Guangxi Laibin will build a large aluminum processing project

Guangxi has proven reserves of more than 800 million tons of bauxite, laying a solid foundation for building a large aluminum industry in Guangxi. According to the plan of the autonomous region to enlarge and strengthen the aluminum pillar industry during the “11th Five-Year Plan” period, the following production capacity will be formed by 2010: 5000 kt/a of alumina, 1500 kt/a of primary aluminum, and 1000 kt/a of aluminum processed wood. Therefore, in addition to the construction of the 300kt/a high-precision aluminum strip project of South-South Aluminum Processing Branch and the 50kt/a aluminum strip project of Baise Industrial Park, and the construction of 16 aluminum processing projects in Baise, the A large aluminum processing wood project will also be built at the guests. The project is mainly invested by Guangxi Investment Company. The guests currently have 8 5.7×104KW water stations and a 25×104KW hydropower station, which can provide sufficient energy for the development of the aluminum industry.

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