on the gantry showed that after the ordinary piston test reached 88 hours, the piston ring was stuck and the piston was holding the cylinder, which caused the piston ring groove and the outer skirt to have different degrees of strain. After 88 hours of electrothermal alloy ZLl01 Piston produced by Dengdian Aluminum Alloy Co., Ltd., the engine was operating normally, the piston size change was small, the dimensional change of the three ring grooves did not exceed 0.002mm, and the dimensions of the skirt and the ring were changed. Not more than 0.020mm. In short, compared with the ordinary ZLl08 piston, the electric ZLl01 piston shows good thermal stability and wear resistance. Electrothermal production of aluminum-silicon alloy has the advantages of stable and uniform composition, fine grain, and easy melting and blending. It can be widely used in engine blocks, pistons, hubs, lightweight high-strength cabins, and high-strength components of machinery and electrical appliances in vehicle engines. Lightweight high-strength casting and variant aluminum alloy profiles for manufacturing and construction materials, and aluminum-silicon alloys produced by electrothermal method can also be used as steel-making deoxidizers, heat-reducing magnesium reducing agents, melt-mixing casting aluminum alloys, and aluminum-silicon intermediate alloys. Instead of industrial silicon, it manufactures various kinds of modified aluminum alloys and has broad application prospects in construction, transportation, chemical industry, and national defense construction. The use of electrothermal smelting of aluminum-silicon alloys is a shortage of bauxite resources encountered in the development of the aluminum industry in China, and energy waste, and the development and utilization of coal-based kaolin and other aluminosilicate mineral resources for high-performance aluminum alloy smelting New technologies and new technologies for the comprehensive utilization of resources and environmental protection have broad prospects for development.

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