China ranks among the world's exporters of aluminum industry technology

Aluminium company's equipment export project to India's VEDANTA Resources Corporation recently held a groundbreaking ceremony in Beijing. This is another large-scale technology export of China Aluminum Corporation for the first time in 2003 to supply all the technology to the BALCO's 250,000-ton electrolytic aluminum project of VEDANTA. Starting from BALCO's annual output of 250,000 tons of electrolytic aluminum project, China Aluminum Corporation successfully opened the international aluminum industry technology market with its advanced technology and good services, and exported technology to India, Kazakhstan and other countries. Earning more than 100 million U.S. dollars. This indicates that China is not only a major producer and consumer of electrolytic aluminum and alumina, but also ranks among the world's exporters of aluminum industry technology. VEDANTA Resources is a large group company listed in London in India. Based on the trust of Aluminum Corporation of China, VEDANTA re-adopted the electrolytic aluminum technology of China Aluminum Corporation in its newly-built large-scale electrolytic aluminum plant with an annual output of 500,000 tons, and commissioned China Aluminum Corporation to provide transformers and flue gas purification. And ventilators and other proprietary equipment. As a state-owned key enterprise managed by the SASAC, China Aluminum Corporation adheres to the combination of independent innovation and production, learning and research. It is committed to the development of new technologies, new processes, and new equipment. It not only promotes the development of China's aluminum industry, but also enters the world. The forefront of aluminum industry technology has laid a solid foundation for participation in international market competition. In the practice of exploring the international market, China Aluminum Corporation insisted on a contractual contract for technology output and equipment supply, which will drive exports of domestic machinery and electrical equipment. So far, China Aluminum Corporation has exported proprietary equipment and materials such as tank control machines, stack cranes, anode hoists, anode lifting frames, anode assembly equipment, alumina transportation equipment, cathode carbon blocks, and aluminum busbars. The value of nearly 300 million US dollars. This year will also provide foreign parties with equipment such as electrolyzer tank shells, superstructures, carrying bags, special vehicles, and anode trays. With the expansion of the overseas business of China Aluminum Corporation, there will be more domestic equipment debut in the international market, and settled in various parts of the world. This type of overseas development model, which uses technology output as a leader to drive the export of related equipment, is conducive to the realization of high added value of domestically produced equipment that integrates technology, capital, and labor services, and has taken a new path for opening up the international engineering contract market and the export of technical equipment.

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